Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Purple Moon Snail Laughs Bad Fifty Monsters

I swear I wrote a post on Scientology back when. Does anyone remember it? I went back through all my old crap and I can't find it. Unless you really want the fluffy kittens next.
Don't make me get my fluffy kittens.
Cuz I will.

Meanwhile, use your head for something other than a hatrack.
Go read this : What goes up...Alter Egos
Then read everything else.

Then go
here, read the post entitled "A Little Yellow" and bug her to post more often.

Now check out Awaiting:

Isn't that what you always kind of figured? Me too.

Now here's Frobisher. Check out the sunburn he copped in Marbella:

Of course, the side that was facing the sun most of the time is a lot worse.


  1. Heyyyy! That's not me! My breasts are at least a cup size smaller. Everything else looks about right, though.

    Dang, I be sexay!

  2. awa: tell you what, nothing sticks to that fine. that fine is SLIPPERY.
    now quit sending me nekkid pix. the biker is beginning to SUSPECT.

  3. Fluffy Kittens? What happened to the Manatees?

    ...and (probably tomorrow) there MIGHT be a story about a certain second largest organ posted at a certain blog.

  4. bring on the fluffy kittens.

    i remember your post about Scientology (scared the shit out of me), but I can't find it in your archives either. I'm sure more lucid and relevant titles wouldn't help.

  5. Frobi, what big nuts you have!

  6. hendrix3:48 AM

    Alright! alright! Point taken...I'll post more...
    The picture of the women scared me future can you put a " not look at this before you have your first coffee of the day" label on things which are likely to terrify.

    ps. Thanks for the compliment. I will try to post more often.

  7. I remember the Scientology post as well. It also scared the shit out of me. Perhaps the post has been removed by the Scientologists. Brrr.

  8. 'shot: bout time bucko.

    cb: so you're trying to say that using the poorly translated titles from a Japanese childrens' show is NOT a good idea? well that's just great.

    frobi: i can't stop!

    qenny: mesmerising, aren't they?

    hendrix: oh, you say that. and then *snif* you.....don't.

    betty: Good to see you lady! and thanks for the paranoia attack! I appreciate that! really!

  9. Holy torpeodoe-shaped boobs fn....seriously I thought they were coming out the page to get me...almost poked my eye out!!!!

    And Frobisher...well.....what can I say.....but DAMN that looks painfull!!

    Alright, so you write fantastic pictures of beautiful bare breasted women and give us recipes for tasty meals....seriously, think I'm getting a crush here!!!!

    ps Fluffy Kittens......I need the fluffy's IMPERATIVE that i have the fluffy kittens story!

  10. This is a kinda dangly themed post , theres awaiting's dangling hooters and Frobishers plums , its a pity youdidnt get a shot of Mr Mutleys hanging heamariods.

  11. i'm saying that artistically, it's brilliant. but like so many artistic endeavours it has a few practical drawbacks. but so fucking what! i'm prepared to sacrifice a bit of pragmatism in the name of art.

    is it wrong to love that little rat's tiny penis so much? I think it's a dorable. I want to send it to CuteOverload.

  12. I remember the Scientology post, too! I just wanted more.

    Can I send you naked pics now?

  13. punkie: like i keep saying, be careful what you wish for around here....

    beast: certainly you can't mean our very own beloved mr. the dog, can you? maybe he just needs his glands expressed.
    yeah, well; don't we all....

    cb: listen, after going through all my stuff i'm in perfect agreement with you. i might go back in with a pointy stick and re-arrange some things.

    danator: yes. lots. now.

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