Thursday, March 08, 2012

Like, and love

Here is where I am at, right now, me.

'Love' is oxytocin.  Love is limerance.  Love is that emotional rush, that 'you are my everything and my reason for being' primal, animal, meat bond that forms between animals for the sole purpose of survival and perpetuation of being.

'Like' is my choice.  'Like' is based on who I am, my history, my preferences and my predelictions, based on reason and experience.  'Like' is intellectual.  'Like' is WHAT I CHOOSE. 'Like' is based on who I am and my taste.

'Like' is what survives when 'Love' wanes.

'Like' is what keeps me connected to the fellow beings I select, based on what I prefer.

'Like' never dies.

'Like' is what Love takes root in, and the only thing that will make it flourish.

Holy shit I am a profound motherfucker.