Saturday, April 21, 2007

Azure Mink Toes Of Revenge

Lest you think I have been sitting on my hine eating bonbons...
Remember this?

Well, not no more it ain't....

And the carnage continues. Behold what's left of the front yard!

That's all that's left of a ceanothus ('Victoria Blue', a gorgeous cultivar) that went spazmoid this spring and shot up almost to the roof peak...then promptly windburnt and went to hell. I got five years out of it; what the hey. The rest is buddelia 'Black Knight' (and you know damn good and well why I chose that one, don't you kiddies? Besided the fact it's beautiful, I mean.)that beat up the side of the house every time the wind blew, and rosa rugosa 'Frau somethingorother' that decided to come up all over Hells' half acre without permission. Die! Die! Die!

Here's the front bed...tit high in poppy starts and dandelions.

I yarded out most of the big comes the digging and cursing portion of our show. The end of my nose is sunburnt, my forearms are bleeding and my shoes are full of grass. Yes, I've been a busy little muk.

Just like certain Yummy Bikers HAVE NOT.
Unless you count stacking the garage slap full of crap and slinging shit all over the floor 'busy'. We are not amused.

Rake? Of course I'll rake.



If it doesn't rain.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Locust Purples' Racecar Have Winning Go or Cheat?

This is the evening sun illuminating a curtain of rain; a small, localized shower up in the foothills just SE of my house.
Down here in the valley there wasn't a drop of rain.

...which might have suggested to another, more motivated person that it was time to get the lawnmower out and, like, mow the lawn while I could still see out my windows.

Which was right when my muse decided it was time to make a collage! I SPRANG INTO ACTION LIKE A BIG SPRINGING ACTIVE THING!

...vital creative ingredients assembled...CHECK! Phone disassembled...CHECK!
(The cheese grater, the margarine and the toaster played no part. And they were sad.)

Colors mixed and swatched and stuck up all over the front room 'because the light changes in there'...CHECK!

Obnoxious handmade papers painted and stuck up where everyone has to glance at them as they walk by...CHECK!

Dining room table trashed, materials left lying around...CHECK!

And in between all this creative activity I actually found a few moments to ride around on the mower. Just to make it look like I, you know, did something.

Fine. Not much of something.


I mean, Jesus H. Christ on a red bicycle. This is frightening. This shit's SEVEN INCHES TALL.
And I do NOT remember leaving those buckets back there either. I'm afraid to see what's in them.

I might get back to it today.

If I feel like it.

I guess.

back when the women were WOMEN


I wouldn't go back in time for all the tea in China, and particularly not back to the 40's or the early 50's. But if I could bring back some of the womens' fashion from that time I'd be a happy little clammie indeed.

Yes indeed....Those were the days, my friend.

You simply don't see detail like this any more. And this isn't even a style I particularly like; it's too Chanel. Still, the quality is evident. Some thought went into the weight of the fabric and the choice of the buttons. The tailoring at the waist and hips is wonderful.

This is the kind of thing I still look wonderful in...pure 40's. Back then you could look like a woman. You could have boobs and hips. The front of your dress didn't have to look like it was made to fit Roger Daltrey.

This is just plain cute. It's so cute that I can almost forgive the poky-dotz.

I don't know what she thinks she's going to accomplish with that umbrella. Maybe it shoots out poison gas or muriatic acid or something.

This is cute too. Even the strange little 'pinny' thing. (It has her name on the back, so she can be identified if she falls off her fishing boat.)

I had this outfit. Yes, I did. And at an earlier point in my yoooth I had the dog, too.
I think it would look smashing on Awaiting, don't you? She could go to the sock hop in it and do the Mash Potata all night long!

This is a great dress in a less than great color. I can see it in a grey taffeta.

Kind of looks like a Supervillanness from the TV Batman series, doesn't it? 'In her secret lair hidden deep beneath Gotham city, Hy Gena contemplates her next crime!'

What; you don't keep your assroll on a plinth?

Of course, it's not a perfect world. This is a damn train wreck.

No, I take that back...this is a collision between the Titanic and Skylab.

I love the copy here, too. It's like Monday morning at the brothel or something.
You can tell from the look on her face, Ms. Freakin Green Elf Shorts really aspires to be as experienced a smoker as Ms. Dead Possum Around the Neck, too.
She's her role model. Which I suppose is obvious from more than one viewpoint.

Monday, April 16, 2007

i'm not dead yet

..but i'm working on it.
I am currently battling a riproaring case of plague, something I do on an average of once every three months. Fortunately for me it struck as I was nearing the end of a course of antibiotics so it looks like I may be spared the post-viral bronchial infection. So far. I hope.
At present I am in the final 'cough until you throw up' stage of things.
If this persists I'm going to go buy a package of fudge Oreos tomorrow. If I'm going to be barfing anyway it might as well be cool.