Tuesday, April 17, 2007

back when the women were WOMEN


I wouldn't go back in time for all the tea in China, and particularly not back to the 40's or the early 50's. But if I could bring back some of the womens' fashion from that time I'd be a happy little clammie indeed.

Yes indeed....Those were the days, my friend.

You simply don't see detail like this any more. And this isn't even a style I particularly like; it's too Chanel. Still, the quality is evident. Some thought went into the weight of the fabric and the choice of the buttons. The tailoring at the waist and hips is wonderful.

This is the kind of thing I still look wonderful in...pure 40's. Back then you could look like a woman. You could have boobs and hips. The front of your dress didn't have to look like it was made to fit Roger Daltrey.

This is just plain cute. It's so cute that I can almost forgive the poky-dotz.

I don't know what she thinks she's going to accomplish with that umbrella. Maybe it shoots out poison gas or muriatic acid or something.

This is cute too. Even the strange little 'pinny' thing. (It has her name on the back, so she can be identified if she falls off her fishing boat.)

I had this outfit. Yes, I did. And at an earlier point in my yoooth I had the dog, too.
I think it would look smashing on Awaiting, don't you? She could go to the sock hop in it and do the Mash Potata all night long!

This is a great dress in a less than great color. I can see it in a grey taffeta.

Kind of looks like a Supervillanness from the TV Batman series, doesn't it? 'In her secret lair hidden deep beneath Gotham city, Hy Gena contemplates her next crime!'

What; you don't keep your assroll on a plinth?

Of course, it's not a perfect world. This is a damn train wreck.

No, I take that back...this is a collision between the Titanic and Skylab.

I love the copy here, too. It's like Monday morning at the brothel or something.
You can tell from the look on her face, Ms. Freakin Green Elf Shorts really aspires to be as experienced a smoker as Ms. Dead Possum Around the Neck, too.
She's her role model. Which I suppose is obvious from more than one viewpoint.


  1. I'm ass-piring to that assroll on a plinth.

    Real klassy.

    If only the elf shorts looked as good on me as they do on that broad. Maybe I need to take up smoking.

  2. Anonymous4:07 PM

    There were clearly not enough Batman villianesses back in the day. One of the clearest examples of sex discrimination that I can think of. This post almost makes up for it though. Lovely!

  3. I love the photos Firsty... can't wait to post the pic of me at the (s)daughter's wedding where I truly resembled a microwaved yellow peep ducky! It was Easter weekend too! Almost took job in front of a restaurant waving people in for breakfast. If only I had the orange duck bill to go along with it...

  4. The great smoke down between the two broads. We can't even imagine how smoking was so excepted back in those days, nay, encouraged. My mother told me that her obstetrician offered her a cigarette - true story! He said, "come on R, I know all you girls smoke". I told her that I only wish the old bastard was alive so that I could sue him.

    Love the fashions. By the way, the thought occurred to me that if you wanted to weed down your ephemera and such, you should set up shop on Etsy and sell it. Just a thought as I see it being sold in droves.

  5. That would be "accepted". Also the ob smoking story may have been one of my older siblings, but still.

  6. mj: i hear the sound of one hand clapping, mj. mendacity. a tree falls in the woods. time stands still. the elf shorts remain unworn.
    kristy: you know what, though, eartha kit as catwoman makes up for it, pert'near!
    kindness: a microwaved peep? oh now come on; after that description there has to be a picture posted!come on!
    g: i remember my pediatrician AND my dentist both smoked. i remember when people smoked in the fricken' grocery store, too. gaaaah!

  7. Do you know I watched 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane', 'Sunset Blvd.', 'Please Don't Eat the Daisies', and anything Joan Crawford was in, because they were pretty good movies and I love the fashion.

    I used to get teased in highschool, because, when my drama teacher noticed I loved vintage clothing from the 40's, 50's, she gave me a TRUNK LOAD of AUTHENTIC goodies!! I even took my yearbook photo when I won Best Expressive artist, wearing a pink dress with the skinny belted waist and wide buttons and flare out below knee length skirt. I was in love with those dresses!!

    You don't find clothing like that anymore...I have been reduced to looking online for what I like.

    OH! And the photos that Hollywood took!! Can't leave those out, those women were glammed up to the TEE!! I love those black and white, soft light photos!

    Ok, now you got me off to read Hollywood Scandals of that era. Funny how they all had skeletons.

    Thanks, FN...I wouldn't want to go back in time either, but hell I'd definitely wear the clothing!

  8. Anonymous8:01 PM

    lord help us all with awaiting's fashin sense.

    i love the shoes. just like the ones judy garland wore in easter parade. i love those old movies. and you are right...back then no one was built like a boy. curves were definately a plus thing.

  9. It's quite scary to think that in 40 or so years there was a switch from advertising ways to put on weight to advertising ways to lose it.

  10. The chick in the chanel looks like she could do with a few of those Wate-On tablets.

  11. Anonymous6:42 AM

    I agree with Pink Drama, the dresses are nice enough, but the shoes! I crave the SHOOOOOOOOES...

    But I disagree with Pink on Awaiting's fashion sense. I would totally take her shopping with me if I could.

  12. That one sitting down wearing the green shoes? That's me, that is.

    Hope you will soon be plague-free.

  13. i used to watch i love lucy as a kid and drool over that dress she used to wear with the leaves printed all around her waist and the collar up in the back. some of this stuff is so cute.
    and gah. the weight pills? so disappointing that our ideals have changed. feh.

  14. God, ads telling the ladies to gain weight. Those were so the days. I should print those out en masse and ship them out to young Hollywood. They could use the lesson. Me? Well, I took that lesson and one upped 'em.

  15. alala...I love the shoes too. Pumps are my friend.

    And pink...my fashion taste is excellent...down to my Chucks.

  16. Hm, what? Sorry, I got stuck on the part about wimmins with EXTRA POUNDS OF FIRM, SOLID FLESH. MMmmmm...

  17. ~I have only been gone a few days and its gone all girly over here

  18. C'mon Beast, let's leave and go and talk sports - leave the girls to talk about shoes, kids, kittens, etc.

    We'll be back when there's food on the table.

  19. *slaps pink drama and first nations on the ass as leaving room*

  20. awaiting: that's one of the reasons i love the 'Thin Man' movies...oh the clothes! a woman i worked for gave me a closetfull of stuff from too...i wore it all to death. what i can't get over is how beautifully everything was made! even off the rack stuff was finished beautifully.

    pink: see, now that's where i blank out...shoes are something i don't even notice.which is not to say they aint cute, i'm just too busy checking out the diamonds!

    sopwith:doesn't it suck? the chick in the background looks just like nicole ritchie.

    cb: yup. now we're starting in with the 'i need a blank slate to work on' school of fashion design. and that slate was pretty blank.

    alala: i would too! it was such a 'lady' way to dress!

    ara: now her shoes, i like. and thank you...i'm feeling a lot better lately.

    claire: she and della street from perry mason had the best clothes...except for lucy's maternity stuff. oh the horror of the giant bow.

    christine: yes, i won't have any need for the chubbo tablets either. sigh.

    awaiting: why do pumps look so good and feel so uncomfortable? that's completely unfair.

    danator: yeah, girls who look like girls...what a concept! and one i wholeheartedly approve of too (salma hayak!)

    beast: C'MON GIRLS! LETS CATCH BEAST AND PUT MAKEUP ON HIM! *squeals of delight, beast galloping round the diningroom knocking over chairs, hairspray and barrettes brandished*

    frobi:*looks at frobi in utter dumbfounded shock*

  21. Holy Leave It To Beaver Batman!
    The 30 Day Camel Toe Test?
    Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end...

    You could hide an entire Riding Mower under one of those dresses.

    Nosy Mrs Kravitz across the street would certainly be Bewitched and curious to know how you were cutting the grass as you sashay about the lawn in style.

  22. Anonymous9:06 PM

    *laughs when frobi realizes he's now missing said hand*

  23. Anonymous3:34 AM

    I don't know, how do you inhale without dying?