Monday, April 16, 2007

i'm not dead yet

..but i'm working on it.
I am currently battling a riproaring case of plague, something I do on an average of once every three months. Fortunately for me it struck as I was nearing the end of a course of antibiotics so it looks like I may be spared the post-viral bronchial infection. So far. I hope.
At present I am in the final 'cough until you throw up' stage of things.
If this persists I'm going to go buy a package of fudge Oreos tomorrow. If I'm going to be barfing anyway it might as well be cool.


  1. Poor thing; get well soon!

    Barring that, I recommend Veg-All if you want some color, and the obligatory diced carrots in your hork.

  2. ugh. i was hungry until a few seconds ago. have fun yakking your chocolate chunks!

  3. hendrix2:57 AM

    Hope you start to feel better -plague can be so dehabilitating!

  4. fatty:good tip! i guess there's a lot about barf aesthetics i didn't know.
    cb: oreos: the gift that keeps on giving!
    hendrix: i'm running out of room to stack the peasants, me. (too many hours spent with the Holy Grail cd)

  5. Feel better, FN! And if not, may I recommend a nice mixture of split pea soup, carrots and Pepto Bismol, for that extra-saturated vomit effect!

  6. Is there any point in gargling with Lysol?

  7. Awwww... get better soon Firsty but let me get caught up with all the back reading I need to do first... ok?

  8. oh for goodness sake get a grip - you're a woman aren't you - there's no time for fannying around being plagued (unless it's by fit young men or, come to think, yummy bikers) - have a gargle with neatsfoot oil or lysool and get back to the kitchen sink!


    Hope your feeling better and he's waiting on you hand and foot! xx

  9. Fudge Oreos? What a tremendous idea. Feel better. I find swigging Benilyn Chesty Coughs from the bottle all day while sat on the sofa in my duvet watching Bill Hicks makes me feel much better. And kind of dizzy.

  10. Don't forget to add multi coloured candy SPRINKLES!

    You're lucky that you don't have my Doctor..bit of a back door man he is...his prescription is always a Colonic Enema..bloody sadist!

    btw:Is it Bubonic or Vitriolic Plague?

  11. Hell's teeth! I hope I haven't picked up my cough from blog-hopping!I was blaming airport air conditioning, but...
    (dashes off to rummage for Lysol, Airwick and Vicks...)