Friday, November 07, 2008


Right in the lungs. You passed Prop 8? You evil, bigoted hypocrites. How dare you legislate discrimination in my country. You make me ashamed to be American.

I add my fickle finger of fate to that of Joe In Vegas and Heather.
There's my wedding ring. That represents 22 years of marriage. I've upped it with the tattoo I got that represents my permanent commitment to my family. I put all that behind my convictions here,. I will not tolerate this bullshit in my country. Repeal Proposition 8 NOW.


  1. *puts both middle fingers up towards California as well*

    i think it passed because most folks didnt read the prop correctly. most people were saying it was the "gay marriage prop", so perhaps they thought a yes vote was for gay marriage...

    its hard to believe that they didnt allow it...

  2. SOOO... I TRIED TO ORDER A CATALOG FROM YOUR SONS FAIRDALE NURSERY LINK... and i got turned down... got any hook ups?

  3. I thought zat der Governator vass OK mitt der Girlyman Marriages?
    WTH? Arnie is in a mixed marriage, his wife Skeletor, is a Democrat!
    I'll bet that he's on the couch.

    If they can't get it together in Cali you might as well forget about Utah!

    I just finished an exasperatingly tedious take on the ironic fact that the majority of Christian African Americans voted to discriminate against Gay Americans, on the same glorious day that a Bi-Racial Heterosexual Male made history and became the first Black..
    er Dusky President.

    It was prolly because he was taller than the other candidate..
    isn't that how it works?

    One step forward two steps back.

  4. This was very upsetting to me. I cried when i found out, and it was so fucking close too. I have a sibling who was recently married and now they are worried about what will happen to thier marriage status. It just makes me sick. You should've seen all the bullshit fucking signs the idiot supporters of prop 8 had everywhere. My husband heard on the news that they spent $8 MILLION dollars to tell people to vote yes on that piece of shit. WTF????? That money could've helped hungry children or something. Anything but this. How the hells are these righteous fucking fundamentalists able to raise that kind of money?

    Can you tell I'm pissed. Well, I go between pissed and extremely sad.

  5. PS I love your tattoo.

  6. Mrs. CP: I waited until the election crapola was over so that this would get the attention it deserved.

    voices: A lot of serious money went into making sure it happened that way. And in California...! Move north, dude.

    Coppens: I have serious doubts about the veracity of any statistics coming from that quarter. I say it was was a put-up job. And a national shame.

    joy: its just appalling. the ignorance and hate and intolerance behind this just makes me feel so tired.

    geo: oh yeah!

  7. I didn't fucking vote for it. I'm thinking about coming to pollute your state! (Well, not really soon, but maybe in a year or two.)

  8. Thats the trouble with democracy , the stupid are allowed to vote...harumph

  9. Anonymous3:16 AM

    The yes-campaign was funded largely by Mormon money. Because if anyone knows what a healthy marriage looks like, it's the Mormons.

  10. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Yeah,what every else said. R

  11. Too true. Actually, the thing that pissed me off the most watching the Palin/Biden debate was the fact that both parties seemed very pleased with the fact that they were opposed to gay marriage. Something that they could both agree on and hey, they each had millions of gay friends of course! So, you don't agree with equal rights for everyone? How terribly liberal of you.

  12. w2: ....EXCEPT YOU! *covers head against onslaught of old burger wrappers and banana peels*

    beast: we should really think about taking over, you know. things would run so much more smoothly with Taureans in charge.

    alala: I've seen a lot of Mormon families that really worked and were healthy and loving, and owed it to following Mormon teachings. If their church chucked in the biggest wad of dough, its just because the Catholics didn't beat them to the closing bell. Or the Evangelicals, or whoever.

    Anon: well then ok!

    Betty: I noticed that too. Like everyone was patting themselves on the back. It was disgusting.

  13. i didn't vote for it...remember i vote in illinois...
    *runs for the hills to escape sure doom*

  14. Come to Canada for more than the cheese.

  15. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I was thinking of contributing to the middle ring finger photo set, but because it's STILL so effing hot in effing Texas I can't get the effing thing off.

  16. At the tender age of 8, my big brother taught me to flip the bird.

  17. I'm confused. If proposition 8 has been passed does that mean it's law, in which case it should have a different less misleading name, or has it been passed to be presented as a proposition with a view to becomming law?

  18. At least the Californicators did not make it a constitutional amendment, such as the first FIVE measures on the Oregon ballot. Jayzus, Merry and Josephus!

  19. unbelievable, the tossers.

    I shall never go to California again!

  20. If the Mormons get to have their own State and Northern Hillbillies get to have a Vice Presimadencial Candidate then Scientologists and Rastafarians should get one too...
    and I am willing to jump up and down on your couch until you come around to seeing my way of thinking.

    Now look, if Gay Americans want a piece of the American Dream they need to work inside the machinery and move as many members of their demographic to Utah where they would outnumber the Morms by atleast 10 to 1!
    I call it Operation Stormin' Mormon.

    Hey? Wouldn't that be something?