Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Monster With Child In Tow Black Porcupine

(UPDATED to include Treespotter. Sorry, my darling.)
(REPUDATED to include Muttley the Dog. Geezeiz.)
I am continuing my not-writingness and not visitingness. Be assured that all is well; its just that if I sit here and type for any longer than five minutes at a stretch my fingies freeze up.
Live in an uninsulated historic building.
I dare you.
Meanwhile, go visiting amongst yourselves. I think most of these links work, which is more than I can say for my pathetic excuse for a sidebar-link list.
http://quadrireme.blogspot.com/ new patroclus
http://danator.blogspot.com/ http://oyebilly.blogspot.com/
and last but not least
last, with fleas:


  1. You've got my complete sympathy. One of the places we lived in when I was a child was a farmhouse somewhere in the middle of the Pennines. Absolutely gorgeous but it had no central heating, no double glazing and a mother who liked (still does) to have the doors and windows open in order to "let the fresh air in". Difficulty was keeping the bloody stuff out!. It was so cold that not only was there a permanent layer of ice on the inside of the windows, the water in the toilet cistern would freeze over during the night.

    Hope the temperature rises and you thaw out very soon!

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    ag! you both have my sympathy. i can't deal with cold. as soon as the room gets below 50 degrees i lose all feeling in my feet and fingers, at which point i go some place else. *shudders*

    I want to see the hairyshit thing, but the linky linky isn't working. boo-hoo!

  3. You need to get yourself a pair of those Bob Cratchit fingerless gloves. I can picture it now…

    Huddled around the tiny hearth for warmth. The sound of Tiny Tim’s wee crutch upon the floor.

    “God bless us everyone!”

  4. it would appear that cold front is finally making its way to the east coast -- nothin' like 60 degree temps in January to make ya forget why you ever bought UGGS. (that said, we actually lost our power for a couple of days two years ago, after an especially bad storm -- and, with 3 dogs, we stayed home and braved the cold. so i can kind of imagine your pain, and am suddenly feeling better about our own warm(ish) winter)

    stay warm -- stay well! xox

  5. Poor you...
    My house is made of wood on stilts on the side of the hill.
    It sways when the wind blows too hard.
    The walls are wood with hardboard over them.
    We have no insulation or central heating.
    *freezes in vinter*
    All Kiwi's are convinced that they live in Hawaii.
    They don't.

  6. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Oh poor you. If I could knit, I'd make you something. But I can't, so I will visit among some of your peeps because they're always pretty funny here.

    Warm vibes and bundle up!

  7. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I am forming a collection to knock doon yer old hoose and build you a nice new one.

    I've been dead for 6 years the cold doesn't bother me.

  8. Anonymous10:11 PM

    here in the Mississippi it is tres tres cold.

    I mean, how can I maintain my Greta Garbo look when its like 20 degrees outside!? A consipiracy I tell you!

    And I was so ready for my closeup!

  9. Anonymous1:12 AM

    hiks hiks...

    you always forget me... how sad.

    i should try to be better. STRIVE TO BE BETTER!!


  10. we have rain - that's annoying :)

    sympathy sympathy sympathy

  11. Hendrix: yup! we have a decorative coating of ice on all the north facing windows and have to leave the water dribbling in the northernmost spigot...thrills! action! excitement! frostbite!
    how are your windows doing? any losses?
    cb: yeah, i just noticed the linkiething for hairyshit is a no-go. ill try and hunt it down...it was truly, truly outrageous. just like Jem and the Holograms!
    mj: more like the sound of my dog weeing on the floor because he refuses to go outside...and he blames me for the weather. stay indoors up thar!
    neva!: hey, chickie! yeah, we had y'alls winters back in the 'eighties. cherry blossoms for christmas, people in sunglasses racing from shade spot to shade spot...WHERE IS MY EMAIL!!!!:)
    noshit: i've lived in that house. only it had tires under it. when the wind blew, ripples would run down the sides. like being inside a whale with bad gas.
    G: thank you! *deploys satellite dish to capture warm waviness* tell you what, come midday i'm going to bake some damn bread in this kitchen and not care if I can see my breath while i do it.
    knudie: oh. THATS what that smell is. you hear anything from fatty? is she deceased too? is queen nefertiti there with you? is there beer?
    awaiting: tell me HOW IS MISSISSIPPI COLD? you have to wear a t-shirt or something? please. meanwhile people keep spindling receipts on my tits. I've run out of change, too. chchchchchchilly!
    trees: the hell i do! you have sixteen different sites now!! (checks list and cringes)yikes. will fix, my darling.
    ziggi: OH BOO HOO HOO FRICKEN HOO! go make some mayonnaise.

  12. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Exterior why don't you go and warm under the sunlight. You can lie in the rock if you want. Then digs a hole in the sand and under your egg. What you aren't the reptile?

  13. Anonymous3:48 PM

    I am glad you are cold. It serves you right for leaving warm, cosy, well-insulated, well-fed, crackling logs over done, grilled and sun-tanned, lying on the beach, replete and for once sexually satisfied dogs OFF your list!

    I am glad I do not care - I am too warm etc. etc.

  14. Anonymous11:47 PM

    :::waves hands::: I'm here, I'm just a tad slow lately.

  15. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Where did my highly hilarious comment about curry go......did you delete me FN :-(

  16. everyone else who has been complaining of the snow is reporting a heatwave - so what's happened to you eh?

  17. Awaiting12:45 PM

    Hey when you like hot weather, any sensation of the cold nature blows your mind!

    I hate cold!

  18. MTD: have made the weight to settle the davenport by where the hardness falls we sing, the curtain falls of comedic laugh and have the hotness wind by thermostat foo, fooing me past.
    muttley: too much information, thanks. beware of the flesh-eating gulls. use sunblock. avoid the donkeys.
    the DONKEYS.
    FATTY: FATTY!FATTY!FATTY!FATTY! *waves like a loon* how are your kidneys?
    beast: you have to hit the 'post comment' button thingie in order for the hilarious curry comments to, you know, post. geeze.
    ziggi: someone switched us with Saskatchewan I think.
    awaiting: you'd get more than that blown here.
    that came out wrong.