Thursday, February 15, 2007

it is 3:45 am.

Yes it is.
I woke up at 3:am. would you like to know what woke me up at 3:am?
It was not cats.
It was not junkies.
It was not the Yummy Biker, more's the pity.
It was Ingres.
I woke up, wide, wide awake, at 3:am thinking about Ingres.

You are going to get your request, Tim.

What is the matter with my brain. Why can't I wake up and worry about my future or something normal people wake up thinking about? I've woke up thinking about things like dystopic fiction, The Andy Griffith Show, bird migration, gardening...oh hell, the times I've woke up thinking about that. And I mean like a whirlwind, with my mind just going 100mph! Thinking about the impact of the Japanese popular aesthetic on modern design!
Man, I'm going to go drink some fucking coffee. Sometimes I hate my brain.


  1. hendrix4:31 AM

    I hate that 100mph mindrush...still there are worse things to wake up thinking of than Ingres - after all if might have been Pollock

  2. My mom's got that problem, the brain that just won't turn off. I think it's the mark of a genius, personally.

    I'm glad I'm stupid. I sleep well.

  3. Hey I love Pollack...and I have those mornings. I gave up laying down through them years ago. I just get up and do stuff now. If I don't, then Ingres will turn into wondering how I will avoid poverty in my old age. Screw that.

    I'll be looking for that post on Japanese esthetic.

  4. i have the same problem. i wake up thinking things like, hmmmm, i wonder what's going to happen on this show today, or something like that.

  5. I see 3 am every night/morning I'm fighting demons - I never have to worry about some monumental issues as you do!

    I have not been able to comment for AGES - I'm so fucking annoyed with blogger shutting me out and not giving me a key aaarggghhhh!

    I had a real problem yesterday and i NEEDED YOU! In a moment of complete madness I bought 2 venison steaks to treat my love on VD - and as you know cooking is not my thing. In the end I had to google a recipe - it was OK but I feel that you would have known just exactly how to do them JUST RIGHT.

  6. Don't drink coffee! 3.45 is waaaay too early. (Or twirley, as my Scouse friend says)

    You need some Horlicks.

  7. Well, if there wasn't a bothersome matter of 18 hours 'tween us, you could call me.But that would be about the time I nod off in an armchair (tv is garbage!)and anyone 'phoning then gets an earful!
    These days, I don't have the gardening nightmares, though I do sometimes get up and re-draw sketches.And drink coffee.Fresh, strong, black coffee.

  8. FN, don't you hate that? My mind refuses to shut itself off at the end of the day and I end up tossing and turning, with my mind racing from thought to thought to though..

    ...wonder what happened to Jesse since he married that girl..heard he was still on, need to empty the litter box....that dog is snoring louder than hubby....dang it, did I lock the front door?...I should clean off the table so I have a better place to, oh heck taxes....I need to finish the taxes...what about tuition? how on earth are we gonna manage....

    I never think of something as interesting as Japanese design stuff. My brain is boring.

  9. Horlicks?
    I can't help myself.

  10. I hate it when that happens. I used to be up for a couple hours every night with that, but it's gotten better since I started taking a medication to help me sleep. Still happens when I'm stressed or eat too late, though.

    Better than some of the dreams I have, though. I'd rather wake up at 3 am to work on a story, or even watch TV and eat cereal, than be naked back in high school while Mrs. Nator cheats on me and I've accidentally started the timer on a nuclear bomb, or something.