Monday, April 30, 2007

reality redux. deal with it.

All arguments that deal with THE BIG QUESTIONS fall apart at the very beginning...when the hard math people are advancing towards the philosophers' line, both of them slinging Reason just as hard as they can back and forth across the barbed wire.

Isn't that presuming that the universe conforms to order?
Do you really think that?
Grow up.

"Oh, no problemo!" both sides chirrup. "Subjectivity doesn't count! It's not quantifiable."
Arch chuckles all 'round.

One weeps.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy? We could just all plug our ears and sing real loud until stuff we can't explain and can't make fit into our arguments just goes away?
But that irrational, chaotic, unpredictable stuff just keeps on being there, doesn't it.

You know why?

That static? That will-of-the-wisp, here and gone frisson?
That's reality, kids
Reality is the note which still hangs in the air after the string has been plucked.

...Unless I'm wrong.

.......with great big honkin' props to the bravest woman on the internet, Chaucers' Bitch, and her Brave New Blog, Question: Everything!

Think you're bad?


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    that picture just worries me.

    and if i can't explain why something is the way it is, i just ask my mom...she is all knowing.

  2. I think that picture is of the bravest man on the internet.

  3. A man. With boobs. And a pussy.

  4. pink: this is the woman with the pet pig named 'caillou', right? hell, that's good enough.
    mutha: i know. that is NOT his shade of lipstick.
    mangonel: and they're his...he has the reciept to prove it.

  5. at the risk of being horribly obnoxious, i would like to say that the Pirate looks far better in boobs than this, er, boob.

  6. there's a song you'd like by Art Garfunkel (if you don't already know it) called "Disney Girls." There's a line that goes

    It's not for me,
    And it makes me laugh, oh-oh-oh!

  7. wasn't tfere a post after this??

    Jeez I'm worse than I thought - the old alzheimers is really kicking in

  8. and (in my mind) there were different comments about this post . . .

    is it me?


  9. ah yes - that's what that little wheel thing is for!

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  11. I had to throw this up again because

    1. The site is great! I didn't go to university and I missed out on all the discussions about big ideas and questions. Here, I can be in on them without having to be in my 20's or wear unattractive glasses. If I say something less than intelligent, all that happens is that I'm wrong, which involves no arterial bleeding. Plus then I get a chance to find out why I was wrong and smarten up. I like it a lot!

    2. I just really liked how this post turned out. I said what I wanted to say, it worked on a number of levels, and I didn't waste a lot of words. sometimes you come close to your personal bullseye!

  12. ...notice how i completely dodged that whole 'pirate in boobs' issue.
    well done, eh?

  13. What Televisual feast could possibly entertain both of these creatures?
    Something fishy I suppose.

    You're right about CB's foray into the BIGGIES. It's beautiful.

    I once considered starting one of those highbrow affairs where the participants could discuss Graffiti in Tahiti, but you would have to answer in Pig Latin...then I saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye and completely forgot about it.

  14. You wrong? Hah!

    By the way, is that the YB?

  15. FN: I would read your blog even if you were wrong all the time.

    Loved the picture but I hope the ASPCA doesn't get a hold of it. Poor cat, I hope at least you give it Fancy Feast once in a while.

  16. is that steven speilberg?