Wednesday, May 02, 2007


In fact, Footmans' book is a pretty entertaining read so far.
Wait until I've finished it, then I'll have more to say. It got here yesterday morning and I'm halfway through now.

Still, isn't that great? The guy had me all fucking scared to death because of the way he dogged his own writing down. Jesus Christ, Tim. Fine; you're British. I get it already.

So, anyone who ordered a copy and is still waiting for delivery? You did not spend your money in vain. It's interesting and very readable. I have to brush up on my Radiohead to be able to say whether or not he's full of shit, but his writing passes muster 100%!

my god i am so relieved.


  1. I am too cheap to purchase this book. Please just drop it at the border crossing when you're finished and I'll pick it up.

  2. oh just go buy it ya cheap slut.

  3. I want a signed copy

    "To Beast to whom I owe everything' etc etc

    You know I would go and buy it , support a felow blogger and stuff.... but I have a problem getting past the radiohead thing.

    ****goes and gives self stern talking to*****

    but I have to say

    he he he

  4. Here's to books that don't suck!

  5. *bitch slaps First Nations AND Beast*

    Dirty bitches. Both of you.

  6. don't be stingy wi' da love; i wanna get bitch-slapped too!

  7. *double bitch-slaps Chaucer's Bitch simply for having the word "Bitch" in her name*

    Anyone up for a spanking while I'm at it?

  8. Ooh-ooh me me me!

    *waves hand in air like school kid who really really needs to pee*

  9. CB: I'll keep you in mind for my next "Bitch Fight."

    *slaps Beast again and gently applies pressure with the heel of my stilettos to his bollix*

  10. why is it that every time i try to class up the joint it turns into a damn SMUTFEST in my comments lounge?
    cb, quit chasing mj with the phone cord. mj, put down the dip and switch my phone back on to 'ring'. 'vibrate' does not mean 'dual function'.
    the both of you let beast go and put the table back where it belongs. he's all dehydrated and his hands are turning blue. that table was an antique and now theres assprints in the finish and the legs are all cut up from the zipties. thanks. just thanks.

  11. Anonymous5:24 PM

    *still capturing pictures*

    smile for the camera FN!

    p.s. you started it. you know we're all illiterate. it was your idea to start acting out various scenes in the book. we were all waiting for the movie.

    *snaps beasts bra strap*
    *realizes it's MY bra he's got on*
    *yells for FN to make beast stop going through my underwear drawer*

  12. I wish I could read.

    I secretly want to be bitch slapped by MJ but she scares me too much.

  13. pink: hey. i was only trying to illustrate a point using interpretive dance. i had no idea beast would make off with my underthings when i changed into the carrot suit.
    tick: fear is part of the mj experience. fear and vaseline.

  14. *scribbles note in margin that Tickers requires the "bitch-slap LITE" treatment*

  15. heck - am I late? Can I still join in?

    Carrot suit?

    trying to picture it...


  16. But hey, I have shoulder shoes and I know what to do with them now! And I'm ambidextrous so can to 2 handed equal simultaneous slapping for anyone suffering from ocd

    and I can be a bitch
    I expect
    is it difficult? Don't you just say nasty things about people behind their backs??

  17. Anonymous10:55 AM

    ziggi - it's more of a constant state of pissed off ness. you have to have a specific expression, too.

  18. Are you all dressed again? Can I come in?

  19. I'm dressed (as a carrot) beast is dressed (as Pink) i dunno about the rest of them. as usual it's enter at your own risk around here.

    footman, i swear to god i started out with the best of intentions here. now i'm wearing a carrot suit and everythings business as usual.

  20. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Hi Ms FN _ I get it even if the low class hoi poloi who turn up here do not. You have a repeat post -man in bra with beard.

  21. That Mutley's just asking for it.

  22. I'm dressed as a '1967 Morris Minor differential housing'.

    So what happens now?

  23. Fuck. I came here to read a book. How comes my arse is covered in red spanky marks?

  24. See this is what happens when I am not paying attention , in drag and taking part in a little light S & M , and to top it all I have a BBQ at Frobishers so add intestinal/alcohol abuse to the ,shall I wear pinkies big sunday best bloomers or FN's cheese wire thong ....mmmmm.

  25. I have a chainsaw! I have a chainsaw too !- I LOVE IT - Ha! I cut down an oak tree last weekend - it was great! What did you cut??

  26. ?? you weren't using it at the party were you? not in your carrot suit? I hope you at least had on safety goggles!

  27. In the absence of Grammar Puss, may I point out that it is Footman's not Footmans'. If he was more than one Footman it would be Footmans' (or Feetmen, mayhap).

    Now go ahead and bitch-slap my ass.

  28. dave: wait... 's stands for is or has...s'....oh hell youre righ't.
    see? that's why he gets paid to write and i don't. do not. fuck it.

    *stomps off in annoyance, difficult to convey from within a carrot suit*

  29. ziggy: oh hell yeah! chainsaws! power tools, baby! i limbed up a cupressus leylandii and a noble fir, and cleaned up some stobs on my tam junipers and one overgrown rosemary that the snows broke (it is a hell of a rosemary, yes.) you got me oak tree; damn, my 'saw would start menstruating or something. britain maintains superiority in sawness!