Thursday, May 10, 2007

the garden beckons and

i love you all!

meanwhile i am busier than a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest, as CB would is spring, it is not raining, and i have one million and one things to do outside before the dirt turns into cement. i am one busy little muk!
i will be back soon....i just gotta garden, yo!


  1. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Me too- it didn't rain here for six weeks. My allotment has survived now I must crack on with it. I have many plants in and a growing Ms anyone interested in an allotment related thingy. Post.

  2. Get those killer tomatoes started. I expect to see results oh great one! x

  3. muttley: hell yes. i've had a bastard of a time with the radioactive howler monkeys here. any suggestions?
    rocky: they're going in this very evening, girlie! meanwhile i have a kerria that's trying to take over and winning...

  4. Anonymous5:41 PM

    it's's pouring..and i just washed my freakin' car.

  5. Me three...we need to call a time out and have a Weeding Week like they do in University.

    I need to enjoy every second before the 'squitos hatch!!!

  6. Oh I see , I am a 'compost widow'.
    Dont mind me......
    I will just sit here twiddling me thumbs.

  7. It is raining here. Right now. Well, it's about to. And there's me without an umbrella or anything remotely waterproof.

    Ho Hum.

  8. hendrix4:38 AM

    Go Gardening!

  9. pink: moral...never wash your car. it works for me!
    homoE: do you get craneflies up thar? nasty dangly things that come up from the grass? bleaghgaaaak! we have to tape our pantslegs shut for a week every august!
    beast: hop on a plane and come help me! barring that, buy a gallon of cider and some ziploc bags and wait in the hedge for pedestrians.
    billy: blame pink. she washed her car. we haven't had rain for almost seven whole days in a row here. people are going to start getting nervous.
    hendrix: are you still taking care of the shrubs and plantings where you rent?

  10. ooh, me too. that's what i'll be doing this afternoon after work.

    Or at least that's what i thought i would be doing today had it not starting pouring this morning. I may be playing in the mud this afternoon is what i'm saying.

    have fun, you!

  11. Um. I forgot to water my houseplants. All six of them.

    You country folk and your country ways!

  12. claire: i dig down past a foot and a half and i'm playing in the mud, too.
    danator: we are simple country turds, but we have our simple rustic pleasures too...discussing the origins of faith, smuggling dank and botherating the simple country farm animals...

  13. We got our first rain in 6 weeks this week. Today i attacked my garden in my new house for the first time. I have dug up 5 feet of lawn and have another 20 to go. my back hurts and my soil has is less nutritious than concrete. i don't even have earthworms.

    *wanders off to Google and researches 'how do I repair fucked soil'*

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  15. Botherating !!! I like the cut of your gybe madam.

    I think I killed Mr C's favourite umbrella plant...... man am I in for a lecture (well fancy leaving it at my house , I am like the prince of darkness when it comes to plant husbandry), I may have to try the kiss of life.......

  16. hendrix4:13 AM

    I am still looking after the shared garden - if lopping off the branches of the trees counts, too many tree roots to actually plant much!

  17. junglejane: you have my total sympathy. i've had to build up soil from scratch at two different places i've lived and it's a damn chore.
    beast: weirdly enough i used to be the kiss of death to all plants until i had the Stainless Steel Amazon...suddenly i was Pomona; i uttered forth living wheat and lawndaisies sprang up in my footsteps. I suggest you become pregnant at once.
    hendrix: well, good for you for taking responsibility. i hate to see neglected plantings; makes me sad!