Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fuck the Factory!

What I did today!

1. Bought tabs for our car (it's like a license plate for your license plate, Brits. No, it doesn't make any sense.) While the Yummy Biker did that, I went around the corner to a store and used their bathroom.
2. Went to Wal-Mart! I boughted two bras and a tin of Altoids.
3. Went to a gas station. To buy gas.
4. Went to a boofay eatin' place! We had fried chicken and fish with mash potatas and fruit and waffles and salad! It was lee dishes!
3. Bought a brand new motorcycle! This one!*

Thank you, Big Aluminum. Thank you.

What did you do today?


...the Victory-UK link. Take note, Tickersoid.


  1. holy fucking crap. that is one mighty fine motor. can i take her for a spin? can i? can i?

  2. I did the exact same thing,"Blogjinx!"

  3. Had a bath. Did some ironing. Sorted through the post. Put the rubbish out. It's still early in the morning here.

    Mind you, at the weekend we BOUGHT A TUMBLE DRYER!

    Swap your motorbike for my tumble dryer?

    Thought not.

  4. Didn't you stock up on pump action shotgun ammo and grenades at Walmart?

    I always do.

    I prefer Honda Goldwings. I am a heathen.

  5. Shiny shiny! My mother won't let me buy a motorcycle, as they do not come with training wheels, and my lack of balance is notorious.

    I'll just enjoy yours from a safe distance, and try not to fall in front of it.

  6. i think i just came a little.

  7. zowie! That is so cool. Keep the rubber down!

  8. Does Walmart carry bras in your size?

  9. Anonymous7:04 AM

    why did you purchase bras?

    i packed, packed some more, watched someone get a perm, slept, went to blockbuster.

  10. OH, that is so pretty. And no back seat either!
    I just did the same old weekday stuff, came in to work and sat here staring at a computer screen trying not to fall asleep.

  11. I waited in all day for FN to post pictures of her brassieres.

  12. I waited in all day for FN to post pictures of her IN her brassieres.

  13. I got anally probed by angry union assholes.

    You win.

  14. 1.5 litre engine.

    Don't want to hang around then.

  15. Not really "into" bikes, but that front wheel, scaled down a tad, would make a lovely neck ornament.
    (Yesterday, I taught kids to write proper.)

  16. Holy Cow FN What a beauty.

    Re Bra's do you go for the maddona traffic cone type....tell me you do.
    I can then have lurid daydreams about a leather clad FN (with pointy chesticles) astride the marvellous bike.

    JJ your bhurka may get caught in the wheels

  17. sat around at work
    looked out the window
    pretended to be really busy
    dug my nose
    tried to keep my eyes open
    scratched my head
    looked out the window some more
    watched the door so nobody comes in while i scrached my you know what
    went home :)

    PS: LOVE that bike!!

  18. I would imagine the bras to be substantially underwired and sturdily constructed - none of this gossamer wispy lace breaths-of-air. An engineering feat on par with a suspension bridge.

    I have done v. little today, pretended to work - eaten my lunch by 11.30am - chatted on the phone & read blogs. Can you do a whole post on the buffay? it fascinates me.

    nice bike btw - is there a sidecar for you to sit in?

  19. I too want to know about the buffet.....is it all you can eat ???

    *** adds all you can eat buffet to leather clad , pointy bra , bike daydreams ***

  20. junglyjane: can you do that in a burkha?

    knudie: copier! copier! i'm telling!

    betty: i tell you what, we probably needed a new tumbledryer more than we needed a new cruiser. but no, no swappies. i is not dum.

    garfy: hell, they sell ammo everywhar round hereabouts. sometimes they'll give'em to ya fer a discount down to the daycare, if'n all yer rugrats has the same father!. (GOLDWING????? you cannot possibly be that old, garfy. those things have CUPHOLDERS, dude. )

    fatty: this thing is a miracle of engineering. it would automatically swerve to avoid you, no matter what you'd been drinking and/or smoking. in fact, share, bish!

    cb: then you know what i did in the ladies room at the dealership.

    gale: we still have the chopped Sporty-the Biker's bar cruiser-but we're sold on the Victory marque. it's everything the claims state... faster, cheaper, magnificent engineering and workmanship, and 100% American parts and labor.

    mj: oddly enough, yes. you have to go to the one in Skagit county, though.

    pink: so the people behind me don't get contusions when i run for a bus.

    joevegas: oh, ours has a passenger seat. believe me, ours has a passenger seat.

    ara: shhhhhh....actually, i lied. i just stole a bunch of those orange traffic cones. i hold them on with duct tape. DONT TELL ANYONE.

    mj: and who can blame her, folks?

    :am: don't even start me on the Teamsters.


  21. TICK: i have to agree. it's an american bike that does not suck, and even though Ness did the styling it isn't a typical 'Ness mess.' so I'm happy! and rapid!

    dinah: it's even got purdy footpeg mounts.

    beast: HOW DID YOU DISCOVER MY SECRET YOU SECRET DISCOVERING DISCOVERER??? (i get almost 14 more hpr because of the improved aerodynamics.)

    mone: your fast-paced jet setting lifestyle is more than my little heart can stand! (and thanx!)

    frobi: oh, jane russel has nothing on me. these things come with fluid hydraulics. the motion compensators are actuated with ceramic rare-earth magnetics using an onboard microprocessor to balance and dampen motion. imagine inspector gadgets secret drag closet and you'll have an accurate picture.

    beast: imagine a well-lit modern facility full of saturated fat and morbidly obese americans. every half-hour they turn on the steam fittings and everyone has to scramble for the walls.

  22. I like it. It has visual integrity and looks like it would actually work and be easy to live with. At the same time the styling rocks.

    Win/win, I'd say.

  23. Does it give a powerful vibration?

    If so, I'd like a ride.

    You can wipe down the seat after with that wet wipe you've won.

  24. Anonymous4:46 PM

    fn - duct tape works better. or so i've heard. it even comes in a variety of colors.

  25. damn...i cant even remember what i did this morning...but i know it was nothing near as exciting as you, sugar...very cool bike

  26. that is a beaut - 'dark as sin' indeed. D'you get to ride it?

    never hear of Victory before though they only made those Hardly Dangerouses over your way.

    I rode my 'oss and now I'm going out for a curry.