Monday, November 26, 2007

it's 6:25 pm

it's dark outside
and the first snow of the year just began falling

my grandson is here. i took him to the back door and showed him the snow and taught him you can hear it fall.

i'm rich, people. bill gates has nothing i want.


  1. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  2. 'shot: hey, it's true. bill gates used to use the Capitol Hill Dicks' Hamburger drive up right up the hill from where I used to live in Seattle. He has bad hair, bad skin, bad glasses and he used to forget his wallet all the time. plus he had a bunch of tartar sauce buckets on his dashboard and old stained napkins lying all over his car. not only does he not have anything i want, his car's a mess.

  3. oh..THAT Bill Gates.


  5. i'm jealous b/c y'all got snow. we never get snow down here. *pouts and wishes for snow*

  6. Are you talkin' Dick's Drive-In?

    I took pics of their signage.


    *still raining here*

  7. You are indeed blessed , snow AND a young'un to enjoy it with.
    Thanks but a short but feel good sweet post :-)

  8. I am pregnant - please send money.

    Thank you.

  9. A good view is one of the few things 'they' haven't been able to put monetary value on. Just watch the bastards try.

  10. that's wonderful. i'm feeling rather rich myself just now. stay tuned for Big News.

  11. But what about Windows, and Vista?

  12. "i took him to the back door and showed him the snow and taught him you can hear it fall. "

    If only all small children could be taught that.

  13. Everything that you want EXCEPT for the fact that the Moon is obviously crashing into the Lake in your backyard and will wipeout Life as we know it for millions of years!

    Just kidding..those are the moments that we remember when we are reading the sign in the front lobby of our rest home

    Today is Tuesday
    It is Sunny outside
    Lunch Special: Chicken Noodle Soup
    Tonight's Movie: Gigli

  14. pink: well, its just about melted now, so it's all moot.

    mj: Dicks is awesome. their signage is awesome. but nothing will ever match the extreme awesome fu of WHIZBURGER...a now-defunct oregon mini-franchise.

    beast: I have celebrated the season by making a huge pot of marinara. minestrone and strombolis for dinner tonight!!!

    ratso: and I bet you don't even remember who the father is, do you. hint: he was probably bald and had a police record.

    malc: they will. and in a society that uses electricity to turn on a faucet and flush a toilet, people will think nothing of paying, too.


    joeVegas:how much you wanna bet HE uses a mac? the windows format is the most annoying thing they ever came up with. I had no trouble with dos. dos was soothing. dos was a nice color. dos was a tool. windows is a prosthetic.

    sopwith: and i got to be there the first time he realized it. there is NOTHING better than being a grandparent.

    homoE: any rest home that would show gigli deserves to have its certification yanked. if they arent showing 'BEAR-back Mountain' by then I refuse to get old. so there.

  15. how do you hear snow fall?


  16. The natural world is wonderful... apart from domestic cattle... they have a habit of spoiling a rural idyll by making noises like an emptying drain and splattering like a dodgy cement mixer... either that or the sound of niagra coming from the dark fields behind our house...
    Don't get me started on Methane... there is the story of a Dutch vet, who to releve a gastric problem in a cow, stuck a tube up its arse and lit the end. The resulting jet of flame set fire to the barn and blew up the cow. The daft bastard vet survived.

  17. I've heard snow falling.

    I love the way the light is when snow falls at night.

    Sorry, that's a bit of a mushy comment.

  18. ziggi: you've never heard snow fall? it sounds like potato chips or frying very soft, and very far away. sometimes when you get popcorn snow it actually rattles. we live near the foothills of the cascades so our snow is the extra cold type, not the soft fluffy stuff.

    'shot: that's a given. the drug of choice last night was the most AMAZING mead! the stuff we bought on vacation...i swear it smelled of cedar, fir and raspberries. and taste....oh dang!!! sipping wine for sure!

    Mr.Gaskin: cows are so picturesque arent they? flopping big old steamy pies next to the road, whizzing on their babies as they nurse, bellering all night long when they get lost in the neibors woods...charming animals. i remember reading a story like that in james herriot! you have to forgiv e the vet opportunity to cause a flaming cow butt is almost more temptation that a person can stand.

    betty: oh go ahead. we won't tell.

  19. oh that's so sweet.

    none here yet and you can keep it as far as i'm concerned.

  20. Just for once, the post beats the comments, hands down.
    Thankyou for sharing.
    (And mead? Thought you wuz a beer gal?)

  21. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I read your blog everyday. I like it 'cause you are funny and real. Most of all, I read it because I am homesick for Oregon. We just moved from Gladstone,Or to Tucson, Az a few months ago. I miss the snow, and I have heard it fall.

  22. claire: tell you what, now that the whole 'first' think is over it's going to be a raging nuisance the next time and i'll be bitchin.

    dinahmow: normally i am a beer afficianado, but this stuff was something special. i just sipped the last 1/2 cup of it tonight and it was ambrosial.
    it's worth it. totally worth it.

    anon: welcome welcome! oh dang, gladstone!! hell yeah!!! did you ever swim at HIGHROCKS? is it still bare titty? I used to get wasted there on the south bank and watch the nutcases line up and wait for the floodgates to open up at bonneville so the river would rise and they could jump off the highway bridge. oh the drug addled memories......

  23. first nations - did you knock up frobisher again or is this just his way of explaining his beer belly?

  24. I don't care if it's raining Al Gore, or the sky is falling down. Keep Canada OUT. We're all counting on you, Nations...

  25. Frobisher is just pretending to be pregnant in the vain hope of getting social housing.

    Did someone mention marinara and stromboli....yummers.

    The champ is right FN , be on your guard for creepin canadians , myself and Frobisher are holding back the Filthy French

  26. Drove in a snow storm yesterday, I felt like I was in a Stars Wars movie driving warp speed. Freaky.
    Bill Gates? He envies me.

  27. pink: i dunno...its all a blur. i AM feeling rather fatherly, though..

    WCSN: holding fast SAH! they are storming our northernmost borderlands this holiday season like a mighty ocean bearing pretty colored money...but one glimpse of my Leather MIGHT is usually enough to reduce them to cheese scented heaps of surrender! AIAIAIAIAIAIAIAIAI!

    beast: it was an orgy of italian goodness here at rancho firstnations last pm...the world tomato crop took a hit i'm afraid. meanwhile i am eyeing my leeks with murderous, leeks....heeeeere, leeky leeky leeks...

    gale: i know whatcha mean. i love when it turns into dust and ribbons and flows across the pavement like milk. freeeeeeeeeeeeeky!!

  28. Y'all have the best sunsets in Washington!

  29. What's he goin' on about Canader agin? Bloody 'ell!
    Please don't encourage um Luv.

    If AMERIKA needs water (it's not like you're wasting it in places like Vegas) we will be glad to sell y'all sum...
    once you return ALASKA!!

  30. a perfect moment - and a GORGEOUS photo. sigh.