Thursday, December 13, 2007


My daughter is getting married an a couple of days!


  1. Yay! First!

    May every morning bring them a greater love for each other and may every evening find them closer than the night before.

  2. Yay! Congrats to you and your daughter and the baby!

  3. Will you be wearing an unfeasible hat for the occasion?

  4. While I would be doing a keg stand, i have the good taste to not wear a fussy princess dress or a fake tiara.

    rim, I love the man, but if you're suggesting in the pursuit of climbing inside him I open him up and camp in his ribcage, I've thought of it, but he's much too small for that to work well.
    Why does no one make a wish for happiness that includes seperate wings of the house or one's own studio, I wonder?


  5. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Oread the ssa and her betrothed. And 3 cheers for no fussy white dress!

  6. Will there be wedding burritos?

  7. Congratulations to the happy lass and her man and the baby and their house and the trees in the garden and the birds in the sky...and....and....the fish in the sea and oooh oooh, the mum-in-law-to-be, and the dad-in-law-to-be and....uuummm......

    maybe I should have stopped at the happy lass,her man and their baby!

    I hope they have a fantastic wedding and a great life together and wish them all the happiness in the world!!!


  8. Will they be going on a biking honeymoon and hitting the tequila big time?

    I know I would.

  9. hendrix4:49 AM

    Congratulations to the SSA and her husband (to be) and the baby. Here's wishing them health, happiness and wealth! May they have everything they ever dream of - including if they so desire, separate wings to their house and/or their own studios!

  10. Happy, happy day! Thinking of you all.

  11. JoeInVegas7:33 AM

    No shots of mom doing the keg stand?

  12. oooohhhhh yah! dressed in red leather and a push-up corset. where the hell is my invitation?!?! im great at/for weddings! there always has to be "that guy" at every one you know...
    make sure to write "just marred" on the back of the car. spell it just like that!

  13. Hopefully she can do that on her wedding night without having his buddies hold her legs in the air.

    After that it's down to Birthdays and Vacations until the kids are born, and then any oral pleasuring will have to be outsourced.


  14. Married? do people still do that? how quaint.

  15. actually homo, that's more his pose, and he performs as well as any acrobat, thanks.

    and knudie, they do if they want the sweet US tax breaks.

  16. Well, I don't know your daughter(apart from comments threads), but I'll toss a cheering hat in the air.
    Interesting suggestion from Joeinvegas!Double-dare?

  17. Well fiddle dee dee - happy happy day to spawn of Firstness! Have a wonderful day to all of you. How exciting!

  18. hm... she is getting married, but what she is doing in this photo...;)? hmmm... I am still not married, does it mean I will have to do the same? ;)

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