Thursday, December 06, 2007

ranting feminist!

One of the myriad reasons I started this blog was that I live in a very, very, very, ultra-mega conservative area of an otherwise reasonably 'Blue' state. Here, I am considered a dangerous rebel merely because I don't even fit the 'rebel' stereotypes the way I'm supposed to; FORGET the political views or any of the other weirdness. What it means is that every single day I find myself biting my tongue in the name of co-existence during the course of even the most casual social interaction. Living here has made me a lot more tolerant, but one thing that will ALWAYS ice the shit out of me are the women I run into every day, women in a free society agreeing to be slaves and raising their daughters as slaves, and calling it Christian.

We live in America and I am an American and I believe in that 'freedom of religious expression' stuff even if you don't; so that come Christmastime, if you want to plaster up 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season' all over your yard and car then go to it; you're right, after all.
As far as that goes.
You're right all the way up until you REQUIRE me to believe that the shit some of you think of as 'Christian' has anything at all to do with Jesus Christ.

Men who make their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters wear ankle-length dresses and walk behind them make me laugh. That has exactly WHAT to do with Jesus? Not letting them learn how to drive or work outside the home has exactly what to do with the Lord? NOTHING WHATSOEVER.
What it means is that your male identity and sense of self is so withered and tiny that you can't allow something with tits to imagine a life without a master. It means that what you want is a self-cleaning house slave with a vagina you can stick your dick into and pump kids out of. Any man raising a daughter who makes her submit to this kind of an upbringing should be put in jail for child abuse. How fucking dare you do this to another human being.
This is slavery training and you do it in the name of the Lord.

An adult woman in a free society who goes along with this shit deserves no respect whatsoever.

An adult woman who raises her children to believe in this shit deserves to be shot in the back of the head.

You have a choice in this country and look what you chose. Yeah, I know why most of you babes are foaming conservatives. Wouldn't life be better if everyone HAD to be conservative? And devout? Preferably your brand of devout? That way you would be totally relieved of that bad ol' responsibility for your own lives!

And then you could blame everything on men. Then you could pretend that everything was somebody else's fault.

Women like you make me ashamed. And sick.

The thing that really puts the cap on all that is the fact that you don't even know how to do your own religion right you ignorant chunks of fuck.

Jesus forgave a prostitute. Not just a woman, not just an unmarried woman who sinned, but A PROSTITUTE.
So what?
Remember what he said? Who among you is without sin then cast the first stone?
You all kind of forget that, don't you.

Do you know what it meant to be a prostitute back then? Just how far outside society you had to be in order to make a living fucking without getting killed?

A prostitute went uncovered-no veil. No chador. Nothing over her head. No hiding. That she was even acknowledged so far as to have this restriction put on her should be making even a retard suspicious at this point. If it was so bad, then why......even allow it?
But no! No, y'all don't even turn an eyelash.

A prostitute lived in a perpetual state of ritual uncleanliness. For her orthodox customers this meant the sacrifice of a few animals and the payment of a fine. For her it mean that Gods face and everyone elses' was turned away from her and that every waking moment of her life was lived under immanent threat of death.

In a society that offered the option of a temporary marriage (and still does) a woman desparate enough to resort to prostitution had to have a lot going against her. It meant that she was ugly, or destitute, maybe deformed in some way, or a victim of rape or incest who had been put out of her family, or a widow nobody wanted. Or maybe, worst of all possible scenarios, she had a riproaring sex drive for whatever reason...don't imagine that clinical nymphomania, hypersexuality or just plain liking lots of sex with strangers are modern inventions. In any case, a prostitute was a throwaway human being, nominated as such by the tacit consent of EVERYONE who allowed her to continue unmarried and alive.
That's right.

Here's a group of hypocritical people ready to stone another human being to death merely because that persons 'sin' was obvious, when they all shared the same stain to whatever

Jesus came along and called them on this bullshit.

In one sweeping moment, one of the greatest moments in the New Testament, he cast all that into the sewer where it belonged. But he didn't simply stand at the sidelines and deplore it. He physically stepped into the middle of a circle of armed people who had the 'law' on their side, PREVENTED THE MURDER AND LET HER GO.
Your God did this. In a human, killable form. Because it was the right thing to do.

And you? Throw you daughters out onto the street for not being virgins.
Another sweet trick you like to pull is known as the 'abusive home birth'. My daughters midwife clued me in about this one. Your unmarried teenage girl gets pregnant? Then she has it. At home. On the floor. Without medication.
You utter bitches.

Now if you believe Catholic tradition (which most of you do but would rather cut your own throats than admit to- or are too ignorant of religious history to even know that you believe it in the first place), Jesus allowed this same woman, Mary Magdalene, to wash his feet and dry them with her hair.

Do you really understand the significance of that act?

Would you let pig lick your feet? Would you consider that an honor? No you wouldn't and you probably aren't even Jewish or Middle Eastern.*
A prostitute was lower than a pig in those days, and a pig was an absolute abomination and horror.
Now here comes a Middle Eastern man who is an orthodox Jew. And, arguably, God in human flesh.
As a human male in that time and place, he knew the score. He knew what prostitutes did. And of course as God he was perfectly aware of it; this was his creation, these supposedly his rules.
The point is, he knew what he 'risked' by coming into contact with her or even entering her home.


As a middle eastern, single man he entered the home of an unmarried woman who had no male family members around to 'supervise'.
Furthermore, she was a prostitute.
As God in human flesh,
He accepted her.
He accepted her honor.
He accepted that she COULD honor him.
He acccepted her hospitality.
He accepted her on the exact same level with the exact same graciousness that he accepted everyone else...the lepers he cured, the men he called friends and brothers, his mother, the dying, children, ANYONE.

And when he did this he ended up having to tell his followers off and set them straight, because his followers were absolutely horrified and acted like a bunch of morons.

They still do.

*Or a pig farmer (shhh, malc.)


  1. We don't talk about pig farmers up here.

  2. yeah; ever think that maybe you should START???
    are you familiar with the group of people I mean? the bunhead ladies? do they have them up across the border? wtf?????

  3. You go, FN...

    ...but first you may want to check a couple of facts.

    1. In Luke chapter 8 (where the woman about to be stoned to death story is, I think) it makes absolutely no mention of 'prostitute'. Rather it says the woman was caught in the act of adultery.

    2. There is no connection between that woman and Mary Magdalene other than non-biblical references made for convenience sake, and Jesus didn't go to her house.

    Other than that...right on, I guess.

    Pedantically yours,

    Rev. R

  4. My bad, Luke 8 (actually 7:36) is the woman anointing Jesus' feet...Mary Magdalene (again not actually identified as that woman (or the woman from the stoning story)) doesn't get mentioned until Luke 8, which is a different day already.

  5. mj: yeah, i knew whatcha meant. did they ever finish testing his property or is that ongoing?

    'shot: that's why I made the reference to catholic tradition...they're the ones who make the connection between mary magdalene, the stoning of the adulteress and prostitution...all one story. now maybe your experience was different but that's how it was presented to me and that's how a lot of people believe it went down. coulda made that point a little clearer though, huh.
    whatever their names were, the fact still stands that Jesus defied unjust law and tradition, did the right thing in both instances, AND acknowleged the personhood of the women.

  6. Oh dear! I wasn't wagging the finger of judgment, I didn't mean for it to come off like that at all.

    I was just sayin' is all...I think your point was made quite eloquently.

    Sheesh, I totally suck! Sorry...

    ...hangs head in shame. Sulks off to corner.

  7. 'shot: oh good gravy marie. i needed to make the point clearer about traditional beliefs vs scriptural accuracy there. is ku.
    this is what happens when i write shit down in the middle of a fit of anger.
    I swear you ought to see what goes on, its like a living social experiment in the politics of the oppressed. IT PISSES ME OFF SO BAD!

  8. I do sometimes get the feeling that these unbalanced God nuts would feel pretty comfortable hanging out with the Taleban.

  9. "Men who make their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters wear ankle-length dresses and walk behind them make me laugh."

    In certain parts of the world, this centuries-old tradition was upset by a single word, and now the men make the women walk in front of them.

    The word was landmine.

  10. Oh, and in the worst book ever written, the Catholic Church is blamed for altering the gospels to add the label of prostitute to Mary Magdalene. Who can you believe nowadays?

  11. No, don't hold back - tell us what you really feel.

    I think I got more upset about this kind of stuff when I was a believer. Now it makes me feel pity for those who are trapped in it. But only to a certain extent, because people who can't find their way out of the kind of situation you describe are to some extent lazy - they're prepared to let someone else do their thinking for them. I sometimes wonder why we even bother having a brain, or an education system.

    The time is ripe for Plato's philosopher-kings to take over the world.

  12. A. MEN. SISTER.

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for saying this.

    If religion really was about being nice and accepting everyone, even I might learn to like it. I left the Christian church largely because I didn't know a single person in it who was actually behaved in a manner that Christ would have approved.

    Religion, at it's base, is just another means of control and repression. The doctrines may vary, but the psychology is the same the world over.

  13. I have enormous problems understanding how people in this information age , can choose a set of beliefs thats are so patently based on bollocks (in the main) and make not one ounce of sense. And furthermore are willing to force this belief system on others and use this belief system to persecute others.
    Usually all in the name of 'good'
    I just cant get a handle on the mindset at all

  14. tim: maybe if we all pool our resources and get them a group rate...?

    sopwith I,II: the catholics (such as they were) WROTE the bible, lets not forget. and the thing about MM is so much a part of christian tradition that everyone believes its there anyway. kind of separates the readers from the listeners, that.

    punkie: who is the dorable doggie??? XX!

    qenny: oh boy, i was sweating bullets hoping you'd miss this one. thanks for being merciful!* takes several shots* most of the time i just let it fly, but come christmas time i see these poor little girls all in a string behind dad like Make Way For Ducklings and i know what their limited lives are going to be like in this huge, beautiful world and it almost makes me cry. i'm a girl too. and kind of a sap around the holidays. thank you for weighing in, my darling XX

    cb: we're on the same page fo sho. don't you miss the singing, and mass, right around this time of year though? i do. *drops needle on Astrocreep 2000* there; that's better.

    beast: i just hate to see it around this time of year. the irony seems even more cruel than it usually does. and even though you are a bad recipe plagerizer man i still adore you, and your danish socks XXOO

  15. Anonymous7:45 AM

    The group down here that most fits that are the Mormons (sorry, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). I'm not sure if they are Christians (well, depends on the politician you listen to) but they sure act the same as yours.
    Is there any religeon that doesn't put the man first?
    JoeInVegas (since Blogger will not let me log in as me)

  16. JoeVegas: wow, not here. the mormon people i know are nice and family oriented, not nuts. this is another thing entirely. it's one of those fundamentalist-separatist cult of personality things, based around a husband and wife team. the women all have to wear their hair in a gibson girl bun and wear long dresses.

  17. Idea for your next posting...

    Hairstyles of assorted religious groups.

    I choose not to belong to any group where "buns" are mandatory.

  18. i do, you know. my church used to kick off the advent season with a massive carol sing-along with choirs from all over the city. and at the end all the choirs came up together and belted out the Alleluia Chorus. by candlelight. We raised the goddamn roof. It was amazing. (I used to be a soprano, me. Now i'm a tenor. bah.)

    I hope the Pirate's parents' church's christmas service is better than their easter one. no music at all. it was like training on an indoor rowing machine: all the good stuff taken out and only the shit remaining!

  19. One thing that freaks me out are religious freaks. I am all for religion, as I have beliefs, not sure entirely what they consist of, but they are beliefs all the same, but last week, this guy came up to me and handed me a flyer about Jesus and unmarried mothers. I wanted to slap him in the face, I was married when I had my kids and I am still married (unfortunately) but he really pissed me off...

  20. Ha! Beast got busted for pinching my recipes

  21. Jesus!! (Pardon the reference). When you opened with the "I'm a feminist" line I thought you would go onto all that "All men are rapists" shite.
    What you said was somewhat different. FN, it sounds as if you live in Saudi Arabia or somewhere like that. Sorry, but what the fuck is going on over there?
    You have a duty. You are right about freedom of speech and so your duty is to go up to these wankers and tell them exactly what you've written opposite. If they get bored with its length then follow them home and shout the rest of it through the letterbox.
    Good luck.

  22. well said, sugar! it is the stuff that gives me pause..this total acceptance of false religiousity. can you think of anther time in the history of the world when fundamentalism ruled this way? yeah, that's right, the middle ages and we know what happened then...

  23. Amen and preach it my sisterfriend! I love that all the baptists I know seem to forget that little "judge not lest you be judged" part of Jesus' sermon on the mount as well. I think he's probably ashamed of most of his followers, but that's just my thoughts...

  24. What is incredible is that humans are even discussing mythology in the 21st Century.
    From imprisoning teachers for naming Teddy Bears in Sudan to polygamists in the US, all of this stuff is based on the monotheistic inventions of war mongering, tribal, misogynists who lived in the middle of the f*cking desert.

    With all of the information at our disposal regarding the authenticity of such notions we are still arguing about something that is largley indefensible. This shouldn't even matter is beyond belief..pun intended.

    Great job, great rant...makes me mad.

  25. Breathtaking stuff. Nails hit on head, points made and so on.

    As for the pigs licking your feet. . . it's not a good idea if only for the fact that they can't distinguish between your feet and breakfast. I always dive in with steel toecaps.

  26. Amen!
    My exhusband got the church in our divorce - I did not object.
    I adore your fits of anger.

  27. I would let a real pig lick my feet but not a real male pigbastard lick my feet - especially one that makes his other wives wear ankle length dresses and bloody buns 24/7. I would like a real feral pig to shit on his feet! Ooh - you are SCARY when you are angry! xx

  28. mj: tonsure of Simon Magus, anyone? anyone??

    cb: well if you're having fun it's not church, though, right??? all that stops with Vacation Bible School days. ak. (do i love the hally chorus? oh how i do. i was part of one in 73 and what an experience!)

    awaiting: people can be so ignorant. after all, if you think about it, jesus was born on the other side of the sheets too.

    frobi: the season of schaudenfreude is upon us!!!! XX!

    reg: oh no. i never bought that garbage even during the darkest days of the early womens movement.

    savannah: and our eras of greatest advancement have always come during times of questioning...the renaissance, the sixties.

    joy: the only thing i can say about baptists is that all the ones i know are nice, and they have ass-kicking potluck suppers. these people are something else entirely. they arent a 'big' religion. they're a freak religion. and i also think that with a front row seat to all our goofiness down here on earth they probably don't need cable in heaven.

    homoE: dude, the only people who ever came close to the truth in my opinion are the jewish people. all the misogynistic cultural crap got tacked on over the years. its simply a case of nobody reading the textbook!

    malc: see, i knew you'd know. //i just ran across your comment on the gun post. i'd be PROUD AND HAPPY to lend you my site and host your thoughts. i'll e-mail you.

    gale: so did mine!!:D and he can keep it!!

  29. Great Rant!

    It always amuses me that folks get their panties in a bunch over people who play-act dominance and submission for a sex thrill, and calmly accept people who live that life for the "love of jesus."


  30. Weemen should be obscene and not heard, yeah its the same today with weemen committing adultery and getting stoned for it while the bloke gets off with getting off. Islam is therefore evil as Jesus didn't like stoners but Muhammad said it was ok, besides Muhammad was a cunt with his killing and raping and pedo leanings.
    Not sure why a prostitute needs to be forgiven though, if they took that line of work out of survival then they are doing Gods will by helping themselves as god helps those who help themselves, maybe he should have helped them a bit better so therefore its God that should beg our forgiveness.
    I have said before when I face judgement day I shall judge God for all the murdered and raped weemen and children as he had the power to stop it but didn't, don't condemn me for coveting my neighbour's ass that's the cycle of abuse thingy throwing the guilt onto someone else to cover up yer own bad behaviour.

    I have spoken.