Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Go read this NOW.

Of course you should be reading Sopwith Camel already. All of you.


  1. Thank you for sending me to Sopwith Camel. I will stop by again.

  2. Very good indeed.

    Now do I get a prize of some sort for reading it?

    Is candy involved? Or alcohol?

  3. Very poetic. imagery painted with words.

    On the other hand, you just can't beat a good poo story.

  4. UM... NICE PICTURE? checked your link... eeehhh...

  5. gale: welcome!

    mj: he's so damn good. him, footman, mutha and hendrix; i swear they make me want to actually learn how to do this right.

    tick: nothing daunted; he'll go there. no shrinking violet is the Camel.

    voices: he might not be everybody's cup of tea (you see what i did? you see what I did?) but the man has something to say and he can WRITE like a madman.

  6. If those guys had been drinking coffee like red-blooded Amurricans, that kinda confusion never woulda happened.

  7. Do I really have to go read? My mind is seemingly not capable of reading and comprehending at the moment.

    But alas, I shall click the link and be enthralled in the goodness that you have provided.

    Does that make me sound smart?

    You know me...its all about intellect. Ha!
    And as MJ said, do I get alcohol? Vodka will suffice.

  8. Oh yes I read it
    I did
    And it was good
    **throws MJ a disgarded pancake***
    I like your picture , its all kinda misterious , and thought provoking and has stonework and doorways.
    I like stonework.
    I avoid thinking... it only leads to trouble.
    I am ambivelent about doorways , there can be good or bad things lurking on the other side of them.Bad things with pointy sticks and teeth
    ****sits in dark chewing a plastic bag*****

  9. Why did you do that to me? I'm off to have an exciting cup of tea.

  10. *lurks behind doorway with pointed stick, waiting for Beast to pass through*

    *sharpens teeth with pointed stick*

  11. I was going to comment but can't remember why . . .

  12. Yes, I do read the camel. And, yes, it is a scary thing to have to deal with.

  13. Its a drag when most of yer readers are so shallow, I blame Global warming.