Saturday, February 02, 2008

Red Gerbil Fights In Cleveland Attack!

Put down the merlot, stick a bookmark in your copy of 'Love in the Time of Cholera'. The job is far from over, ladies.

What a lot of you are doing now and calling 'feminist' amounts to living in purdah...taking a 'Womens Studies' class in college, belonging to women-only webrings, writing scathing diatribes against the phallocracy which only other women will ever It's not time to sit back on your ass and wait for you fingernails to dry. Here's one good reason why:

Let it load. Turn on your sound. Feel the magic.

Quit treating the movement like a student council meeting. As long as women continue to behave like long as women TRAIN THEIR DAUGHTERS TO REMAIN fear standing out, to identify 'feminine' with 'trivial' and masculine with 'everything distasteful', to value appearance above content and safety to risk, our daughters do not stand a chance!
Men are not the enemy.


  1. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Well, there are the purdah feminists, and there are the reclaiming-the-word-slut feminists, and they all seem equally confused to me, all focusing on the trees and forgetting about the wood.

  2. Well said Miss FN.
    It seems to have degenerated into a 'invoke when your not getting what you want but wish to be beyond criticism of your actions' kind of thing these days.
    I worked with one self proclaimed'femenist' who used to spend all day weeping in the toilets over 'womens issues' .When she claimed sexism was the reason she didnt get promoted over her male colleagues , her femail boss had to point out to her that the boys got on and did their work....she left shortly afterwards. Bless

  3. Damn. And this was my day to shimmer, sparkle and shine.

  4. hear Hear, Z! I could not have put it better. Though I do loathe privileged, white, Ivory tower feminists the most, the ladies who feel the need to make this movement shrill and inaccessible.
    This is why I'd rather be a humanist. So me and Chaucer's Bitch will be over here making Penis cookies and cackling, probably. Go get 'em.

  5. You need to go visit

    It will make you feel better.

    What a lot of girls are doing today is saying "I'm not a feminist but..." as though feminist is the real "f" word. Pathetic.

  6. I just went to (no www) and the lead story is about a life time midwife/activist and this reminds me that you owe us an Ina May Gaskin story. Did you think we would forget? That woman was the key to my birthing success. I'm one of the few women I know who enjoyed childbirth.

  7. This is the kind of thing that makes me resigned to stay in my hidey-hole.
    Or Mrs. Nator's hidey-hole, that is.

    Is it too off topic to suggest that gender dichotomy has become so accepted that some women would rather change sexes now than be "masculine" women?

    OK, probably too off topic.

    P.S.: I don't just hate men. I'm an equal-opportunity hater for all humanity! Give the planet back to the beasties!

  8. Thanks, now I will have to find the Barbie site to compensate.

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  10. 21st mom, I had some stuff to say about feministing, but it sounded mean to you, so please read
    for my opinion on feministing, where I posted and discussed for well over a year.

    and I don't think that's an off topic subject danator, I know a lot who would just rather be genderfucks than deal with the hoosegow of societal gender role identification.

  11. Thank you danator......but I dont want ALL of it :-)

  12. Gosh! I am living under a rock. I don't know any feminists unless you count the ladies that piss and moan about their boyfriends or husbands. I'm not sure what a glass ceiling is but I am pretty sure I cleaned it at some point in my life. I am in a career where if a man tries to get in he pretty much goes no where, not sure if that is right - it is the nature of the beast. My motto? Keep yer head down and keep busy.

  13. z: welcome! Wood is good! of course, as I once put it to a like-minded friend, we're 'friendly to a fault' here at Paul. Ahem. every now and then, though, I have to get out my soapbox and pitch a bitch. my daughter, the SSA, has some extremely pithy insights into the state of the present movement-you can link to her from my place and read them. she learned from me, now I learn from her.

    beast: lord, I hate that martyred womyn horseshit. when you identify as a fucking martyr you're always assured to find someone willing to shoot you full of arrows so you can suffer, though.

    mj: you'll just have to be dusty, smeared and opaque. sorry.

    ssa: you go, chicklet!

    21mom: of course you have to remember that, huh! and i've been mulling the subject over, be perfectly honest im daunted by it. i guess I'm starstruck...but shes the only person i've ever met-and i have, in person!- that left me stammering and tongue tied with admiration. she's truly a great person.

    danator: i do so hate those 'sex and the city' post movement ladies...oo, we're taking back pretty! no, you're getting bolt-onn titties and having your baby toes removed so you can wear ferragamo shoes. yeah, you've come a long way baby BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    joe in vegas: hey, bear it in mind, though. you have a beautiful little granddaughter! now you know what NOT to buy her for her birthday!

    ssa: and see, the way i feel is, if i'm using a pickaxe and wearing a flannel shirt then it's feminine.

    gale: you rock, sure enough. its about being an ADULT, whatever the outside looks like. thats what matters.

  14. I dont think it was matyred particularly , I think she was just using it to try and get ahead , without doing anything. Unfortunatly she weren't too bright as her boss was firstly a woman , and one that was shit hot at her job (one of the best bosses I have ever had) so she didnt take too kindly to a work shy waste of space bringing women into disrepute

  15. It's not good enough to raise out daughters to be feminists; we have to raise our SONS to be feminists!

    What I can't stand are the chicks running around today equating female empowerment with dressing like a slut, the idea apparently being that men can't objectify them against their will if the choose to objectify themselves, first. it seems to be the "you can't fire me because I quit" version of female emancipation. odd, at best.

    also, PENIS COOKIES!!!

  16. All my life, I've done what I chose to do, not because someone said I should do it for the girls.
    Whatever your biological composition, if you do the same job, gas fitter to gynaecologist, you should get the same money.
    I could never see any other reason for women presenting a united front.
    I've had to work alongside Beast's "feminist" women, too, and yes, they're a waste of space.

  17. I think most of this is over my head. My impression of feminism is that, like religion, people tend to pick and choose what they want in their version of it.

  18. tick, i think you are spot freaking on. it's used to appeal to and suit the needs of those who can't be whole on their own a lot of times - it's their way to be Special and Unique or gives them an excuse to be assholes, honestly.

  19. Man haters er I mean feminists aren't usually too bright but vicious as hell, if they want to label and limit themselves well they can cos my powerful cock wouldn't touch them if they begged me.

  20. I used to read a great blog called "I blame the Patriachy" - which used to be great, unfortunately they turned a bit "all men are rapists". I made the mistake of leaving a comment, phew! talk about lighting the touchpaper!

  21. Just had a look at the Bratz site.

    That's just so depressing.

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  23. So are you saying that I made a mistake buying my girls the talking "Math is tough" Barbies?

    What about the 'Oreo Fun Barbie' which I let them play with while they watched the movie Mandingo.

    Geeze, which other Educational Toys or Films would you then recommend to help us de-sensitize our children to racism, nudity, incest, sadism, and infanticide?

    Ya just can't win.

  24. **** Is itching to make lame bra burning joke****

    Its a negative side effect of having testicles I am afraid

  25. Beast has tes-tee-clay?

    I don't believe it.

  26. I'm not sure that toys are really influential - well, I'm only going by personal experience here, but my parents did their utmost to buy me dolls, toy prams and the like but I ended up pestering them for Dinky cars or whatever toys my male cousins had. Mind you, I didn't want to be a car mechanic when I grew up either ...

  27. Anonymous10:09 AM

    thanks again.I'm off in the woods lately but when I do manage to hack into the medical center wireless down the dirt road there you are. Whew.

    I been living among well off gender studies profs, cultural studies profs, feminists of convenience, etc for the last two years, studying, watching, storing scathing comments about tenured radicals.

    you people are good company.