Monday, March 17, 2008

NEED THE FEEDBACK! come out and comment, lurkers!

I am going away for FOUR DAYS to visit my son!

While I am gone, I want you to blow the doors off my comments lounge by discussing the following:

Have you ever thought about carrying advertising on your blog? Do you think its a good thang or a bad, evil, sell-out thing utterly antithetical to the spirit of blogging and all that is bloggal?

I have been thinking about the whole subject of advertising on blogs. So far the conclusion I've reached is that I would, but ONLY IF I got to choose the ads (in other words, I am NOT INTERESTED in carrying Adsense or Google ads services.) If there is any way to do this without angering the Google Gods or mighty Blogger, do let me in on it. Or fill me in on the whole seamy underworld of internet advertising and why it is spiritually akin to eating crab and stomping kittens. Either way, a lot of you work on the inside and I'd appreciate the education.

I know I can endorse things in the form of a linklist on the sidebar. I just might do that, unless a significant number of you would find that offensive. Yes, thats right. I have a mouth like a sailor and I regularly bash the Catholics but I'm genuinely concerned about offending y'all with TAWDRY EVIDENCE OF TRADE.

This is NOT about needing money. That being said, I would not tear up a check. I got to thinking about the number of things that I think are way underrated and how I'd like to give them a boost, and as long as I have a public venue, why the hell not stick a few badges in my sidebar? Or tell me why thats a bad idea-really. The internet is a whole new playing field and I'd like to do the smart, as well as the right thing.



  1. I'm terrible. I don't care. In fact, I got involved in a little debate on this one website a few years back, and if you google me you can still read my asshole comments.

    I do prefer the clean lines of the simple, unfettered Blogger template. Much easier to get around.

    But a lot of my favorite sites have very specifically targeted ads, for stuff that is very appealing to their readersips. However, I am not sure what could be linked to your blog. Cycles, gardening tools, prostitution, motels, sci-fi ephemera. Quite an offbeat assortment!

  2. Let's sell our used panties.

    I'm saving them up for ya.

  3. I considered using Adsense a while back. (Purely for the money, mind you.) But i sort of gave up on out of laziness and the realization that a, i never click on ad links on other people's blogs, so why should they click mine?, and b, i really don't have enough readers to make it worth it. I'd get a couple pennies a month at best. So fuck it.

    You, on the other hand, aren't doing it for the money (which is hilarious, as you have at least triple the readership I do, and I'm in the top 13% of all bloggers for hit rates), so readership is moot. If you want to plug stuff that's near and dear to your heart, by all means do! That's not so much advertising as using your sidebar more effectively.

  4. Beast at work3:14 AM

    I am with CB on the laziness front.
    Its your blog and should you choose to advertise (Scratch and sniff interactive MJ's fecund panties Hotline) thats entirely up to you.
    ***peels MJ panties off wall***


  5. FrobishersFunPages being a anarchist/libertarian blog will never carry advertising although I understand that Mutley has made a small fortune carrying ads.

    btw whats wrong with eating crab?

  6. I think it's just a hipster snootiness thing, as in, "oh, we're soooo above the plebian american desire to make a buck. we're here for the art (oh, and you can buy a t-shirt in the Merch section while you're here!!!!)"
    advertise if ya want to, but it's mere pennies, possibly not worth it.

    HURRAY WE ARE GOING ON VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!! See you in....about an hour. COFFEE NEED COFFEE WANT

  7. It's your place, we can find your words down the middle and ignore whatever else is there. Agreed, I never click on them anyway, so not sure how you will make any money off them, and I ignroe them so whatever message you will be trying to get out also will be missed.

  8. sooo... i forgot what we were talking about.

    *checks backback for snacks and finds half used can of spray paint and some left over dog shit, starts spray painting nation's pets pink. leaves dogshit in tupperware in fridge and writes "eat me" on lid. mills around bathroom and leaves seat up and pees in tub. takes a nap naked in front yard and scratches self openly. calls mj at the infomaniac HQ to see if they ever put out the flaming paper bag.*

    we were supposed to be talking about badgers?? wtf?

    *heads over to knudsens for some morning porn.*

  9. Well if you are getting paid to blog you won't be able to 'borrow' pictures from the interwebs because technically you will be receiving compensation and therefore your ill gotten gain will be subject to the laws of the real world and the IRS and copyright lawyers representing the aforementioned victims of your theivery will get their pound of flesh!

    That being said, if I was getting 1,000+ hits and 500 comments per day like some of the moderately successful Bloggers, I would totally sell out and load up with ads in a heartbeat.

    Unfortunately I do not have to worry about such matters as my obscurity is guaranfrickinteed and my shot at ubiquity is nil to non existant for the forseeable future.

    If I could I would....
    and that's a definite maybe.

  10. Anonymous11:11 AM

    i get frustrated every time i try to add anything to my blogger template, so I have given up trying. it always takes a couple of days for me to work out the code and add all my nonsense in. but if you are up for the challenge, i say go for it.

  11. Personally, I hate ads all over blogs! Many are animated, sparkly things which give me a headache. I have dumped some blogs because they take forever to load and are difficult to read.
    But...your blog, your rules. I will still stop by (without reading the ads!)for my regular smiles and tears.I'll only dump you if your site gets too overloaded with widgets and whatnots!
    You could always start another blog, where you do have specific content/ads.
    And don't forget what Donn said about copyright infringements!

  12. oh badges!!!not badgers...

    "we dont need no stinking badges!!!"

    *smells something burning in nations garage, picks open door to find that it was my desire to take the harley for a spin.*

    no one will notice right!

  13. Well, I agree. I happily endorse products on my blog, but only products that I personally have or want that I believe deserve my endorsement. (Harley Davidson for instance). The only way I would allow advertising banners on my blog is if I have complete control of their content. I don't think that's selling out, quite the opposite, I think it shows integrity and does your readers a service when you help them find quality products in todays cheap "Global" markets.
    That's just my opinion, take it for what it's worth.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Well shoot! I ignore the ads, in fact some blogs let them pop up for god sake. How annoying is that? If I want to endorse a product I will do so in the blog. If I want to tell someone about my favorite vibrator and where they might be able to purchase it, I'll let 'em know. But to have ads, that to me is selling out and selling out for what seems to be a major hassle for only pennies. But do what you want to do, I will still come read your blog.

  15. I did adsense, and it makes no sense at all. I wouldn't mind other ads here. I'd ignore them, of course, but really, it's your space to do with as you please. I'd love to see which products would find this a congenial promotion ground.

  16. "Paul" is yours and you should do whatever you want here. But in my humble opinion, I hate fareeking ads. You can't go anywhere or watch tv or read anything or even eat your cereal in the morning without being bombarded by ads and commercials. It is merely a matter of time and coming up with ways, before people walk around with ads pinned to their asses. I don't care about the commercialism part, whatever gets u thru the month is my philosophy. But jeez I'm tired of the bombardment. But do what you want. There. I'm done. I'm leaving.

  17. this is just my opinion but i don't see what is wrong with it UNLESS they try to dictate what you post on your own blog...if they don't care how you post, what you post about, then what the hell...isn't going to make me stop coming by...cause i likes ya!

  18. My blog is a sort of advertorial for myself, like those TV shows that look like cookery programmes, but turn out to be infomercials for some new device that peels carrots and cleans windows and finds a cure for AIDS. So ads for other stuff would just confuse things.

  19. this is one of those "as you wish" situations, sugar. i normally ignore ads, but if you want to promote something go right ahead. if i'm interested, i'll look, if not, hey, that's just me. so in answer to your query, i come to read your words, every thing else is as we say in the south, extras

  20. Anonymous8:55 AM

    *snaps photographic evidence of IV on yb's harley*

    *starts planning IV's funeral*

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  22. Anonymous8:57 AM

    i read people's blogs who have ads. like someone else said, as long as it doesn't take forever to load, putting ads on your page doesn't bother me. i come for the constant laughter and humiliation of others.

  23. I'm also saving my used panties. You may have to drop the price on the ones with skids.

  24. *after seeing pink drama snap some photos, he parks the harley where he found it and left some of pinks things strewn about the house. clothes under the bed, a copy of "do it to yourself, you dont need a partner" next to the bed, shoes in the hallway and a collection of playboys in the bathroom. takes keys from harley and puts them in pinks pants pocket under bed. turns on computer and leaves the photoshop aplication running with inners pictures up. calls and orders three large anchovie pizzas delivered to nations house on found nations credit card in pinks name.

  25. Anonymous3:51 PM

    If you aren't doing it for the money, then ads just for the sake of having ads does nothing for me.

    There is a blogger that I read about once a week or less because the page takes so freaking long to load. All the little do-dads and awards and ads on the side slow it down to the point that if the content weren't so good I would have quit going a long time ago.

    If it is something you personally can recommend as the greatest tool or toy that you've ever used - better than sliced bread - then I would love to hear about it, otherwise I'd most likely ignore it.

    It all depends on your goal - what would you want to get out of it?

  26. Anonymous6:26 PM

    *flashes iv*

    *when iv faints in amazement, pink removes all evidence she was ever there, calls a couple of male hookers, arranges iv in compromising position, photographs evidence - again, and calls the yummy biker, telling him of an intruder in his bed*

    *waits for iv to come out of the house a bloody mess*

  27. Okay, we want you back now.

  28. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I do run adsense and other ads such as adbrite and for a while I ran the porno black labels ads... They don't actually make hardly any cash at all...any of them

    Adsense and adbrite basically only pay if someone clicks through and looks at ads,and hardly anyone does. Otherwise you get paid from the number of people seeing the ad - its very little per 1000 views...

    Mr F says I made money doing this - he is joking - but in case anyone believes him I reckon I have made about $US 100 in over a year from all these various sources..

    By the way its probably illegal in the UK top get paid to endorse a product such as "PUKKA PIES - The worlds Tastiest Pies" - without declaring a financial interest!!

  29. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I don't mind some ads or endorsements by the way -do as you like!!

    and Carmentza brings up a good point.


    *puts on Guy Fawkes mask, burns Guy Fawkes bra*

  31. YES! YES! The SSA has said what I could not articulate, even back when I was making asshole comments on that other blog. In fact, that blogger created a little graphic (you may have seen around the 'net) anyone can use to airily declare that yours is an "Ad-Free Blog". Ironically, this person sells her own wares and advertises in various publications. The message is that ADVERTISING IS MORALLY WRONG but kinda forgetting that people need to eat.

    I really hope my pro-capitalism leanings don't make me a Republican. Hopefully you'll let me know.

  32. Anonymous8:21 PM

    you have a guy fawkes bra? wait - you actually have a bra?

  33. *hears people coming in from the garage and scratches "pink drama made me do it" in feces on the wall, as the family walks in, he falls into nations arms and tells her the secret location of the lost pig, then adds "she tortured me and made me do all this, with those men, on the bike, everything... she made me do it..*