Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Nana nana nana nana
nana nana nana nana
nana nana nana nana
Nana nana nana nana nana nana nana NA!

theme song "Rat Meme" popular television series, 1966

Yes, todays
' meme is brought to you by Frobishers' Fun Pages!! Stop on by and succumb to the high-wattage
SEXAY, won't you?

The sole directive of this meme is that I post up a picture of the view outside my kitchen window.

However, in a surprise move I have opted NOT to snap due north; no, we've all seen the
ghettofabulous view of Abbotsford out that side of Rancho FirstNations.

Screw Canada. To hell with Canada. I'm sick and
fricken tired of Canada always being there like some kind of a big elephant or something with pennies and dimes taped all over its forehead, complaining about the cyborgs, the sandworms and and the constant maddening monotonous whine of unseen military aircraft, devouring lint, acting like their money is all cool, 'oo, we have pretty COLORS! oo, we have a picture of the QUEEN!', filled with cheese and the eaters of cheese; the purveyors of cheese and the cheese oriented also dwelling therein.
Yeah, Canadians.
They live there.
With their cheese.

No, this time I'm going to aim the
MiniMuk 3000 SpyCam out the kitchen window here on my port side and reveal:


Yes, this bigass rock was here when we moved in. It has been placed conveniently so that those attempting to 'visit unexpectedly' might have a solid place to step on their way in or out the side window.

Aha, but I have outfoxed potential miscreants thusly:

Yes, crime-deterrent ROOFLEEKS have been cleverly planted in the bucket of the little excavator placed atop the bigass rock; a surefire way to repel all would-be breakers and enterers! Avast ye, buttheads! Foist the mains'ls! Jibber the midshipmen!

And to those skeptics out there I say to you HA UPON YOUR SO CALLED SKEPTICISM WHICH IS MAKE MY LAUGHING HAVE!

It's worked so far.

Slightly to the left of the bigass rock we have the site of the future bigass Hosta clump. This is where I need MJ to come and barf . Right here on this spot.

No the hosta is not up yet, just take my word for it; it's there. Right in the very exact middle of this picture right HERE. It is tired. It is SLEEPING.

The last time this hosta ever lived up to it's promise is when my Biker chucked his lunch out the window above here, seemingly unable to rise from his pew in the Church of the Holy CRT, so enslaved was he by the sirens' song of the innerknot. He is ambidextrose amberdexilous can multitask!

Here is some gratuitous Goonybird.

Yes, he seems merely to be sleeping the sleep of the young and goony, but young Alfred Jarry here is actually experiencing a hyperaware dormant state wherein he receives information from his home planet at a nearly astronomical rate of speed! Yes, his seemingly random bursts of expostulation are actually attempts to reveal this superconcentrated, vital knowledge to a bemused mankind!

Do you perchance have a digital camera thingie? Hell, do you have a rasty old edition of 'Paint'? Either get to clickin', or simply limber up that mouse and get depictin'! Post up the view outside YOUR kitchen window today! This means YOU, NOSHIT.


  1. My name is not NOSHIT.

    However, I will gladly barf in the designated spot after I've had my fill of CHEESE.

    Was Jack Lord in "Rat Meme?"

  2. I want to know what ROOFLEEKS are but don't want to look stupid and ask

  3. I have managed to interface my phone to my pc , so I will be snapping away this weekend :-)

  4. i sent mine to frobisher...he now owns the view from my kitchen window :)

  5. OK, OK......scheesh!

  6. You can make fun of us Canadians all you want but we're still on top.

    A Tsunami will soon reclaim everything west of the Rockies but you'll just have to be patient.

  7. pssstt... its an articulating front end loader, not an excavator... but if you want to call it that, i cant blame you... being so close to oregon and all....
    um, i dont have a kitchen window... but i guess im supossed to post pictures of me nude in it or something?!?! i'll put on my best pair of crotchless nylons and start snaping away!

  8. I don't have a window in my kitchen either but I can take a nice pic of my cockroach-infested garage. Also a crime deterrent. Not only because of the roaches, but all sort of things may fall on you.

  9. okay... i posted some nude pics.... err some pics of my house to answer the memeing.... hopefully this fills the portion of the blood pact and i can now have your soul...

  10. The slugs have eaten your hostas! I gave up on mine, the slugs and snails held all-night raves and destroyed my plants.

  11. "something with pennies and dimes taped all over its forehead"
    I read this and just burst out laughing, I can't even fathom what forehead dimes and pennies would be perched upon... oh my sides ache. No I haven't been sniffing glue, yet.

  12. That rock sucks.

    We need photos of Canuck norks. Pammy Andersons would do, they are dead real and jiggly.

  13. noshit: IT IS A COMMAND young jedi. get snappin'.

    mj: bitch, don't piss me off. come barf on my hosta RIGHT NOW DAMMIT. and you have to do what i say because i am american and you are not and we are the boss of EVERYONE.

    ziggi: they are those little sedum guys. sometimes they call them rock roses; what they are is a temperate-zone succulent that you can basically lay on the ground; it'll grow and be happy.

    beast: i have no idea why that is important or why i need to know it but whatever; do what you want, just go ahead, i don't care *snif* no, not me, just *snif* go ahead, do what you want......*turns face to wall and refuses nourshment*

    daisy: and it couldn't be in better hands. my ratso is KNOWN for his....hands.

    tick: bitch bitch bitch.

    Chuck: well....well....your money is....*reconsiders that in light of recent economic trends* .....stupid looking!

    voices: quit stalling and get naked, bitch.

    carmentza: hell, take a picture of the roaches! they come economy sized down there!

    voices: quit stalling.

    frobi: no, they just arent up yet. some years the slugs feast, but other years i actually get blossoms out of the sapsuckers. its like a crapshoot.

    gale: I look back and lament: another days useless ennui spent...*snorts another line off Bikers fuzzy hine* wait, what?

    garfy: canadian norks? what in HELL is wrong with you???

  14. FN: I'm an urban dweller here with no window in my kitchen. So I get a bye, right?

  15. that is a sacked-out Squidge. Why does he have head-teddies? It looks like lice, only the lice are large and fluffy and bear-ish.

    My hostas are permanently deaded. The damn deers keep fxing eating them every time I try to plant new ones - deer proof plant my pale white ass! So I must mourn them. Every year. It is my hosta loving burden.

    Do not ask me why I am not in bed, I needed eggs and tea and potatoes. I am hungry. Perhaps we have zygote, or an intestinal parasite.

  16. The anti-burglar device is very cunning - but er..maybe a burglar might see it? I shall take a photo from kitchen if I can borrow a camera. I am with Frobie - slugs ate the Hostas then did a celebratory dance on your mirrors!

  17. foil: go gank a nice view off the innerknot and tell us why you would like it to be YOUR view.

    SSA: isn't that bogus? there is no such thing as a deer proof plant, particularly around baby deer! they don't know they don't like it until they've tried it, and theres a lot of deer out there! everything X'd for zygoats!

    mr. the dog: nope; its still a bit too early in the year for the hostas to be poking up. i got my first daffy yesterday, though!:)