Thursday, April 17, 2008

He's taken, Back off.

I'm sitting here at 8:30 pm and my Biker is making a country sausage gravy to take for a breakfast potluck at work. He's using organic boar sausage and making the cream gravy base from scratch, whisking the milk and flour and spices about behind me here in the kitchen and making the place smell like heaven.

As I've said before, this man is a genius of flavor. We can confidently hold our own against most restaurants serving American home cooking and better most of them; but its his ability to divine the source of the flavors and knowing how to bring them into the mix that makes what we cook here so goddamn excellent.

It's 9:pm and the sauce is finished. The Biker is in bed. The sauce will mature overnight and tomorrow morning when he serves this at work he's going to have straight men begging to suck his
begging for the recipe. 20 minutes spent, scratch to done. Sausage browned with onion, cream sauce thickened, corrected and finished. Simple and absolutely SUBLIME.

Another guy is making southern style beaten biscuits, and this gravy will go over top of that, with eggs on the side.

You WISH you could be there, bitches.


  1. Good.

    Now can you get the Biker to replace Rachel Ray?

    She really gets on my tits.

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    ooooh, sounds divine!!!

    nothing is better than sausage gravy or red eye gravy over home-made biscuits. my late grandma made THE BEST gravy and biscuits i've ever tasted. i'm sure the biker's are fantastic, though.

  3. Sausage , gravy and biscuits....FOR BREAKFAST
    I have no idea what your talkin about. But it sounds yummers

  4. Sounds nice, but I only have to think about food which sounds nice and I put weight on.

    Back to the salad and crispbread for me then ...

  5. I am salivating despite the fact that gravy on biscuits is rather alien to us English folks. Mind you - we deep fry Mars Bars in batter which is truly disgusting and shouldn't be allowed. Biker is the business!

  6. Biscuits are what you call cookies in the UK. Can you please adjust to proper English. God knows what you mean by biscuits.

    Sausage and egg McMuffin anyone?

  7. Please don't tell us he killed the boar and stuffed the sausages himself also.

  8. the biscuits she's describing are closer to English scones than anything else, but not as sweet. And yes, with sausage gravy and eggs i SO wish I could be there.#

    Instead I'm sitting in my office, listening to the fax machine demand my attention every 30 seconds and thinking about how my rowing career is over and how Pirate and I haven't had sex in over 3 weeks.

  9. with a cold. did i mention that i also have a cold?

  10. mj: hell, Opie could replace Rachel' knife skills of a leper' Ray. gaaaah that woman. AND Paula Deen. DIEDIEDIEDDIEDIEDIE

    pink: his will keep you going. oh, my grandma made redeye gravy too!

    beast: a biscuit here is a nice little sweetish breadlet, shaped like a hockey puck. some are batter and some are dough. all are good! eggs are white things that shoot out a chickens butt. the round hard things; not the other stuff. and gravy is ....oh geeze.

    betty: sing it. i have to lose 50 lbs, sayeth the dr. yippie.

    rocky: i've seen those here, too! lately there's a 'trash food' fad where you deep fry everything...i posted a site that had deep fried DILL PICKLES.

    frobi: a biscuit is a white thing that shoots out a chickens butt. gravy is a risen, tender bread, like a roll. um; i forget the rest.

    joe: no, we purchase it in the county. although i hate to break it to you, we have done in the past.

    cb: the Southern beaten biscuits the guy is making here are kind of like a cross between a scone and a really thick Ritz cracker. you make a standard biscuit dough and then beat the holy living crap out of it with a bottle, turning and folding, 100 times! then you cut out the shapes and bake them.
    Baby, I'm sorry. the universe needs to get down on its knees and beg your forgiveness because it's shit on you BIGTIME. DAMN YOU CRAPPY UNIVERSE

  11. Here's the site for deep fried dill pickles in case you missed it the first time. mm-mm BLEAH!

  12. So let me get this right , you'all have a scone (which by law here you have to eat with butter , jam and clotted cream , or you get incaserated in the tower of london and beheaded) , with gravy and sausages.
    Hmmmmmmmm it sounds similar to what we call a meat cobbler (as opposed to a bollock which is entirely differnt).
    I like all this hands accross the ocean culinary cultural sharing stuff , its spreading peace love , understanding and indigestion ,can I be Miss World now ???

  13. Beast: Before you can become Miss World, you must first enter the Swimsuit Competition.

    Frankly, I don't think your waistline's up to it.

  14. should see the irish when i make my sausage gravy...omg...they come out of the wood work! i've always been told mine is the best however it did sound very much like your biker's gravy so perhaps it is!!!...

  15. Graham Crackers - are they biscuits? I remember those.

  16. Ah...gravy that does NOT come from a packet. I didn't think there were any of us gravy-makers left.
    Oh, by the way, custard does not come from a snip-and-pour packet either!
    My mother-in-law's butcher has real venison sausages. (Rings airline and books flight...)

  17. mmmmmmm, its hard to type because my fingers keep slipping on the drool on my keyboard.....Seriously, ya need ta do a cook show. I would watch it, hey I would be in the audience. hurry go pitch an idea to the food channel.

  18. Anonymous8:06 PM

    beast - please no thongs. we are just now getting the last image of you naked out of our minds. i just got my vision back.

  19. trying to wipe the drool off my keyboard before I ruin it. Will send you the bill if my efforts fail. :)

  20. mmmmm - smells lovely, even right over here!

  21. mom, apparently you need to post pix of a) BISCUITS (cookies are NOT biscuits, they are sugary and yummy, biscuits are floury and poofy) and b) white gravy/country gravy. Next blog, may I suggest commonly confused foods between the UK and USA.
    Maybe then someone can show me wtf salad cream is. Coz that just sounds hella ick. Like sammich spunk. ICKY.

  22. rock and wee billy12:57 PM

    thanks for the nice things said. Very. right back, too. later love.

  23. oread...pretty much it is cole slaw...but they put it on sandwiches too...

  24. Yes, I agree the Americans seem to concept of biscuits completely wrong, Beast is right it is a cobbler.

    The definitive cobbler recipe is:-
    8oz flour
    8oz CHEDDAR cheese
    1oz butter
    2 eggs (from British hens, or descentants thereof)
    2 tablespoons milk
    1 tblsp parsley
    1 tablespoon mustard (NOT American)
    1 Tblsp Horseradish
    Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl - add three quarters of the grated cheese & parsley, mix egg/milk/horseradish. Fold into flour mix.
    Divide mix into "cobbles" (about 8) and place on your cooking casserole/stew put into oven on high heat till brown.

    There, im glad i've sorted all that out.

  25. SSA salad cream is like mayo but has more tart vinegary flavour.
    Its luscious on sandwiches , salads or hot buttered toast.

    ****spreading salad cream on thighs in a lavicious manner****

  26. Anonymous4:41 PM

    *throws up at mental image of beast*

    i'll never be able to look at hellman's ever again.

  27. Beast: There isn't a salad cream container large enough to cover the expanse of your thighs.

  28. Ok, here it is late at night and you go and make me feel like I have to go get all Martha Stewart-y in the kitchen.

    I can't make gravy.

    Unless the 33 cents Wal Mart mix counts.

    Then, heck yeah! I can gravy my ass off!

  29. organic boar sausage I have never tasted! You make it sound great!The Great Outdoors!!!!!

  30. hendrix4:59 AM

    Great...just the thing to read when you haven't had breakfast and there's no food in the house!

  31. Anonymous5:56 AM

    May I have some -please?

  32. eggs and gravy?



  33. Dying to know what offers the Biker got.