Saturday, June 14, 2008

Naked pictures of hairy men with their weens hanging out


Oh yeah! Another gardening post! Take it and like it, baby!

Clematis Niobe, new and old blossoms

"Sweet William" father in law's name is Bill. Nuff said!

Blue camps come up everywhere, and I let them. Come on...they're blue!

Arty shot of new little Diascia leaves and buds. Diascia is sold as an annual and is used in making hanging baskets. I found that it perennializes like a champ for me and I have it all over the place.

My weeping Alder, a popular rat bivouac.
I have the underside of this tree caved out so that it makes a fort. I like to take my Barbies under there and play Jungle Explorer.

Under the weeping alder. No one can see me! I'm hiding! I can see the garbage can, but it can't see me! *snork!*

Another arty shot, yellow columbine against centranthus ruber. Yeah, you've seen them before. And you're seeing them again now, huh! There ya go, then!

A cluster of tiny, newborn spiders warming in the sun before they rappel out and blow away on their little silk strands. Wherever they land is where they'll stay for the rest of their lives.

Another arty shot! Lucky you! Papaver nudicaule surrounded by pretty foliage. PRETTY, DAMMIT!

Substandard, crappy shot of the cornflower that I have coming up everyplace. This is what is meant when someone describes something as 'cornflower blue'. Minus the hunks of gravel and the sticks and stuff, of course.

Another arty shot! Wow! Watch out Diane Arbus! (which should be easy for her seeing as she's all dead and stuff.)
I tried to get a detail of what bumblebee 'damage' looks like. This is caused by the larger bees, which can force their funnel-like mouthparts through the structure of the petal and draw out the nectar from the spurs. If you see this, DON'T SPRAY. Because I will come smack you down.

Here it is a little better. You can see the spur has actually been clipped away.
A columbine is designed to be moth and hummingbird pollinated, but the bumbles get hungry too. This doesn't kill the plant or even cause the blossom to die. It doesn't effect the production of seed either. DON'T SPRAY. BUMBLEBEES ARE NICE AND ARE OUR FRIENDS.

See? Here is a nice bumblebee. Is it trying to break into my house that needs painting and yes I'm going to be doing that this August so shut up? No, it is having a sip of nectar from the linnarea there. LEAVE THE NICE BUMBLEBEES ALONE.

And so, as the sun slowly disappears down the gullet of a cosmic anaconda we bid a fond farewell to Rancho FirstNations. I am under the alder tree out of frame to the left there waving 'bye bye'.

Bye bye!

...oh OK, fine. Here:

What? It's Flag Day! He's flying his! Are you flying yours?


  1. What is that giant bald patch on your lawn that looks like you ripped it up with your cheap-ass lawnmower?

  2. When you're sleeping, I'm going to hide under your weeping alder and steal your Barbies.

    But I'll leave Ken behind.

    No one cares about Ken.

  3. About that photo with the bumblebee sucking on the linnarea and trying to break into your house?

    Maybe you should think about putting on some clothes next time you take a photo in which there is a window with a reflection.

    Do us all a favour, eh?

  4. Has Miss MJ been at the Elderflower cordial again , she seems very uppity today.
    I see from the last photo you have a problem with bears.Damn things get everywhere , trampling around leaving hairs and cigar ash stuck on everything.
    ****chases Bear off with baseball bat****
    I shall nurtur my bumble bees, altho they dont see to want to be my friends :-(
    Can I bring my collection of action men and we can play tarzan and Jane again under the alder

  5. mj: thats the city water service. I keep it patched out like that so they don't send some stupid community service dork out with a weedeater to 'help me'. im ignoring the rest of your ignorant boobywoman comments so HA HA on you.

    beast: shoo them over this way! god, the weathers nice here and its like harley-bear heaven riding past my house! I've had to change shirts twice; the drool factor has been insane!!!!!/bring your action figures and we can twist again like we did last summer, baby!

  6. Don't tell me about how nice it is outside, dammit woman.

    I'm housebound yet again by stinkin' cramps.

    On the WEEKEND, no less.

    *recommences to flinging uterus wildly about*

    What the hell is Flag Day, anyway?

  7. I don't see the flag, only the pole. I'll salute anyway. It's a dem fine pole.

    Your garden is GORGIOSO!

  8. mj: ok. girl, it is time you flat out DEMANDED that someone take and DO SOMEDAMNTHING about that uterus. whapping beast with it will solve nothing.

    cb: that is the flag! turn sideways. see? its waving! hi, flag!

    joeVegas: which picture in particular struck you as being the 'pretty' one? or is this going to be a case of 'what is opined in vegas, stays in vegas'?

  9. You're too easy. As most posts NOT labeled as naked pictures HAVE them, I automatically assumed this one would not.

    Oh duh...I guess ya got me.

  10. You talk about bumblebees like they're Britney Spears. "Just leave the bumbles alone!" Whatever.

  11. I feel the cigar (as a phallic symbol?) is somewhat redundant in that last photo.

    Nice poppies.

  12. ***Beast staggers off after yet another uterus wapping****

    Hasn't Miss MJ ever heard of a hot water bottle stuffed down her pants for god sake

  13. BEAST: I’m on industrial strength painkillers AND I’m wearing one of these as we speak and I STILL hurt!

    Eight hours of liberating relief, my arse!

    *flings box of patches at Beast’s back-pedaling bottom*

  14. Baby spiders are known as spiderlings.See? The things you learn when you play scrabble with kids!
    That poppy would make a great card.

  15. Maybe I could plastinate MJ's uterus and make it into a night light. It's been a while since I've done anything artsy. Would be quite the conversation piece, methinks.

  16. W2: hey! where ya been!!! And that is Cedric. Cedric is the Flag Day poster boy. Cedric says 'hi'. In a really, really deep voice. It is important to Cedric that we all fly our flag. His has a rainbow on it (and usually a slender, youngish guy named 'Butch'.)

    DangerPanda: hey. bumblebees are ten times more interesting and useful than Britney. And when I suck on my morphine lollipop, they sing 'I'm a Slave For You' too.

    Annie: well hello! I've seen that cryptic avatar around! Honored by your visit! its usually a lot swearier around here, although the erect greasy ween is pretty standard.

    beast: you just looked like you needed a uterus whapping. don't ask me. I'm not Canadian. *whew*

    mj: oo! make him say 'Thank you ma'am may I have another' next time! *pulls up a lawnchair*

    dinah: i love baby spiders. (spiderlings.) they're so tiny and new, yet the first thing they do is fly. it just blows me away.

    Xul: you'll have to talk to her about that. i'm not in the uterus plasticising negotiation business here. I think it would make a more effective display floating around in a jar of vodka shedding random strands of tissue but thats me.