Monday, June 16, 2008


The plant sale was a rip-roaring success! I put out two signs and posted one small notice on Craigslist and that was all I needed. Nobody walked away without buying something! I made $103!!!! PURE PROFIT, BABY!

The best thing that happened was that I met a local woman who is looking for a source of organic medicinals to use in her local business (she's a massage therapist.)

Around here, 'massage therapist' is virtually synonymous with 'new-age flake' but hey - better 'new-age flake' than 'psychotic kitten stomper'. If she chumps out on me I can always sell the plants next year and I'm out nothing. Bonus!

One of my signs. Yeah, drive on past, yuppie scum. You'll live to regret it. That's right. Go save the earth in your Lexus there, ya Republican douchebag.

Right before the sale opened...a modest offering, but all winners. The nice thing about having the sale this late in the season is, my garden serves as the illustration. Something in a pot doesn't look like much, but I can point to what it will look like fully grown and in bloom.

Midway through the day, at the $61 mark. And up a bunch of free pots, flats and cut-downs too!

End of the day and $103 richer! Thank you Whatcom County!

My holding area was made from some scrap board lying on pallet timbers, and those had seen their day. With all the plants gone, it was time to tear that out, bust it down for the compost heap and put in the replacement (again, all recycled scrap).

Here is what I found when I took up one of the boards...a funnel spider! Could it be the same one I 86'd from my house a few weeks back? Who knows? Do I look like The Amazing Kreskin? I have no way of knowing something like that; its not like it was wearing a name tag. Geeze; its a fricken spider.

A really, really, really big spider.


  1. Sure is a big spider, on my screen the body alone looks to be over an inch long!
    Oh - whatever happened to the pet rat?
    Thanks for all the flower pictures - I'd rather have those than nekid people (those are all over the internets)

  2. Urrrrgh!

    Kill it instantly.

  3. $103.

    Straight to the liquor store.

    Did anyone throw up on your lawn?

    Or get nekkid?

  4. The spider was nekkid!

    Aren't funnels the ones they used in Arachnaphobia? I saw that flick when I was 12 and I still haven't recovered.

    Well done with your sale!

  5. JeoVegas: he was big enogh to sit on a peso and have some leg hang over. the rat? who knows, who cares. as long as I don't see its fuzzy butt we're cool.

    garfy: nah. it was about ready to lay eggs in a little pocket it had woven out of frame there. see how swollen the butt end of it is? its probably dead by now anyway.

    mj: no, first we went to el Nopal. then we settled down for some serious sipping. me, the biker, 'monica lewinsky' and Yukon Jack.if there was nudity after that point the neighbors could probably fill you in better than i could...

    CB: all i remember from arachaphobia was Roseannes husband Dan stomping on a bug. spiders, nah. now cockroaches? or worse-BOTFLIES????*runs,swigging DDT out the neck of the bottle*

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    I was comingfor the plant sale... but Ilost my way.

  7. Dear God, that's a spider all right! Last one I saw that big was being stabbed by Sean Astin.

    Glad to hear the profit was squandered wisely. . . and is a Republican douchebag the same as a Tory wanker?

  8. Did you sell home-made lemonade as well?

    Congratulations on the sale!

  9. ***Beast sneaks off in spider suit having totally freaked FN ***
    Some jokes never get old :-)

  10. You are so brave - spider wise. Perhaps you should name it, don't they have some sort of use?

  11. Mr. The Dog: where did you end up?

    malc: if by tory wanker you mean a pestilential, psychotically shortsighted conservative, then yes.

    Ratso: if by home-made lemonade you mean lemons, sugar, water and ice, then no. thank yew!:)

    beast: *frantically lookng around for the egg cluster, holding a bat*

    gale: crap, i could have put a bridle on this one and used it to pull a beer wagon, i guess.

  12. *smoke billows and zack appears sitting atop a floating carpet*

    beware, cheese has been working on her guest gardening post...

    *fades back into smoke*

  13. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I got lost in a sex dungeon.....

  14. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Are you going to ask me any more private questions about my piercings? Only I would not like it all to go public....

  15. Mr.TheDog: Yes. Yes, I will. I will ask you about ALL OF THEM. particularly the dido.

  16. Anonymous2:40 AM

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  17. Giant house spider (yes, that's what it's called). Not a funnel spider.

    $103, w00t! Buy me stuff!