Monday, June 30, 2008

TOTAL LOSER COP-OUT POST but I really would appreciate any answers...

Ok here's the deal:

Lately we have been getting an annoying series of popups in red frames-and supposedly we HAVE multiple popup blockers working already...saying that we have this computer virus and that our computer is under attack etc. This is patent bullshit. We ran our legit cleaners and everything is 'ku. We are fine.

This exact same thing happened about 4 months ago. When my husband clicked on the OK it crashed his computer. Demolished it. Wiped out our pictures, everything. It is something calling itself WinSpyware and it came through with an 'office' type application we had uploaded. Now this might even be the name of a legitimate outfit; but its been stolen and is being used as part of an attack. The consequences of clicking on this 'version' are devastating.

How do you get rid of something like this? Has anyone heard of it? Is anyone familiar with this kind of thing? HOW THE FUCK DO WE GET RID OF IT? Because sure as shit, my husband is going to be unable to control himself and click on the bastard and then whammo, another computer bites the dust.


  1. I really would like to say something helpful but sadly I have no idea - so good luck and I hope you find the answer soon!

  2. Try Piggy (he's on my links list), he knows all about that kind of stuff.

    I had something similar which I couldn't delete but eventually managed to quarantine thanks to his help.

  3. I had this on mine - it's a fucker. I copied and pasted this from the reply I got from out tech:

    hmmmm try hijack this
    first download
    then run with log
    then go back to and paste in the window and click Analyze.
    where it says remove.. go and check the fucker in the hijack this program window and then choose remove.
    it could be more than 1 entry to check... read the description for every one.

    It worked.
    Good luck.

  4. Spray the computer with RAID!!!

  5. actually if you are up to it, what z said does indeed work. you have to be a bit savvy and follow instructions though.

  6. I did that same thing with the hijack program (this was back when I still used a PC) and it did work.

    But it would also help if the yummy biker doesn't clobber the machine with a tire iron.

  7. Oh no
    I am just imagining the carnage I could cause if I try and run the hijack program.

    Do you have to run it when the attack window has popped up or can you run it at anytime Z ???

  8. I use AVAST. Not sure where I got it, pretty sure it is free. Just have to register once a year. I don't have any problems. Super stuff best things since bread and butter

  9. no help here i'm afraid.

  10. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Have not had virus since hubby got own lappy. Much peace in the valley. Retro

  11. hendrix9:38 AM

    i was going to suggest hijack this too...

    Might be worthwhile installing spybot as well.

  12. Anonymous10:44 AM

    you can also try something called tune up utilities. it costs money, but it works. unless, of course, you want to completely erase your hard drive and reload everything. if you're going to go that route, then i suggest paying for me a plane ticket to come up there and do it. at least you'll know i'm honest and not trying to cheat you like the "professionals" do. i just reloaded one of my systems last night.

  13. Larry6:25 PM

    My wife got something like that. I tried a bunch of stuff to get rid of it, and gave up in frustration. In the middle of the night I woke up with the solution (too much beer can do that to you sometimes). Anyway, a Windows system restore solved the problem. Just restore to a point before the problem arose, and Bob's your uncle.

  14. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I deleted windows altogether after this got in it a few weeks ago and installed Ubuntu. Thats a free source operating system - also Opensuse cannot get these windows borne infections.. I wonder if we got it at the same place - I wrote about it at the time...

  15. Beast, I'm not sure - you have to be pretty careful what you're deleting.

    (Did you try it? Did it work?)