Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Gravy Marie

Yaks, bovines, bad bully cud chewers and mean mommy moo cows....they've been in the news in their new dress blues, cats and kittens! Someone needs to tell these rumbustious ruminants ENOUGH ALREADY with the headline hogging shenanigans and high-spirited hijinks!!!

Figure A, Desiree...'s not OK.

This is NOT beautiful.
Or Propriate.

Would someone like to explain this to me?


  1. the little yellow bird says "are you my mommy?"....

    oh wait wrong book...

    "the blind leading the cow"..

    no thats not it either....

    "run timmy, run!!!"

    nope... i dunno, that was my best guess...

  2. number 1 with a bull-et!
    get it? you see what i did there?

    dang, son, are you always this quick on the trigger? *snork*

  3. no, no, no of course not...

    *hides bottle of lotion behind back and moves away very slowly*

  4. and look at you there returning my comment less than a minute later.... whose the quicker one now....

    *runs off*

  5. NATIONS AND VOICES: Both of you.

    Stay away from Canada.

  6. mj, we are bringing all our friends to invade!!!! c'mon everyone lets go!!!

    *does quick head count*

    ...four, five, six, seven....

    yeah seven of us should be enough!!! we want your wine women and song!!!

    *seven people charge the border patrol and are waved on through.*

    woo hoo!!! we own canada now!

  7. Anonymous2:32 PM

    That would be an appropriate comment if the snappily dressed from the rear with hand on zipper etc etc.

    *smirks,shakes head*


  8. Anonymous5:06 PM


  9. Mavis and Roger are delighted to find that dressing as a pantomime cow could finally rid them of the mormon menace

  10. orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. Bluebell angrily rejects Miss MJ's agents offer of a starring role in an upcome Filthy Friday Photo Essay . Titled 'Going Down on the farm with Old Knudsen'.
    When will people see beyond her spectacular udders and take her acting talent seriously

  12. Is it something to do with Pamplona's Bull Run?

  13. Would someone please explain this post to me?

  14. I clicked on Beast's "tawdry little blog" but happily my finger slipped and I landed on your enigmatic yet excellent blog instead.

  15. CB the only explanation is Miss First Nations has gone temporarily insane following a standoff with an unspecified bovine quadroped (Possibly Miss MU Tai's pet yak). She is floundering around looking for answers to this most perplexing of situations and some more basic question of excistance....thus.

    1.How long has the quadriped been able to speak , and what are its views on trancendental meditation and over salting of food.

    2.Why does Miss MJ wear Uggs and pretend she doesnt.

    3.Why oh why oh why did I think the toilet and brassier planters were a good idea

  16. ah! thank you, Beast. I think I am beginning to understand now.

  17. Anonymous7:57 AM

    - gives new meaning to "got milk?"

    - save a horse ride a cow?

    - ride 'em cowboy!

    - running with the bulls

  18. Ya do know why some farmboys are happy to stay on the farm don'tcha???

  19. ?
    haven't drunk enough have I?

  20. *emerges, blinking, from hidey hole*

    *slowly backs back in*

  21. on closer inspection he has something slung about his neck which he's attempting to hide behind his left arm - I think it's a camera and he's the paparazzi and of course that's some famous cow that doesn't want her picture splashed across the tabloids.

  22.'s all bullshit darling...pure and udder bullshit!

  23. First of all that is one of those plastic bag chewin sacred Brahman cows so this here feller mus' be in India.

    I reckon that fellers a Merkin Turrist and he pushed that there cow out of the f*ckin' way like yer sp'osed to do. Well Sir, that there cow took exception to this and commenced to give him a wumpin'.

    What we have here is a failyer to communeecate, and what the cow failed to f*ckin recognise is that Merkins iz always packin' heat. Consequently this critter is about 5 seconds away from bein' reincarcermarated or whatever the hell it is they do over there.

    Which ain't no big f*ckin' deal, hell, over here cows git recycled too, but only once, and instead of startin' over as a f*ckin grasshopper they git turned into lots of different things..steaks, roasts, ribs..even Quarter Pounders aveck fromadge.

    I giss the wirl' ain't so gawdam diffrent afterall.


  24. hey!!! where the hell are the commentsie backsies on this post....

    *knocks over cow sleeping*