Monday, October 27, 2008

UPDATED: Suggest that funky music, white boy!


Wow! One failed music meme = a whole weekend listening to your excellent musical suggestions (and a few real stinkers, but hey, we can't all be ballerinas.)

OK. Y'all have suggestions. And complaints.

"Why didn't you include brit faves 'The Overproduced Sellouts' singing "I Got Drunk And Sat On The Side Of The Road And A Policeman Talked To Me'?

Where's 'Rabies Vector' by 'Alvin and the Chipmunks?

And what about the Iggy Pop version of 'Unchained Melody'? "

Fine. I have a comments lounge....use the sucker. Feel free to include as many suggestions, links and titles as you want!!! IMPROVE THE AIRWAVES HERE AT RANCHO FIRSTNATIONS...AND AROUND THE GLOBE!!

What music should we REALLY be listening to?


  1. im a huge abba fan.... nothing wrong with that is there... on friday cheese and i put almost the entire greatest hits album on at our local redneck bar and danced for the better part of an hour... by the time we were done, there wasnt much room on the dance floor.

    get your abba on!

  2. I doubt that Beast can still get into those blue trousers (pictured at left)

    Oh, and your list can't possibly be improved upon.

  3. voices: ARE YOU NUTS?????????? *whole body shudder, dry heaves*

    MJ: I know that, and you know that, but Voices....he doesn't know that. *gags,races for sink*

  4. Ooooh Electric Light Orchestra its a living thing
    I love ELO

  5. ooooh oooh Klaus Nomi . The Twist thats really Freaaaaaaaaaaaaky

  6. ummm.... i also noticed there are no Christmas songs on yer list...

  7. The Sneaker Pimps and Massive Attack, of course.

  8. I've never commented here before, but I have to agree with oread because Sneaker Pimps and Massive Attack...hands down two of my most favorite groups. Love them.

  9. Beast: a 5th of beethoven! ah, the memories that ELO, um, doesn't quite bring back! *cue bong hit sound fx* as for klaus nomi...well, what CAN one say about klaus nomi, really?

    voices: around here, 'Closer' by NIN IS christmas music. One year we listened to Tangerine Dream. (oo! more electronica!)

    SSA: I like both those. out of the two i have to say I like Massive Attack better. its like coming up out of anaesthetic, only without missing parts!

    laken: well hello laken, and hello to your little underpants there too!
    yeah, my girl has damn good taste. the last three cd's shes given us are total winners. and if that wasn't good enough, her husband, the Lucky Bastard, rocks the fucking house down!

  10. Wow, rock out with your cock out, sirriously.


  11. Peter, Paul, & Mary


  12. *a little scared that nations came all the way to voices place to complain about the song list*

    the new disturbed cd is mostly shit but there are two good songs on it.
    anything by daft punk.
    i like me some old school skid row.
    i was serious about the abba.
    anything by tool.
    early ozzy.
    early roots bob marley. (i have original recordings from when i lived in Jamaica as a kid. my father did some bootlegging.)
    mighty, mighty bosstones.
    orgy, technowhore.
    aqua, barbiegirl.
    cat stevens.
    old "kool and the gang", prior to j.t. taylor.
    some of the old megadeath stuff.
    mettalica, metal up your ass. (i think they are a bunch of fucking pussy girly men now.)
    weird al.
    pink, just a pill. (its the song i play when im thinking about my mom.)
    fear factory.
    old "vast", im not sure of the album or song but the cd was black.
    the "shes my cherry pie" song, fuck if i can remember who did that one and "shes only seventeen"
    paul okenfold
    the silent majority.
    the cult.
    older iron maiden, (before the seventh son album.)
    hahahaaaa, twisted sister!
    andrew w.k. (the whole album kicks ass)
    a few songs by motor head.
    alice cooper had a few good ones too.
    bling melon chitlen.. heh heh.
    asylum street spankers.
    poor mans whiskey.
    pat benatar.

    i can continue.... but i doubt anybody shares my taste in music.


  13. Have you tied The Mud at all?

  14. Old stuff..
    Captain Beyond/Thousand Days Of Yesterday
    Aphrodite's Child/Four Horsemen
    Audience/House On The Hill
    Alice Cooper/Ballad Of Dwight Fry
    Wishbone Ash/King Will Come
    54-40/Baby Ran
    10cc/Iceberg/I wanna Rule The World
    Adam Ant/Here Comes The Grump
    Aerosmith/Lord Of The Thighs
    Alan Parsons/Psychobabble
    Alex Harvey/Vambo & Swmapsnake
    Atomic Rooster/Hold Your Fire
    Badfinger/Baby Blue
    Billy Squire/In The Dark
    Billy Preston/Outta Space
    Billy Thorpe/Children Of The Sun
    Blues Image/Ride Captain Ride
    Bruce Springsteen/Jungleland
    Van Morrison/Wavelength
    Tubes/What Do You Want From Life
    Thunderclap Neuman/Something In The Air
    Tangerine Dream/Loved By The Sun
    Strawberry Alarm Clock/Incense Peppermints
    Yes/Love Will Find A Way
    Uriah Heep/The Wizard
    Steel River/Ten Pound Note
    Rough Trade/High School Confidential

    How's that?

  15. I don't see Kylie Minogue or her sister Danni mentioned.

  16. Trout Mask Replica obviously, if you're on drugs.

    If not plenty of P J Harvey and the Velvet Underground.

  17. My ex has quad tapes and the machine to play them on. Plus oodles and oodles of LPs. I think he may still have my Bobby Sherman, Brady Bunch, David Cassidy, and Donny Osmond records. And yes I had shiny posters ripped from Tigerbeat magazine taped on my wall. HAD.

  18. The Pogues
    Flogging Molly

    Both contemporary celtic rock bands. Awesome stuff.

  19. (See, I'm not all S&G and PP&M)

  20. actually, I agree with Voices on Blind Melon, "toes across the floor" and "pusherman" are fucking amazing, Nico is a great album as is Soup.

  21. i must have got stoned and missed it...hehe

  22. The Mills Brothers. The Inkspots. The Andrews Sisters. Bing Crosby. Al Bowley. The Glen Miller Band. MGMT. These are the cats that tickle my pickle at the moment.

    Oh, and I love The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia by Laurel And Hardy.

  23. Val Doonicans version of the Prodigy's, 'Fire Starter,

  24. voices - barbie girl? the answer to cherry pie is warrant.

    i like trans-siberian orchestra if we're talking about christmas music or classical-esque. the bond girls do great with classical stuff too.

    i like bon jovi. not only b/c he's hot to look at. rhianna's disturbia freakin' rocks. right now i'm getting into new age christian (aka christian pop)...third day, chris tomlin, point of grace.

    i have to add my 2 new favorites to the group. nickelback and three doors down. don't make me start with the country music.

  25. Gomez. You would like Gomez I think (try 5 Men in a Hut to start)
    And some Police? A bit of Shpongle and Orb just to add some techno/electronic in there...OH, and Sneaker Pimps...and maybe some Goldfrapp...

    And under no circumstances should you allow Abba into your house.

    Great list...

  26. Oh...and Nikodemus. He'll funk you pants off...

  27. ooh, yes - gomez. i love the gomez.

    am currently obsessed with, in no particular order:

    seth lakeman
    the levellers
    glen campbell
    take that (shut up)

    oh, hello FN, by the way! i started blogging again! you made me!

  28. *puts quarter in juke box and points at geosomin to get out on the dance floor*

    "You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
    See that girl, watch that scene, diggin' the Dancing Queen

    Friday night and the lights are low
    Looking out for the place to go
    Where they play the right music, getting in the swing
    You come in to look for a king
    Anybody could be that guy
    Night is young and the music's high
    With a bit of rock music, everything is fine
    You're in the mood for a dance
    And when you get the chance..."

  29. What about Grace Jones
    Ive Seen that face before if you like a bit of argentinian Tango with a regea back beat or Slave to the Rhythm . the new Album Hurricane is getting rave reviews as well

  30. EVERYONE! EXCELLENT! (except for voices, but he probably works with IMRON or something.)

    I know I have a lot of younger people out there who lurk. YOU ARE EXACTLY THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO COME OUT OF HIDING AND SUGGEST SOME DAMN MUSIC HERE!!!

  31. Ok, here’s a few from my ipod shuffle. I love them all dearly:

    Jeff Buckley – Lover you should’ve come over, Hallelujah, Last Goodbye

    Led Zeppelin – That’s the way

    Led Zeppelin – Hey hey what can do

    Rolling Stones – I just want to see His face (and anything else from Exile on Main St)

    Robert Johnson – stop breakin down blues (alternate version)

    Al Green – Love and happiness

    Alice in Chains – Would (MTV unplugged album)

    Allman Bros – One way out

    Aretha Franklin – Bridge over troubled water

    B-52’s – Planet Claire

    Bach – The Brandenburg Concertos – all of ‘em

    The Beatles – Dig a pony

    John Lennon – Across the Universe

    Bob Dylan – Tangled up in blue

    Bob Marley – Thank you lord (and the whole Sun is Shining box set)

    Chaka Dimas & the Pliers – Tease me

    Cowboy Junkies – Misguided angel

    Crowded House – Temptation

    The Cure – Letter to Elise

    David Bowie – I’m waiting for the man

    Death Cab for Cutie – I will follow you into the dark

    Depeche Mode – Precious

    The Dixie Chicks – White trash wedding

    Donnie Iris – Ah Leah! (blast from my past…)

    Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon

    Etta James – Miss you

    A Fine Frenzy – The minnow & the trout

    The Flaming Lips – Do you realize

    The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La

    Indigo Girls – Nuevas Senoritas

    Janis Jopin – me & bobby mcgee

    Muse – Time is running out

    Zero 7 – Destiny

    Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris – Til I gain control again

    Silversun Pickups – Lazy eye

    Smashing Pumpkins – Space boy

    Patty Griffin – Tony

    The Mars Volta – Televators

    Sia – Breathe me

    Dusty Springfield – Son of a preacher man

    Shawn Colvin – Sunny came home

    Peggy Lee – Fever

    Laverne Baker – Soul on fire

    Muddy Waters – marijuana, also Mississippi delta blues

    Robert Johnson – hell hound on my trail

    Portishead – It could be sweet

    Radiohead – Black star

    The Smiths – how soon is now

    Sheryl Crow – long gone lonesome blues

    George Jones – If drinkin don’t kill me her memory will (I love his lyrics, makes me laugh!)

    I’ll stop now. It may be that I have musical ADD or something.

  32. PS - In no way do I mean to suggest that I am one of the younger persons FN was talking to before I posted. It was just a coinikydink.

  33. If you wanna know mine, go to my place and look!

  34. Wait - I like the Monkeys.
    And Knudson, Kylie is like Shania, it's best to watch the videos with the sound turned off.

  35. IMRON???
    I Masturbate Randomly On Nachos
    is that the IMRON your talkin bout?
    i dont hang with those dudes at all.

  36. voices: IMRON is that heinous industrial paint that causes psychosis. boatbuilders and big equipment guys fall prey to it all the time. you're a big equipment guy, right? from what cheese says anyway ;)

  37. ohhh, those guys, no i dont hang with them either...

    *grabs paper bag and breaths deeply for a few moments, turns and walks away. can of paint falls from back pocket*

  38. Led Zep - and not just because Planty once sat next to me and my dad at a QPR v Wolves game 30 years ago.

    Also try Elbow - underrated support band to the likes of U2 and REM for years, now cracking it in their own right.

  39. Um... since I kinda provoked this thing in the first place, can I just say that Led Zep is the most overrated band in the universe.


  40. The Ramones are the greatest rock an roll band of all time....

  41. Oh dear, I'm no good at these "what should I be listening to? please add your suggestions" music things because that exposes me as having absolutely no taste in music at all...

    Having said that, most of the suggestions here are pretty good (well I don't know if they're good or not but I listen to them too), but as far as adding my twopennorth worth to the mix - at the moment I'm going through an acoustic phase so I'm listening to (amongst other things) Van Morrison's Astral Weeks (predictable I know), Nick Drake, John Martyn, Django Reinhart (because he makes me think of summers in the south of France), that Murray Head album with "say it ain't so on it" because I've loved that song ever since I was a little girl and lots and lots of lots of Chris Whitley (especially War Crime Blues).

    and because I like to be self-indulgent and make myself homesick I'm also listening to Lindisfarne's Lady Eleanor, Sting (sorry - but there are 3 songs on his soul cages album that just remind me of home so much) and loads and loads of Francis Dunnery's the Gulley Flat's Boys...

    Of all of them though it's Chris Whitley and Francis Dunnery that have been getting the most play here (well in this room anyway - F has completely different musical taste to me)

  42. Hurrah Mr Footman spoke the unspeakable

    Well done sir

  43. well, i shall get my two peas in but generally this discussion is WAY outta my little league. in defense i proffer:

    tom waits...

    rufus wainwright...



    funk from the great norther autumn funk

    or anything by the "drive by truckers".

    These items keep me from killing.