Friday, October 24, 2008

My taste rules; your taste is sorryass at best

It is a very strange experience to find that someone whose taste you usually admire likes weird music.

Not that the stuff wasn't listenable....some of it...I mean, at least it wasn't 'Madman Across The Water' while you're stuck in an elevator, right...but yeah. I was so puzzled. I ALWAYS like this guys' suggestions. About EVERYTHING.

I shot the dude an e-mail accusing him of fucking around.

He wasn't.

"Its difficult! Try it!" he retorted. 'It' being, come up with the names of 100 songs by 100 different artists right off the top of your head that you like.

Hell yes its difficult; mainly because I never remember the names of songs. Still, you aren't going to know what I mean if I go 'that one by those guys that has that 'DA DADADADA rrrrrOOOOOW' kind of guitar riff in the middle' since that describes most of the songs I like anyway and thats no help for a whole variety of reasons, so I had to resort to YouTube, Amazon Music and my own music collection. I did try to be honest at least as far as trying to find the songs I had in mind. And the different artists thing? Yeah, fail. I cheated the terms of this meme all to fuck. Send the meme police.

Don't ask me where this taste came from. I grew up in the middle of a suburban wasteland that rang to the tinny sounds of Donny Osmond and the Monkees. My parents liked country and western, show tunes, Lawrence Welk and Scandanavian folk music.

So here you go, heres a few of my favorite ditties. Do try and have good speakers; change the batteries in your hearing aid...pacemaker too, come to think of it. Things may spontaneously combust. And watch it with the John Lee Hooker; the love of God will come down upon you heavily and you will be slain in the Spirit.


Nine Inch Nails: Only, Closer, Capital G

JOHN LEE HOOKER: Bad Like Jessie James, Hobo Blues, Boom Boom, Crawlin King Snake, Serve Me Right To Suffer, Boogie Chillun, Tupelo, I'm in the Mood, Need Love So Bad, Big Legs Tight Skirt, Chicken and Gravy, Gonna Use My Rod, 1 Room Country Shack, Red House

Allman Brothers: Midnight Rider, Whipping Post

Foghat: Slow Ride, Honey Hush

ZZ Top: Asleep in the Desert, Nationwide, La Grange, Manic Mechanic, Chicago

Steely Dan: Chain Lightning, Show Biz Kids, Black Friday, Do it Again, Kid Charlemagne, Jack of Speed, Any Major Dude, Pretzel Logic

Curtis Mayfield: Superfly

White Zombie: Grease Paint, Return of the Phantom Stranger, Blood Milk Sky, Children of the Grave, The Devils Rejects, Let It all Bleed Out, 17 Year Locust, Foxy Foxy, Meet the Creeper, Death of it All

Rob Zombie: Brickhouse, More Human Than Human, I'm Your Boogieman, Living Dead Girl

Mandrill: Fencewalk

PFunk Allstars: Give Up the Funk, Up For the Downstroke

Earth, Wind and Fire: September, Shining Star, The Way of the World, Gratitude

Slave: Great American Funk Song

Funkadelic: Get off Your Ass and Jam, Good to Your Earhole

Ohio Players: Love Rollercoaster, Fire, Funky Worm (thats like seven cans of shaving powder; man, thats funky!) Skin Tight

War: Slippin' into Darkness, The World is a Ghetto, Cisco Kid, Lowrider

Robin Trower: Everything. no seriously, everything the man recorded.

Edwin Star: War, Funky Music, Turn Me On

Robert Johnson: Crossroads

Leadbelly: Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Goodnight Irene

Lightning Hopkins: Baby Please Don't Go, Mojo Hand

Blind Willie Johnson: Dark Was The Night, Cold Was the Ground

George Thorogood: I Drink Alone

Rare Earth: I'm loving you, Celebrate, Born To Wander, Big Brother

Al Greene: Lets Stay Together (may cause spontaneous orgasm)

Joe Cocker: Feelin' All Right, Love the One You're With, Unchain My Heart, Lets Go Get Stoned, Delta Lady, She Came In Through the Bedroom Window, The Letter

Sly Stone: Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself, Hot Fun, Dance To The Music, Family Affair, If You Want Me To Stay

Rufus and Chaka Khan: Tell Me Something Good, Sweet Thang, Once You Get Started, You Got The Love, Rufusized, Stompin at the Savoy

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Born on the Bayou, Grapevine, Hey Tonight, Late Night Drive, See the Light, Green River, Run Through the Jungle, Down on the Corner, Graveyard Train, Up around the Bend, Keep on Chooglin, Midnight Special

Standells: Dirty Water

Aretha Franklin: Chain of Fools, Respect, I Never Loved a Man, Natural Woman, You Send Me

Alice In Chains: Rooster, Them Bones, Man in the Box

Neal Young: Just too many

Led Zep: Ditto

Hendrix: Oh yeah

...there. That oughtta school ya.


  1. Did you change the colour of your blog to match the blues?

  2. Erm....not much contemporary stuff there, and rather disturbingly no Who.

  3. For spontaneous orgasm, I like to play Al Greene and Marvin Gaye back-to-back.

  4. mj: nah, I just saw that I could, and did.

    Garfy: hey, thats a whole nother post. and the Who? meh.

    mj: you're just GREEDY!:D

  5. Now HERE’S something that gets me going…

    Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf.

    And anything by Muddy Waters.

    But ESPECIALLY Mannish Boy as performed with THE BAND.

    Robbie Robertson in his prime…more spontaneous orgasms.

    Gotta go. Getting carried away.

    *fans self vigorously*

  6. mJ: Im gonna give you the same answer i got from my boy-its difficult! you make room for one and then ten more suggest themselves! i got both them guys in my stacks and I love them so. hell yeah, 'mannish boy'! I have the version with the women backup going 'wooo!'

  7. it hot in here or is it just me?

  8. UMMMMMMM.... there is no techno listed here...

    *taps foot*

  9. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Music, I have no particular favorites, however do admit to admiring anything that gives me goosebumps. Pavarotti singing Nessum Dorma. Aretha Franklin singing Nessum Dorma. What a set of pipes! Retro

  10. Anonymous10:49 AM

    what a list!! i found several songs on your list i liked, some i've never even heard of, and some i find strange, but that's what makes you so special.

  11. Oh my, we might be musical twins. And that picture of Jimmy Page? Sigh.

  12. The blues was my first love. I never quite 'got' the 'The Birdy Song'.

  13. voices: yello? i like them...

    retro: my darling, I have that very recording, pavrotti singing nessa un dorma...and it is to SWOON! i love my chubby little italian man!!

    pink: so lets see YOUR list; 'strange'. phf.

    joy: oh yeah? you like funky worm too? ; )

    tick: THE BIRDY SONG? oh lordy do i have to look for this? what is a birdy song? is this it....?

    because EVERYBODY knows about the bird, tick.


    thats the damn Chicken Dance Polka!

  15. No one mentioned Leon Redbone in particlar "I want to be seduced".
    There's just something about that voice.

  16. You forgot:
    John Lee Hooker's "The Motor City's Burning."

    Where the hell is Nina Simone? She'll defecate on your microphone.

  17. I can probably do this meme if I'm allowed the first 50 to be Simona and Garfunkel. The other 50 can all be by different artists. That would at least be a proportional representation of my music collection.

  18. You're preachin' to the choir Sistah!

    I have to admit that my kids manage to hook me up with new music that they know I'll like..
    thank goodness I played these songs and saturated their noggins with good sh*t from birth.
    It was the least that I could do.

  19. Oh come on .For Spontanioius orgasms where oh where is 'The Walrus of Luuuurve' Barry White.
    And No Bee Gee's ????
    Its a tragedy thats fo sure

  20. You forgot "If you don't want to Fuck Me, Fuck Off" by Wayne County & the Electric Chairs. Jeezus.

    Where's the Bowie? Punk? Velvet Underground? House? Disco?- far too much Adult Orientated Rock. I shall do the definitive list tonight!

  21. PS - MeMe everyone!

  22. I like Stepenwolf and the Best of Creme. But right now I listen to country as it fits my mood.

  23. Wow, you sure like funky old stuff. (sorry Frobisher)

  24. Everybody:
    WOWSERS! What a gold mine! You've all inspired your very own do it yourself post....and I REAP THE AUDIO BENEFITS!!!!

    thank you muchos muchos, my darlings!

  25. Since you've got loads of funk on this you might like (but you've probably already heard of..) Betty Davis - married Miles, had an affair with Hendrix - and has just about one of the best voices I've ever heard...