Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stickin' shit on other shit and calling it Art

...But first, the Rancho FirstNations Halloween Pumpkin Spectacular!!!!

From left to right:

Scary Face, by The Goonybird
Domo, by The Lucky Bastard
Opies' Butthole, by FirstNations (after Kurt Vonnegut)


OK. Here are some FirstNations collages.

This is an example of the refined technique. This one was made from hand-tinted papers (MY hand, chillun) The colors are actually a lot more saturated than this but its early morning here and the light is all white and reflected so its washed out. Deal.
Does it have a name? NO IT DOES NOT HAVE A NAME. WHAT ON EARTH WOULD YOU NAME THIS? CHUCK? DONALD? WHAT? Fine. It's named 'Donald'. Are you happy? Meet fricken' Donald the collage.

This whole wall is a collage.

I always wanted to do a work using a single color with just the textures and edges as the prominent features. It is navy blue here....other times it's indigo or black, and gives back a single color. In the morning light, or in any reflected light, suddenly the pattern becomes evident-not jarringly so, but enough to make you go 'wha...?" and look closer.

This is a collage in a frame, hanging on another collage that is on another wall. ITS COLLAGE OVERKILL AT RANCHO FIRSTNATIONS! WE'RE KURAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!

The one in the frame actually has a name; its called 'Newgrange'. (Points given to anyone who can guess why.) The wall is just old civil war era sheet music that I fell in love with and had to use. It has no name. It is a nameless wall.

Here is one that hangs out in the Yummy Bikers garage.(Yes, he has framed art in his garage.)

This one is made out of old thrashed, rat-chewed Easyrider Magazines that Lame George gave us right before he was incarcerated (the first time.) It's done using traditional collage technique, which explains the lumpiness.

This is the door to the spray booth in the garage with a little Sponge Bob figurine stuck to it.

Yes I did that too. Because everyone needs an illuminated door in their garage.

Here is another old school technique collage.

Its made out of this lady's old cookbook and recipe collection that I scored at an auction preview. Two of the recipes are X-rated pass-along folklore things; 'How To Make An Angel Cake'. I think its charming!

Same technique. Another womans old recipe collection. I scored this one at an estate sale.

At first you think 'what kind of heartless asshole would sell something like this? This is a treasure!' Until you look at the recipes and realize that gramma made things like cherries and black olives in Jello.
I'm dead serious. Thats one of the recipes here.

So yes, not heartless; prudent.


  1. Nice. The first collage reminds me of an Arp when he was experimenting with "chance." Your nekked barbies harken back to Hannah Hoch.

  2. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I love the dark wall...

  3. Anonymous1:26 PM


    Can you come and redecorate my flat please?


  4. the recipe collage is brilliant. i'm insispid.

  5. *inspired. you know what i meant.

  6. Holy shit woman.
    When do you sleep?

    I liked Newgrange.
    and the recipes...

  7. The Newgrange has swirly things that look like Celtic cup marks. This would be appropriate as Newgrange, Ireland, is a neolithic monument.

    There are cup marks engraved on rocks on the west coasts of Britain and Ireland. Do we know why? No, not a clue.

  8. i thought jello was for wrestling in... why would you put cherries or olives in it?

    people round here are strange....


  10. Anonymous7:49 PM

    I have heard of a jello recipe that calls for lemon jello, salmon and green peas. I didn't say I have ever made it but it does exist.

    Love the indigo wall, more texture!

    What no collage of penises? Retro

  11. Cherries and olives in Jell-O makes me want to stuff my face in it. Frightening mental picture but there you have it.

    I don't know how to say this without it sounding bad--it's not--but I really wish you could meet my mother. You two would get along marvelously. She was selling nude "artwork" of herself on eBay. Quite the ontray-pree-nurr, she is.

    Now get to work on that penis collage! WOOT!

  12. I can't get past the lumpiness.

    Please redo these and post the newer, smoother results by mid-morning.

  13. Anonymous3:29 AM

    I really like the blue wall. It reminded me of the walls in Virginia Woolf's house in East Sussex- only hers were distempered green.

  14. I still can't figure out why you aren't as famous as badass mofo Martha F*cking Stewart?

    Is it because you're too much of a goody-goody and insufferably perky like Rachel Ray?

  15. ps. I love the pumpking of Opie's butthole.

  16. This stuff is well cool . I like all of it , especially the magazine and recipe collages. I would like one in my lavatory , lots of bits to read while one is enthroned :-)

  17. champ: hello! and hello to your beard too! and your lycra! and didn'r Arp work in hammered metals?


    billy: sure. send me the plane ticket and we're all set.* packs old 'precious moments' cards and 'holly hobbie' wrapping paper*

    cb: hands a little unsteady? i understand. ;)

    geo: thank you! the really 'high concept' ones are being given as gifts so i couldn't show them. as it is, my photography skills aren't exactly up to par anyway...

    garfy: smartipants!

    voices: the cherries and olives provide traction.

    fn: oh, hi.

    anon: i bet i have that very recipe in one of my old recipe books from the 50's. i have one for lamb and ketchup, and one for chow mein made with tunafish and 7-up./penises? why would I do that?;)/texture? see what i said about my crap photography skills? the differences in shade there are due to differences in texture. is SUBTLE.

    W2: if you'd buy your mom some clothes she wouldn't have to sell pictures on ebay, w.

    mj: you'll come on out and whap your big ol' canadian ass on them for me, will you? i hope that 'cottage cheese' is fine curd.

    ara: i could not live in a green room. i love that effect, though.

    coppens: yes, it is my EXTREME perky good nature that has thus far prevented me from attaining the media fame i deserve. *dusts imaginary crumb from dirndl*

    cb: it lights up just like his did, too!

    beast: years ago i used to go to a pizzaria called DaVincis in portland. the entire ladies' was done in a political collage, walls, ceiling and door. the plumbing and fixtures were worked into the design and message. it was the worlds coolest bathroom EVER! (the actor John Leguizamo has his done in old superhero comics, which is also cooler than fuck)

  18. I like the bike collage and the recipe one or is it two. I watched a trading places show the other day where one family was gluing wrapping paper to all of the walls like it is wallpaper. Well I guess it is now, but it was all gumballs with primary colors. I wonder if the familys are still friends. Which has nothing to do with the topic at hand. HA Unless you consider that a collage, which I did not.

  19. The garage collage makes me think.
    If it's got tits or wheels, sooner or later it's gonna give you trouble.

  20. gale: god, that sounds antic. they probably all take the same medication now, betcha!

    tick: every man who sees it says that exact same thing. well, there ya go. sheesh.

    STEVEN NEAL: whoops, wrong Arp. I was thinking 'west coast' and you were thinking 'Jean'. woo! thank you!

    BILLY: i just found that thing you did on Kurt Schwitters! YAHOOOOOOO!!! its all synchronicityish of the blogging haveness!!!!

  21. like CB I'm insispid - I'm going to try it at once!

  22. Ah Tickers! You made me snorf my Rum & Coke out my nose!

  23. I love your collages, especially the blue one and the collage on the wall collage. I've been keeping journal of collages in word and cut-up thing form since I was a teenager. I love how yours climb off the page and kick ass.

  24. Bollocks, someone got Newgrange before me. You may be interested to know that folksy beat combo Clannad wrote a song called Newgrange which is also full of little swirly bits.

  25. ziggi: well....ok then. I feel like I'm spreading some kind of crafty plague here. insispidia (aka 'Old Smithsonian Magazine Flu')

    coppens: ho de ho. is so my face laugh. (if its got a dick or a driveline, sooner or later its gonna need AN OVERHAUL.)

    wrenna: welcome welcome! and thank you! my daughter, the SSA, is the real collage queen. she showed at the museum here in town, in fact! post up a couple of yours and lets see whatcha got!

    realdoc: I'll go find that on youtube. have you ever been to the real Newgrange? was it cool? I'd love to see when the sun strikes all the way down the gallery; that would be like a note struck off the rim of a glass!

  26. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I POSTED!!