Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...ok now go down and read the dugong thing. VVV


  1. oooo... i'm all tingly-like and stuff... i go now even though i'm at the slave mines

  2. apparently you didn't like my dugong story because you didn't comment...*is whinging*

  3. I am not allowed to read UJ , being of a delicate constitution and over excitable by nature
    It would all end in tears , a massive attack of the vapours and difficult stains

  4. Its not easy being me
    You have no idea

  5. How many times must I read the dugong thing?

    Beast has taken to inserting PLUMS up his backside, by the way.

  6. Anonymous7:56 AM

    No really people, go read UJ, very tingly, very twisty ending. I promise! Retro

  7. Imma need a relinkity.

    And yes, the dead has risen.

  8. Um yeah, wrong blogger account.

    I is not right in da head.


  9. Anonymous8:26 AM

    OH,yes, FN? How long have you admired Janis Joplin? Retro

  10. Anonymous11:28 AM

    UJ? You mean that blog where I have no access to?

  11. sea: there is NO HORSE SEX. I promise. really. honestly.

    daisy: I couldn't FIND your dugong story. I looked. I liked your quilt story, though!

    beast:right you are. and its those stains that we worry about the most.

    mj: your fantasy life is a very high fiber one, isn't it.

    retro: *blush*

    AWA: well where have you been chickie???? I have a bunch of addos for you so I'll have to get ahold of you through your new site!

    retro: ever since a long time. *blush*

    mago: you want an invite? its dirty. and not exactly...professional. I'll send you an invite, franconian. I will. dare me.

  12. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Pah ... (das ist meinem Stolz geschuldet) - yeah, pass it over, I'll swallow, burp and feel good!

  13. i posted this on your previous posting...but since you couldn't find it i will repost here...
    i was in florida and had really long hair when i was about 12/13 years old...was out swimming and felt what i thought was seaweed in my hair...so i flipped it back hoping to get it untangled...it wasn't...i turned and saw a dugong face to face...scared the living shit out of me and i swam so fast into shore that my fingers were bleeding from hitting the sand...i have been teased by family since that time and have a vast collection of them...

  14. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Whats this all about and why doesnt anyone tell me?