Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the 'IT' girl

I got tagged! Ms. DaNator nailed me with this one. Find her rockin', bitty-friendly bestiary here at

Would SOMEONE please tell me how to do links so they come up as a blue word underlined?

1. One book you have read more than once:

One? Oh Christ. Just re-read 'Watership Down'. Better than ever.

2. One book you would want on a desert island:

'The Big Waterproof Self-Propelled Book of Fold Your Own Oceangoing Watercraft'

3. One book that made you laugh:

'Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady' made me laugh until I started burping. Florence King's best.

4. One book that made you cry:

'The Dog Who Wouldn't Be', Farley Mowat. Anything where the dog dies, forget it. I'm done for. I haven't read the last chapter of that book in years, not since the first time.

5. One book you wish you had written:

The thought has never occurred to me. How about 'one author you wish you could write like'? That I can do. Ursula K. LeGuin. That woman has it all: brevity and talent, imagination, style, and content.

6. One book you wish had never been written:

'Malleus Maleficarum'. One of the most evil things ever written. I felt like I had to wash my hands after the first chapter.

7. One book you are currently reading:

'Thirteen and a Day'. It's a cultural study of American-style Bar and Bat Mitzvuot. On the one hand, the author's biases are firmly in place and nothing's gonna change them, dammit. On the other, it's quite an interesting tour of different varieties of modern Judaism.

8. One book you have been meaning to read:

Everything my bloggy buddies have mentioned. I need to cull over my comments for book suggestions and then hit the library with the list.

9. One Book That Changed Your Life:

'A Meditation on Gruenwalds' Crucifixion'. A straight up Catholic meditation by a scholar of medieval art . It explores, nearly inch by inch, a very unusual, deeply disturbing painting of the Crucifixion, and does so within the context of Medieval Catholicism. An amazing, enthralling, emotional insight. This book was partially responsible for fanning my interest in art history. I was impressed at the time that the author would have taken such a bizarre (to modern eyes) and gruesome painting as his subject. Not your usual sanitized Christianity. And at the time, I was so very grateful for that as well. Actually, I'm going to do a post about that, so thank you, Ms. DaNator!

10. Now Tag 5 bloggers:
I don't tag. I throw my memey breadcrumbs out on the pond and then wait for the bloggy ducks to gather. Then bomb them with pine cones.


  1. I'm a new fan of Florence King, having only read "With Charity Towards None: A fond look at Misanthropy." There's a woman I could love at a distance.

    Hey! What's with the pine cones. I was just typing.

  2. about the link stuff...
    when you go into your template you see how they make tags!
    The usual way is:

    between the quotation marks you insert the page you are referring to.
    b) >< between those two things in the middle you can add a name or anything you like

    hope that helps and thanks for welcoming me in Central Snark. I´ll make sure nobody slips you anything into your drinks.

  3. I knew blogger would not let me put up a tag :)

    here it is:

    a href=" " /a

    and this one < at the very beginning > and this one at the end.

    and yet again: this one > after the second quotation mark, then you enter a name or something, close it off with < which is then followed by the /a

    I am so certain this is not gonna make any sense :)

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  5. It's like this here:

    <a href="">put your link text here</a>

    Wow - thanks for responding so fast! And I'm glad it inspired you. I'm really looking forward to reading your take on the Crucifixion book, painting, and how they affected you. I used to have an odd fascination with that sort of tortured religious art (now that I've looked up the piece you mention I remember finding it very striking in art history class)... not sure why, unless it had something to do with being an overly-dramatic minister's daughter...?

    Actually, I have to thank you, because reading your post led me to finding the Web Gallery of Art, in which I had a good time poking around and looking up engravings by Dürer, whose self-portrait in a fur collar used to be my favourite painting in college but now I find a little off-putting. Hmm. He still drew a mean bunny, though.

    Oh, and if you're compiling suggestions for reading from those of us who comment? You might want to remove Dummies 101: HTML from your list. I think it's a wee bit out of date. ;o)

  6. doug: shes a self-proclaimed 'rabid rightie' but shes solid gold, that one. anything she's written is worth the reading.
    minka: actually i don't mind so much...its just when they do shit like put bologna slices all over my face while im asleep on the floor and post pictures of it all over the web.
    minka2: i gotcha!
    danator: oo oo oo!
    I LOVE ALBRECHT DURER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you familiar with his nude self portrait, done shortly before he died of (what they think was) -pancreatic cancer? it made me cry. and his glorious self portrait as a florentine? that was his coming out picture! the balls! my god!
    we're gonna get along just fine i think!

  7. i am truly impressed that i have yet to read any of the book you mentioned.

    i am so uneducated.

  8. ooh, that Crucifixion book sounds really interesting... i'll have to check that out. after being led around Paris and Rome by 3 art history professors, i love learning about the meaning behind the piece.

    also, the bat/bar mitzvah book. Boyfriend's daughter will be doing that in 3 years... i truly don't know how anyone is going to pay for it. In NY, they can cost as much as
    a wedding.

  9. when we gonna start the book club ???

  10. I am watching this revolting documentary on old age pensioners having plastic surgery......gross

  11. A reet good read. Quack!

  12. If you’re still taking book suggestions…The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

  13. You know what? Just pelt me with pine cones.
    Did you ever see About A Boy with Hugh 'Floppy' Grant? The kid threw a loaf of gluten-free bread in the pond. And killed a duck.

  14. THANK GOD you don't tag! Phew!

    I want to write like Isabel Allende! She is my goddess, GODDESS I SAY!

    Hey, if you need help with HTML and links and the like, email me:



  15. treespotter: no, i just read a lot of books. weird ones, mostly.
    claire: the guy talks about that. yikes!
    beast1&2: that depends on what frob's views on the subject were, or whether he was just beind a squitty rat. dont watch television. things like that will make you claw your eyes out.
    ara: dang-missed.
    mj: i am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS taking suggestions for titles! duly noted!
    noshit: *snerk* floppy.
    okay, here goes. go out for a long bomb.......
    mizB: her i have yet to read but now she's in my sights!

  16. I know that I have read House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende and enjoyed it (long time ago). Time for another book of hers.

    I'm a little scattered to be pinned down with faves and specifics - must be the ADD talking. You can throw a pine cone at me instead.

    I, for one, never posted any pictures...

  17. FN, do you mean this and this? I don't know which kind of coming out you mean, but the 2nd sure is a little fey. And you have to wonder with a guy who did a woodcut of the men's baths.

    Aren't all great artists queer, anyway?

    I wish you lived closer. We could go out to the museums and dish over coffee. ;o)