Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Now here's a meme I stole via a long and twisted journey... kat thru goodgirl via brian after G!

THREE THINGS ABOOT YOU..... ( shit, i live so close to the canadian border...sorry, eh.)

Things that scare me.
1. fundamentalism
2. psychotic people
3. conservatives

People who make me laugh.
1. John Cleese
2. My husband
3. My Goonybird

Things I hate most.
1. theives
2. liars
3. criminals...who are thievish and lying, so there ya go.

Things I don't understand.
1. most foreign languages
2. Most people
3. How my daughter got to be a supergenius... She's one of those people who reads books about math for fun.

Things I'm doing right now.
1. cooking pasta
2. smelling dog ass...not voluntarily, btw. The tatopig is lying under the desk by my feet and kind of slowly deflating in his sleep. As Opie has advanced in age gas frapulence has become kind of a constant thing, which I suppose is the fate which awaits us all.
3. hoping for rain (update-boy, did I hope GOOD. Raining pitchforks and drag queens out there now.)

Things I want to do before I die.
1. have lots of fun
2. " "
3. own an important work of art

Things I can do.
1. tiny, complicated, dainty hand sewing and embroidery. Were this the 1800's I'd not only be employable, I'd be in high demand.
2. draw a fair likeness .
3. raise healthy plants

Ways to describe my personality.
1. warped
2. easily bored, too serious, not serious enough
3. motherly, if mother wore army boots and a gas mask (farting dogs)

Things I can't do.
1. ice skate
2. run
3. behave

Things I think you should listen to.
1. yourself.

Things you should never listen to.
1. the voice of the majority
2. the voice of reason
3. the 'Up With People' singers

Things I'd like to learn.
1. Italian
2. latin
3. how to generate cash out of thin air

Favorite foods.
1. burritos , burritoes, burritoooos, burrirrirritooos
2. Pasta
3. chocolate

Beverages I drink regularly.
1. coffee
2. water
3. ice tea

Shows I watched as a kid.
1. Batman
2. Bugs Bunny
3. Star Trek-the origional. I was a trekkie before there WAS such a thing and grew out of it before it became synonymous with 'unlikely to reproduce'

Once again, duckies, looky looky....look who's got nice breaaaaaaad...*gathering pinecones* thats riiiiiight....swim a little closer.....


  1. *approaches with umbrella* I claim this first post in the name of... Eh, sod it, you get the idea.
    Heh. You're gonna tag me aincha? I can see it coming, as inevitable as a pinecone...

  2. You are so funny!

    The Up With People singers are probably aliens anyway

    Dog gas...what are ya gonna do?

    BOO!Very Scary indeed...
    Inseparable and interchangeable

  3. i'm not waiting to be tagged; i'm just stealing this one.

    home escapeons: awesome name!

  4. Conservatives scare me. I see them as a threat to my insanity.

  5. noshit: TAG YER IT!!!!!!!!!!1
    homo: well thankee. yeah, i had a tough time with that one; they usually come as a complete package; right? but i needed three things so there you are.
    cb: you go right ahead my darling XOO
    awaiting: oh yes. they need to be taunted a second time.

  6. i think you hoped enough for rain to send it clear across the country, by the way.

    Is pouring buckets here, too. I blame you, singularly.

  7. Minnie mouse frightens me.....ooooh and clowns.

    I am with you on the dog farts , I thought I would treat Alfie and Lloyd to some expensive dog food for a was that a mistake , Lloyd just did a real cheek flapper , that suprised the both of us , I am now opening all available windows and doors to 'freshen ' the atmosphere.
    If I go and throw Alfie in the air you will probably see him fly past your windows in about twenty minutes time , pardon the smell !!!

  8. Nuts. I have to go Sydney. I'll do it when I come back! Promise!

  9. How about you just stay in Sydney? You know how the World Champ feels about the Aussies.

    Greetings Nations!


  10. You know, there is so much I could say but I will stick to this... you are simply fucking funny and delightful and just beautiful... had to say the "fucking" to give it that oomph because man have you got oomph!

    If ever I am down or tired or blah or even feeling great, you can always make me smile wide... or in this case, laugh my ass off and almost pee my pants!


  11. claire: sorry. or no, wait, no i'm not!
    beast: wow, no good deed goes unpunished, huh? glad you are over your dreaded lurgy. so is MINNIE MOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUSE
    noshit: you have fun, darling. say hello to the stingrays for me.
    champ: lissen, you lycra clad bag of overactive follicles, noshit is my TOP COON. sacrosanct. you on the other hand are...well i already said it. so there. welcome back! i think.
    MizB: woo, get ahold of yourself there, miss keeper of the golden key. how's the big move progressing??????

  12. Your mama wears combat boots! Just saying - from you post, oh never mind. Well, I can't ice skate either and each year I commit to trying - winter will be here before you know it. I am jealous of the embroidery thing, I'm lucky if I can sew a button - that's another thing on my list - "learn to needlepoint".

    Wow, what the hell am I doing here...