Saturday, September 23, 2006

steal this meme

Heres one from the lovely and talented Pam Troeppl!
In fact, I think the lovely and talented Homo Escapeons invented this one. Lets all give his irascable ass a big hand!

That came out wrong.

Here is how I see me:

How a certain former boss saw me:

...And here is how I saw him:

How a stranger might see me:

How my husband sees me:

how my daughter sees me now:

How my daughter saw me in her teens:

how my former 'family' sees me (if they're smart):

how my dogs see me:

How my next door neibors see me:

how my grandson The Goonybird sees me:


  1. Brilliant and Hilarious!

    You must be quite the sexpot to have so many men lusting after you..
    how my daughter saw me in her teens is fantastic because it is so true..and then voila!...a few years later and they say Oh thaaaaaats where you were coming I get it.

    I can tell that you are off the wall but not as bizarrre as you are insinuating...
    I'll leave the freudian analysis for another day...


  2. no, i am a chubby litle housewife, actually, married for 20 years. a very frank, somewhat aggressive, armed housewife who owns lots of books and likes chubby bumblebees. and setting shit on fire.
    and bear porn.

  3. Wonderful! Funny! I loved it! You are too much! But so in a good way!

    The grandkids part...that is so me in the future! I will cave in on anything.

    You rock!

  4. He HE good one FN

  5. I like it a lot. I'd like to try myself but I'd never get such a good set of pictures.

    The Pink Flamingoes always scare me.

  6. Very nice. You're a tough act to follow, darling.

  7. I too imagine you as Bonnie Parker, gardening in her time off when she's not busy robbing banks and terrorizing the townfolk.

  8. awaiting: YOU GOTTA do this one. tag! you're it!
    beast: you too. this i gotta see!
    billy: well, you have other things to do lately, too. excused.
    cb: dare ya.
    mj: i dont leave my panties lying all over the place like she did, though. dont wear any. how was your trip to Bellingham?

  9. I'm going to Bellingham this Thursday.

    *unable now to erase the image of a pantyless FN*

  10. One word: Brilliant!

  11. mj: come through at sumas and we can have lunch at el nopal, chicklet!
    danator: only when i wear my secret spy head panties with my hair sticking out the legholes. then i'm DAZZLING.

  12. I love toasted marshmellows!

    Nice post Bitch :)

  13. frobi: thank you, rat!

  14. that was great FN. I was kind of imagining you as the way your neighbor sees you...I love that look :-)

  15. Looks like our ride to Bellingham may be cancelled.

  16. So you really see yourself as Wonder Woman? Do you have to golden lasso too?

  17. Very good, gets me wondering how people see me... scary!

    Wish Divine was my neighnour

  18. I relish the challenge!

  19. kyah: i dont eat dog crap and i dont transport steak in my underpants, but i plan on being buried in THAT DRESS.
    mj: well, we can't have that. sucks.
    kristy: actually i see myself stepping over the shattered bodies of my foes, but the outfit is darling.
    hardhouse: tag! tag tag tag!!!
    frobi: challenging relish is what this blog is all about. or something.

  20. KRISTY: your site got hijacked:
    thats where your namelink goes now.

  21. Jesus you're good. And I can't even figure out yo post a picture...any picture...(whimper).

  22. Hilarious.
    How my neighbours see me had me on the floor!

  23. I thought I commnted on this one, think I was just trying to pick my fave. It's tough! Great pictorial!