Saturday, December 16, 2006

Your imput, please!

I have been asked to consider writing for the local lesbian, gay and bi-friendly newsfagazine
The Betty Pages. Which I think is an adorable title, btw.
I will not be making any money doing this. I'd do it for free anyway.
The Yummy Biker and the Stainless Steel Amazon think it is a great idea.
Me, I'm fighting with my natural compulsion to be a free muk, set shit on fire, exceed the speed limit, spread anarchy, dissent and freedom with....
I've lived out, tits first, and I regret not one moment. It's one of the best things about me. But I have never written out.

Not publically, close to home.

Gimme your thoughts!


  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    What are you waiting for? Get writing! I love the title The Betty Pages and you would be a perfect contributor. Sometimes being honest and forthright can be scary, but it's also quite freeing.

    I think it's a great idea and can't wait to read one of your contributions. Rock on with your bad self.

  2. Doitdoitdoitdoit.
    Doooo it.

    I think it would be a good idea.

  3. Just DO IT.

    Seriously, you're a great writer.

  4. Old Knudsen The Ghey Icon1:27 AM

    Gimme your thoughts!

    Is it time to be grown up already? ah shit! being a friend to leezers, Gheys and bi's meself, I say write away.

  5. If the Yummy Biker and the Stainless Steel Amazon think it's a good idea then do it!

    If you don't you'll always wish you had and better to regret stuff you've done than stuff you didn't do.

    Besides which, if you don't do it and then you read the stuff from the person they chose instead of you, you'll spend all your time stomping around the house muttering things like "I could have done way better than that"

    So go on. Christen your fear Hubert (or any name you just can't take seriously)tell them to fuck off and get writing.

  6. Anonymous7:02 AM

    GO FOR IT !!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I have just found a copy of 'Banarama's greatest hits' in my PC cd player (mr C's do you think ???)
    So .....I am guilty of love in the first degree....yippee.

    FN you gotta do it , you writing is too good for just little us.

  8. Go on. Spread yourself around.

  9. The Betty Pages? Excellent. Do it, obviously, like everyone's saying.

  10. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Feel free to use my blog for material and inspiration!

  11. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Surely someone like Frobisher would be better qualified for a post like this?

  12. Can you not use a pseudonym?
    Sounds like it could be a larf and you'd be super.

  13. G: it's trippy-i go from having too many ideas to having none at all...
    noshit: what do YOU want to hear a middle-aged rural bi grandmother say?
    betty: lordy. *blushing REDRED*
    knudie: i only wanted your thoughts. they don't have to be mature ones; heavens no. where do you think you are, quadrireme/patroclus'?
    hendrix: hubert?
    beast: look behind the sofa and you'll find 'The Bangles GH'. we were testing how far they flew. the Bangles are def more aerodynamic.
    *fanning self briskly* my blushes.
    mj: ill have you know i am a happily married woman. wearing no underpants at the mo. *charleston*
    billy: easy for you to say, all up in another country and a tiny doggie and everything.
    frobi: thanks! you got anything in your archives about being a rural bi grandmother?
    anon: ye'll get nary a word in reply from me less'n you run up yer colors, matey.
    ara: oh i plan on it.

  14. Go for it!

    You rock girl and you know it!


  15. Tits out. Go!
    Don't trip yourself up. Close your eyes if you have to.
    the scariest shit can be the most fun.
    No really.
    No kidding.

  16. Anonymous11:43 PM

    A rural Bi Granmother ??? do they have signs off the interstate ???

  17. Anonymous3:01 AM

    oh go on, you sodding creative erudited genius on a harley. do it or i'll come over there and thump you on your hot bi rural granny-ass.

  18. What hendrix said. And then write us all the novel/memoir we're all waiting for.

    Yay for you! XO

  19. Oh definitely!
    That little light of yours needs to shine...and the rws needs access to your unique insight too. always discover so much about yourself when you write and you are the genuine article...get it.
    FO SHO!

  20. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Yeah go for it. I think you would do it brilliantly.
    Have these guys discussed the name of their mag with our betty btw?

  21. oh, that's awesome! good for you for being acknowledged. :)

  22. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Id go for it - you could get contributions from around the world given the loons who post here so often. Gorgeous Belgian Broad link on my site takes you a very nice tranny called Betty!

  23. So...have you started writing the first article yet?

    (and yes Hubert. Impossible to take any fear seriously if you call it Hubert)

  24. Anonymous11:23 AM

    If I were a tranny , I would have a more flambouyant name than better , I would be Tatiana Von Beast
    *****sweeps majestically from the room*****

  25. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I meant Betty not better and its

    Baroness Tatiana Von Beast

    ***waves falsies regally*****

  26. get your tyits out, get your pen out, get your fear out and get writing!

  27. get yout tits out even.....ahem

    sorry, christmas party last night

  28. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Nice legs Mr Pod!!!

  29. Spreading fear? President Bush does that as a hobby too.
    What inner peace do you get from being reckless?

  30. I think you need to get it out there and share your talent on the Betty Pages - with your talent it won't be long before paying gigs pop up.