Thursday, February 01, 2007


...on the other hand, change seems to have fried my links list.
And your avatars.
And my comment lounge.

Yay for change.


  1. But it looks pretty.
    So that's OK.

  2. Has something changed?

  3. Blogger still breaks doon but I love how easy it is to do links and html on Beta.

  4. Mine was completed shagged yesterday , but seems to have recovered now , you had the picture of that damn cat again on your last post , it really gives me the willies

  5. change is good; paper is better.
    keep passin' that hat 'round.

    ps. i love the cat. i like his bald little cat nuts.

  6. Try to think of it as a new beginning, with all the unnecessary detrius cast aside (well, it's all very well for me to say that, I didn't lose all my links when I went over to Worsa Blogger).

    You had a comments LOUNGE? I just make 'em queue up outside in all weathers. If I'm feeling very generous I might throw out a bag of crisps for them to share.

  7. Where's the comments lounge gone. I was looking forward to my usual latte and pineapple Danish.

    Nice looking though.

  8. Wow, you lost your links?

    I'm still not changing. Nononoyoucan'tmakeme!

  9. ooh thought i was in the wrong place..

    you should put a sign out front.

  10. "unnecessary detrius"


    Oh, hang on - that's me.

    I'm increasingly unable to comment these days - maybe I should go over to the dark side too...

  11. if it ain't broke don't try to fix it!

  12. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I m back for a sniff Ms First Nations Woof woof!!

  13. Is there a cat in this post that everyone else sees besides me? That cat in yesterday's post freaks me out just a tad. Don't like em.

    Congrats on the switch over. I switched my blog over early on, but since have not bothered to update anything. I really should...

  14. hendrix4:16 AM

    It does look pretty though...
    ...and I can leave comments again now.

  15. I'm beginning to think it will be better when everyone comes over, or is that sacrilege.

  16. See! This is why I've been worried to change! *whimper*

  17. Oh god - where are my beta blockers? I'm still hanging out and teetering on the edge of beta-dom. Blogger keeps punishing me every few weeks by chopping my blog in half or losing all my links for a few days. They are on me - I tell you!

    Hello Firsty - been laying low - I've just had a mammoth cathc up session. I missed a vote for fav blogger - damn. xx

  18. catch up session even - my speeling gone awl weeeard!

  19. Considering crossing over too, cos in recent weeks the word verification on beta bloggers' commenty bits keeps refusing to show up unless I refresh, like, a million times or go away and come back in 5 minues, and I'm sure that's messing with all your stats.

    Cat - disturbing.

  20. remember to copy yer template people as things like links and shite meters tend to disappear but are so easy to put back on.

    Do ya need my URL for yer new links ;)

  21. Kristy11:38 PM

    You went Blogger Beta, didn't you? Now I'll appear only in black rather than live and linkally blue.

    I hate Blogger Beta.

  22. That's it - I'm not changing.

  23. NoShitSherlock3:03 AM

    Do I have to change as well?
    I don't understand the theory behind Beta.
    *gives up*
    I hate Beta. It thinks my name is Nick because it works through Google or some shit.
    *death to Beta*