Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Book Meme!

book wishlist meme, janked from Billy

1. The White Goddess
It made my brain hurt. What a book! There were simply too many new ideas and theories to digest before I had to return it! (are they good ideas and theories? that I don't know; I could never finish it.) I need to own it - in paperback, used- so I can stick it full of postits and spill shit on it.

2. The DreamQuest of Unknown Kadath, Arkham hardcover edition
I have it in paperback and I've just read it to death. I forget how many copies that makes now.
Arkham House puts out a beautiful edition, and how perfect and appropriate that I own my favorite Lovecraft under the marque that was started in his honor! I already own three early Arkham editions of Lovecraft, and every move I've ever made they travelled on my lap wrapped in a cloth.

3. The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci
I've read the quatrecentennial set five times. Because they're library books, so have lots people who smoke, eat jelly sandwiches, own cats and have small children with crayons. I no longer feel like sharing.

4. Albrecht Durer, His Complete Works
Because I heart Albrecht Durer.

5. The Bauhaus and Early Modernism
Has a good beat; you can dance to it.

6. Ancient Textiles, Methods of Construction, Design and Embellishment
I just need it, ok? I do.

7. Annotated Margery Kempe
I have the commentary 'Life of a Medieval Woman' but that's not the same as owning the origional, is it? Margery Kempe was a nutjob. Her writing is referenced all over the place by people I suspect didn't realize that they were taking the words of a woman with a severe mental illness as gospel. I need this.

8. " " Hildegaard of Bingen
Nutjob lite, with purdy pichers.

9. The Story of Alchemy and Early Chemistry
Fantastic book. Superior book. The last time I checked it out, the thing fell apart in my hands; the binding just crumbled. I killed it. I need one of my own to mistreat.

Tag yourself; I'm out of pinecones. Stupid ducks.


  1. I have a copy of the White Goddess. I don't think I understand much of it, but it is a fantastic read.

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    i want the book wicked, based upon the wizard of oz - it's about what happened before dorothy blew in. and i'm trying to read a book on the romanovs. i still say anastasia and alexei survived.

  3. I think I've only read three books.

    Hells Angels.

    Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainence.

    Catch 22.

    I enjoyed them enormously but haven't made a habbit of it.

  4. #5. That's the most eloquent exposition of Bauhaus that I've ever read.

  5. billy: isn't it? there was a man carried away by his insights!
    pink: you arent't the only person who's told me about 'Wicked'. i'm curious, but *snif* i don't wanna ruin The Wizard of Oz! re anastasia: there's a woman in california who claims to have the mummified penis of Rasputin in her posession. interesting holiday centerpiece...?
    tick: those are good ones, though. Zen made my bleed a little bit out the ears. i wanted to find him and hammer him with a quality bat over the head.
    tim: it's true. makes me feel jiggy all over.

  6. 'sfunny, Zen was my favourite.

    *slipps skid lid firmly onto head*

  7. 'sfunny, Zen was my favourite.

    *slips skid lid firmly onto head*

  8. tick: not firmly enough, darling.

  9. I'm almost finished Jonathon Livingston Seagull..started in '71!
    I know of Durer thanks to the Monty Python episode when they mention his name about 50 times.
    Didn't the Bauhaus Boys do Who Let The Dawgs Out?
    DiCaprio's Notebook must be very interesting..any dirt of Gretchen?
    Gee whillikers the Story of Alchemy must be hard to get ahold of since the Kansas School Board needs them for Science Classes.

  10. Reading "Fallout" Janet Street-Porter's autobiography, winter always a sluggish time for reading for me, for some reason I hate reading at night under electric light. Was that a little joke about Bauhaus? do I win a prize?