Tuesday, October 02, 2007

first flu of the year!

I will answer everyone; I promise. I'm just hibernating, is all. I have the sniffles, the Playboy of the Western World is ailing and the Yummy Biker is attending college. Meanwhile, someone with a pair of pants that needed mending needs to send me their meat address because I have gone ahead and finished something without their additional imput because if you play you pay so there and you'll take what I throw at you and like it ha ha ha.



  1. I'm very glad that it's nothing more than the flu. We were all beginning to worry. You could have called someone. You know how our imagination gets going.

    Now rest up and drink plenty of fluids (clear liquids would be best...broth, water...nothing to syrupy or sugary) and take regular old aspirin.

  2. It's probably something that Frobi caught in Spain.

    A manflu, not Juanton.

  3. Didn't you just have Old Knudson over recently? No wonder you're sick. I can't fathom the germs he muck spreads. you'd better go jump in some bleach.

  4. I suggest reading The Stand by Stephen King. It usually scares the snot right out of me. Works in 7 to 10 days, no really.

  5. what's a meat address?
    whose trousers?
    what's fu? (really what IS fu??)
    what's a monte christo?
    why would you eat it?
    why are you talking in tongues?

    ha-choo right back atcha

  6. Oh no.
    FN is getting all fiesty and fluey.
    You girls make such a fuss when your not well.
    Just look at childbirth ....jeeez

    ****** runs ducking and weaving from hurled shoes and garden implements*******

  7. For goodness sakes get a grip, I'm far too busy to be ill - have you tried keeping busy?

  8. Awww sweetie, the flu sucks, not least because you can't just zap it's butt with some antibiotics!!!!!!

    Nurse pumpkin prescribes some hot lemon, and if your nose and head feel congested, pour some boiling water into a bowl, place your face over the bowl and drape a towel over head, shoulders and bowl to and breathe in the steam to allow it to unblock your bunged-up-ness.....it really does work!!!!!!!

    Hope you feel better soon hun!!!

  9. hendrix4:25 AM

    Hope you feel better soon...drink lots of hot whiskey and lemonade, I don't know if it does anything for the flu but it will certainly keep you happy while you sneeze.

  10. fel better soon...get some rest, sugar!

  11. Anonymous7:25 AM

    i understand the feeling. i've been under the weather myself. hope you start to feel better soon.

  12. Bless you and me for that matter. We could be sitting here with blankets on our laps and tissues and tea and sympathy. We're supposed to "enjoy" dinner in the sukkah tonight. Not happening. Although Scissors is busting out a delish grape leaves recipe with Tali as we speak. HONK!

    Sorry to hear about the Playboy. What's the Biker studying? Cool. Be well my friend.