Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rerun: Ecco Strophionum

Dedicated to my sweetie rat Frobisher

This image was pulled from Ebay one year ago and shows us a man in the act of exhibiting one of my bras for public inspection.

Actually no. But I think he may have just removed it. And his pants too for some odd reason. Perhaps the weather is a tad sultry where he is. (We will cling to this assumption like barnacles to a rock anyway.)

Now he could have upped the ante by describing all the little floaty spots you can see drifting around as 'orbs' and by claiming that this bra is haunted by spirits, phantoms, ghosts, boogies, spectres, Marie Antoinette, Don Knotts and Christmas Past. But no. I quote from the sellers' description: "Sorry about the spotty picture".

Whatever else he may have (we refuse to speculate) this hairy, naked guy selling a bra has INTEGRITY.

"See! Our superior spookiness has attracted a powerful phantom ally! You cannot defeat our spooky fu!!!"

This photo was posted on a ghost site. We are helpfully provided with two red arrows which point to the terrifying circular anomaly hovering above Bad Devine and Premenstrual Woman (apparently Scary Bathrobe doesn't rate supernatural hoverage.)

Now, what I find most disturbing about this picture is that there appears to be a great weight pressing down on their house which is bending the wall over on the right there like a banana. I think that they missed the REAL picture. I think while they were busy immortalizing their Dungeons and Dragons personna a BIG HONKIN UFO LANDED ON THE ROOF. And what would have totally kicked ass bigtime is, if what happened next is that they all started melting and smoking and getting big gross blisters from radioactivity and then the alien spacecrafts landing gantry thingies came spearing down through the popcorn ceiling there and skewered our trio like three badly costumed Ball Park Franks.
Now THAT would have been a cool picture.

I used to play around with hobby photography and darkroom stuff. This type of thing just makes me rabid. Ladies and gentlemen, its not a ghost. It's crud on the lens.

Now maybe Naked Guy spilled the urn containing Aunt Rita and didn't get all of her out of the carpet. Or maybe he lives atop an Ancient Indian Burial Ground. Lord knows, America teems with these; we have to fly our deceased around in airplanes because the ground is so full of dead Indians. In any event, even if what we are seeing here is particulate human, it is still DUST. And God bless him, Bra Dude may be naked, he may have bad paneling, and he may even be kinda icky when everything is said and done, but the man knows the difference between shit that doesn't exist and a dirty lens.

with a tip o' the hat to frobisher, who wondered why there were not any pictures on my blog. well, why not indeed?


  1. Phew. I thought I had floaters.

  2. I dread to think what those spots are on Nekkid Bra Dudes trophy.... I think it may need a good soak in something with enzymes.

    What if those red arrows were already on the picture , it could be an attention seeking paranormal entity , altho obviously not a very diserning one looking at the three hags it decided to display itself too

  3. Thanks for the pics. They break up all the pretty words.

  4. Well I certainly lived to regret the picture comment, didn't I?

  5. mj:...they're frag left over from being a fetus? EWWWWWWWW (google/image/fetal fragments/)

    beast: or tribbles. invisible tribbles. i am shocked and appalled that nobody has thought to mention the possibility of SPECTRAL TRIBBLES.

    joe: never occurred to me until my ratso plaintively inquired as to their whereabouts to even post'em!

    ratso: hey, i post hard dick; now, come on! but this is a perfect example of what happens when you speak up and get involved. you see what happens when you get involved? i call it provocative is what i call it.

  6. pict-tures? pict-tures, we dont need no stinkin pict-tures.... now get back to posting..... errr work, whatever it is you do...

  7. You'd think that who ever took the bra' picture, might have said, "Do you think it's wise to be naked, or even in the picture at all?"

  8. VOICES: goddess of ALL, baby. is what i do. ask anyone.

    tick: i get the feeling bra man is a free, unfettered spirit, prone to act upon whim, flighty and devil may care. or an icky perv.

  9. My arse is haunted by water horses.

  10. I am trying sit here and estimate the yardage in the bra. Think of the homeless that it could house. Orbs? I just thought it was drool on the lens, nasty photographer!!!

  11. Well OK


    Are you happy now ?

  12. What about 'Rods' then - I think they are probes from the future when we have invented time machines...

  13. The fine line between perv' and free spirit is the existence of a victim.

    Are we the viewers, victims?

  14. tickersoid, I know *I* feel very victimized.

  15. knudie: i thought the medical term was inflamed water horses.

    gale: the guy was selling off his recently deceased mothers' clothing. i of course jump at any chance to stuff my boobs into a dead womans bra ...

    beast: happy now MA'AM!

    muttley: insects in flight. dragonflies often. true.

    tick: i've said it before, you have an amazing brain.

    SSa: .....why?

  16. "the guy was selling off his recently deceased mothers' clothing

    That just makes it all the more classy.

  17. well, by the haints, of course.

  18. Why thank you ma'am.

  19. I am sending you 5 jars of Ectoplasm for your next séance.

    I appreciate how you dismantle all of the Urban Legends as poppycock..but please don't touch my beloved Sasquatch.

    As Joy Adamson would say,
    "He was born free and he has the right to live free!"

    Besides there are about 1 Million people living in the Province of Sasquatchewan..it would break their hearts if you told them that they were living a lie.

  20. That's no orb of ectoplasm, that there's the finest example of ball lightning that I've ever seen.

    Scoff not at that of which ye know naught disbeliever.

  21. I have been catching up today...
    Holy crap about your son - i'm so glad that it all went so well. Because, well, holy crap.

    Also, floating paranormal dust spots only show themselves to BELIEVERS. Obviously the nekkid bra dude is not a believer.
    Neither are you, you heathen.

    Glad to be back. :)

  22. Yeeeurgh !!!
    It just gets worse
    Getting Nekkid to sell your dead mothers undergarments.
    maybe he was wearing the thong !

  23. everytime i check in, that naked dude with the bra is still there... its starting to weird me out. ghosts or not, he is there looking back at me. im starting to recognize him....

  24. belated but heartfelt happy NUDE year. i have been crap in many ways...crap at taking pictures, crap at writing, crap at keeping in touch.....i'm virtually one great big turd. but a turd with a little beating heart.
    big love big knockers!!