Monday, July 24, 2006

ok fine

Here it is. So sit down, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times while the ride is in operation because....

The humble abode. This picture was taken from the sidewalk, facing northeast. That peaked roof on the right marks the origional house. Bitty, wasn't it?
I did all the plantings. Yay me! Yes, that is a torchiere lamp on the front porch. I keep forgetting to donate it.

My rural idyll. This is the view from my front porch, facing southeast. The field where I crashed my motorcycle. Left out of frame is Mt. Baker, but the alpenglow was on it and it wouldn't print.
Turning to the southwest, we have this...

ONE YEAR AGO all that was hayfield too. Every single house and rooftop you can see in that picture went up in one years' time. I honestly DO remember when all this was farms. Now, turning full west, we have this...

Remember my nutty neibors with hundreds of cats and the pet semetary? The ones who yell at their apple tree? Here's their place. Trust me; its in there. So are they. Waiting. Watching. Not bathing. The miscreant apple tree pokes up at center-right. Looks innocent. But it's not.

And now, the backyard! WOW! Remain calm!
Here is all the tomatoes I could fit into one picture without sitting down on the tickly grass in my shorts. You will note the raised bed, a necessity for gardening tomatoes here. In one months' time these plants will double in size and be loaded with 'maters. Yummmmmmmm!

Potted stock ready for sale cheap! 100% hippie grown.

My Goonybird. Ya spend a fortune on toys and the kid sits in the wheelbarrow making hooting noises and laughing. I blame his mother.

This is taken standing on tiptoes on my back deck. There is the evil ex-crack shed, now turned to the cause of good, and my picnic awning. Between them in the distance? That line of trees and the mountains? Thats Canada! YAY CANADA! HI ELLE! HI MJ!


  1. Evil, evil apple tree.

    Gorgeous pictures, miss.

  2. Yeah, what a view. Beautiful.

  3. I can see you right now on the front porch, shotgun in nestled in your lap, rocking back and forth, back and forth, gimlet eye on that apple tree...

  4. That kid is a grey and that is no wheel barrow, that is a pod dropped from an alien craft.

    I'm scared.

  5. I loved that FN - found it strangely relaxing. Thanks!

  6. whinger; why thank you, my darling!
    krusty: it is, i gotta admit.
    wyndham: you gotta watch 'em. those apple trees, man, they're tricky.
    garfy: that explains so much. particularly his mother.
    rockmother: it is strange, and it is relaxing. thats the Sumas experience.

  7. Hullo Canada, hullo Maison FNYB.
    I notice you've kept the guest room out of sight. It's as if you didn't want us all just turning up with a bib and a fork.

    I bet the Goonybird loves he acoustic in that den. My favourite toy was a cardboard box - and Grandad dragging me up and down the entry. In the box, I hasten to add.

  8. For fuck's sake. Why do I type wearing these elbow-length satin gloves? Why?

  9. mom, your spelling makes baby jesus cry.

    Nice veggies, though. I wish you'd gotten a picture of the back fence on the NE corner, the willow is pretty awesome. It's good for sitting in. Carefully sitting in.

    When was that picture taken of Boo?


  10. MJ extends a waving hand over the border. Now knows how to find you when I need a drinking buddy.

    UK readers please note: She used the word "BITTY!"
    *uncontrollable laughter*

  11. Fantabulosa! That settles it, if they ever kick me out of Jolly Olde I'm coming to move in with you.

  12. I've already got my bags packed. How long do you think it will take me to hitch from Scotland?

    Gorgeous house, gorgeous garden. I'm madly jealous!

  13. Lovely, lovely.

    Your neighbors, they crack me up.

    Also, I read your post below, my mother always jarred her own tomato sauce every year in August. The trick was to pour in the sauce when it was super duper hot...otherwise you had to do the boiling of the filled jars...But no bad batches. You should give it a go with a small amount.

  14. ara: no, i'm doing the indoors next. patience, patience. and take off the gloves; it's daytime.
    neur: my punctuation, too. and my sentance structure, and my grammar. baby jesus, man, he's bummed.
    mj: huntingdon crossing, straight up Cherry, left on Front.-what, 'bitty'? what? what? *paranoid, but hoping it's dirty*
    cb: you are so welcome, my darling! bring an album of pix of the chubby cutie neph so we can oo and aw.
    hendrix:...and you. you bring the single malt and the tunes! I'll be out back weeding.
    christine: ha ha! my neibors; you can have them. -re the tomato sauce; what I need is to go to one of those mastergardener workshops on home canning. i understand it's something you have to do to learn.

  15. *Shocked that First Nations lives in a wooden hut*

    Ha! you've never seen Little Britain!!

    I WILL POST PICS OF YOU-KNOW-WHO, GIVE ME A CHANCE! there in a box in the attic and its too hot to go looking at the mo!

  16. lovelylovelylovely! and, had i been a more diligent bloghostess, i'd have added this to today's Snark Park tour! ah well... there's always tamale. (yes... i am in full frontal pun mode today. sorry!)

    those 'maters do look delish! xox

  17. Like in the Wizard of Oz - that apple tree? Watch out.

    Well that is some vista to have at your doorstep. Umm, I'm relaxing here at my desk. I think you should start a camp - sort of a Fresh Air Fund for us city blogger kids. I'll work in the garden, I will - just let me relax on the porch a bit will ya...

    That's one cute one of the goony variety - more scrumptious than the tomatoes which I must say are IMpressive!

  18. Wow, cool views. Very nice indeed.

  19. LOVE your grandchild. Is there room in there for me to make Yip-sounds too?
    That is a garden to be proud of...

  20. Suffering from house envy now FN. I want a house with a porch. And a view...

  21. Frobi: it's not a hut, although it is on the corner of Hovel road.
    no lie!
    Neva: grooooooooooan.
    G: Ok, thats you, hendrix, cb and surly. You bring the potato salad and the bong.
    billy: wait for the exciting sequel! take your heart medication if you have any; its a doozy.
    mutha: entice him away with a new pair of little shoes and you can have the whole thing to yourself. Ok. You bring the pop and the hot dogs.
    Spin: oh hell, come on over. You bring the hot dog buns and maybe some cd's. You can sit on the porch and watch the sun set on Mt. Baker!

  22. ...oh yeah, and arabella. now im confused. who has the tequila?

  23. I'm on it - Scissors I'm heading west - take good care of the kids...

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