Friday, July 28, 2006

the first word in methane is 'me', baby.

A lake of methane was just discovered on Titan; one of Saturns' moons.

In the name of the native Titanians and native peoples everywhere, I hereby christen this lake 'Lake Paul'.

hey wow! did you hear?
A methane lake on Titan is named after my blog!
I am so proud.


  1. The methane lake is probably a by-product of all those years of stuffing your face with Burritos! (how did it rise to Saturn?)

    I am having sausage and fried egg for breakfast at the mo'

    Burritos are not that popular in the UK - prob. cause theres not many Mexicans. Love Ya!

  2. with brown sauce or ketchup?

    I want a lake named after me too.

  3. Dude, you've got a rock star named after you; don't get greedy!

  4. I am not having that.
    How can you have a methane lake????? , why hasn't it just floated away????.
    Someone just made that up.!!!!

  5. frobi: thats why i jumped to name it. i like to take responsibility for my actions and being personally responsible for an entire lake of poisonous gas on another planet is quite an accomplishment in my book. the methane shark is grateful for the expanded habitat as well. breakfasty smooches!
    hendrix: you have to go out there with the never say die colonial spirit of a De Soto and just start naming shit. stake your claim. if you want to use brown sauce or ketchup, hey, thats your choice.
    cb: Paul who? Paul STANLEY? shit, he doens't count. Paul Anka? Paul Andmary? of Peter-Paul Andmary? never liked him.
    beast: well its true and i named it paul. me me me. my lake of methane. actually it belongs to the methane sharks. still.

  6. A lake named after you - this will look impressive on your resume when you apply for Mayor.

  7. I love you mom.
    Thank you for not being a PTA mommy. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

  8. i have nothing clever to add here. i just wanted to say that this post is hysterical.
    giant methane shark.... HA!

  9. Anonymous11:46 AM

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