Sunday, October 08, 2006


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This playful cottontail will hop right into your heart! Equally at home in the office or on the town, call her now...quick as a BUNNY!
#2234 NOW for Pam Troepple

Come hITHER!
hER LIPS MAY SAY MAYBE, Her eyes say yess, oh yes! Let this charming chanteuse tickle your fancy and make your heart take FLIGHT!
#556 for KRISTY!!!!

You'll come in two under par on this flag!!! Grab your pitching wedge and leave all your cares bhind AT vclubhouse because SHE'LL sink your putt in style!
#8965 for WHINGER (outcall only)

Her movie career lead her into the exciting world of jet setting lifestyle fashoin! Sun and srf, sea and ski, this cutie will never LET YOU DOWN! jUMBO MELONS exciting only the finest healthy lungs lover!
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Whatever shall I wear? Why where anything al all when this sassy sweetie comes a calling? LIttle BO PEepe is all grown up and ready to find your three bags full! For rompings is so much fun today!
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oH OH OH SHE SAYWHEE! round and raound like afn for round and round of boob! and go! she wind up the p0ulls and go around of key like fan, for wind to cool you off on hot nights and WHEEE!1 she waves! Waved! whoo! whooo! into your eye! humping! take off! helli vcopter!
#0568 for bETTY!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for the definitive list of top blogging totty.

    BEAST has unfortunatley gone blind

  2. Fist Nations does it again. Really, where DO you come up with it all?

    Um, darling? There's really no delicate way to ask this, but just out of curiosity, were you drunk when you wrote this post? I only wonder because the spelling seems to degenerate as one scrolls down. I think it added a little something extra to the charm!

  3. beast: then i can write anything i want here! beast wears girls bras and does the coochy coochy dance in france!
    cb: when i was a maid 20 years ago I used to run across a lot of really cheapo XXX porn mags that read exactly like this. during the 70's porn crackdown they used to print it up out of country and then smuggle it into the xxx shops. i had in mind some poor malaysian guy typing this up from a bad translation and getting carried away with the subject matter by the end!

  4. Um...what?

    What?! I...what?

    (so confused...)

  5. Oh! You fucking perv!

    *goes off in search of mind bleach*

    Oh! Hello Beast!

  6. Well, that's the last time I wear a bolero jacket.

  7. I think my ta-tas look quite loverly!

    And oh, I am only available between the hours of 12am-3am. After which my wifely and motherly life kicks in.

  8. Hehehe... I'm wearing a hula skirt. I should have a hula hoop too...
    My feem toon will be 'Sway' by that crooner dude.
    Heh. Beast is a dirty little beggar. He will have hairy palms.


    Its not me waving me 'devils dumplings ' about.

    Hello Piggy and Tazzy.

    I am also going to complain about the positive descimination shown on this site , the girls got pictures....the boys didnt....harumph
    I will be outside burning Frobishers underpants for equality...please excuse the smell

  10. Im not wearing any panties ;)

  11. I'm jealous of Arabella's big old Latino butt, and Awaiting has got a better chest-to-waist ratio than me. Still, if those bitches don't stray on to my territory and steal this working girl's trade then I won't complain.

    Yeah, I used to be able to do that with the tassles, but time and the effects of gravity have meant that these days if I try it I'm a hazard to any ground level small mammals.

  12. Where DO you get these pictures from?

    (links appreciated)

  13. while i was snorting coffee all the way through this, i can't help but feel like you were pressured into it. And for that, i'm sorry. i was just kidding about the chocolate cupcakes that you didn't share.

    On the other hand: *clap, clap*

    Bravo, you. Brilliant.
    I heart you now.

  14. kristy: don't play dumb. not when I have the negatives!
    P&T: hi guys!!!! what're you doing looking at boobies? keepimg abreast of the competetion? (god, forgive me, i couldnt stop myself in time)
    ara:no, its cute. you just forgot the torreador pants is all.
    awaiting: but you're our biggest draw!!!
    noshit: this was taken from your highschool yearbook. don't be coy.
    beast: see, i like the guy sites where they're all really hairy and kissing. but if you really want an illustration.....
    frobisher: which is one of the many reasons you're a favorite here at rancho FirstNations, ratty.
    betty: no false modesty, betty; after all, out of all the other ladies you are the only one who can fly! XOO
    billy: vintaj is a good site for retro cheesecake, also voila.
    claire: pressured? not at all! i had this on the back burner waiting for a moment when i was running a fever to work on. (and deal with that bathing beauty; she's wearing stockings under that taffeta swimsuit!!!)

  15. I...

    I'm speechless.

  16. Sorry boys. A winning bid has just come in and I'm off the market. Plenty of other SUPERHOT VIXENS still available.

  17. I love it love it love it! Now where are my keys? Oh yes - I left them in the ashtray by the door! Right, who would like to play hide the peanut while I put on some Bachman Turner Overdrive? Cheese football anyone? Keith - put those ping pong balls down - you'll get chafing.

  18. Ahem , I have been on the bears night out at the insistence of Frobisher and Mr C......I dont need reminding thank you...wall to wall , man boobs , but cracks and body hair

  19. girlfriend... i read, i laughed, i fell out of my chair (i hurt my ass) i laughed some more... and then i wondered: what the fuck? no Bettie Page?

    seriously, when my sisters and i were little girls, we used to sneak into our daddy's office and peek at his copies of Playboy. i'm pretty sure we worried we might look like that/be that way when we grew up. heh heh... what did we know, eh?

    totally fun... and TOTALLY funny (did i mention the laughing and the hurting of the ass??) xoxo

  20. Damn - how did you know I look like that?

  21. pam: you will notice that your are also on the modest side of naughty. that and I thought the girl loked like you.
    mj: you know what they say, though...everything's for sale, really.
    rocky: can I watch sex tv???? please? the other sitter lets me.
    beast: now stop that! *blushing and fanning self briskly*
    neva: i did that too! the lack of nipplage and hairy bits always worried me.
    hendrix: telephoto lens.

  22. Faaaaabulous. Hysterical.

    I will, indeed, put a speel on you, btw. That way you won't know I actually look (and sound) exactly like Yma Sumac. Except with Arabella's bottom.

    Tassles... so mesmerizing. Must get closer to... spinning... AAAUGH! MY EYES! I'M BLIND!!!

  23. Those sluts have got nothing on me! Giddyup! Meeeehheeeee.

    Coicidentally I was just explaining to my daughter the distinction between a mare and a stallion - not quite in these terms (although I can't say it didn't cross my mind). Nobody does old porn better than you FN!

  24. Anonymous10:07 PM

    oh look, a post about a bunch of ho's! how appropriate. haha. let's see, you've got the top 10 ho's of the blogosphere, including piggy and tazzy. lovely.

    *since this list doesn't include me, it's safe to say i'm completely innocent and angelic*

  25. danator: you mean this isnt Yma Sumac? crap. and stand well back from the stripper while she is attempting to take off or land, please.
    G: Ya gotta love Clara Bow!!
    Pink: Ha! I say! only because I did not feel that the 'Pony Play' genre you have chosen to represent had any place on my respectable motherfucking blog!

  26. No one but you can find such a lovely way to glorify the fabulous, er, ladies in your life FN.
    Well done.
    I especially enjoyed learning that you now have breasts of 'socially redeeming significance'

    That's quite a feat.

  27. ya wanna know what a big fucking maroon i am? i left you a comment earlier LINKED to this hysterical post in the Snark... and FAILED to came back and comment on your flattering portrayal of moi. (but i was on my ass laughing... so i'm thinkin' i'm excused)

    and, by the way... are you the one responsible for all the MILF spam i've been having to clear out of the Snark queue? cuz i have to say the writing style looks VERY familiar... xox

  28. kyah: you, elle andpink drama were excluded because of your bad porny badness. so stop with the porny bad nakedness of horse with leather, and she is HOT TO TORT! Over the fence see jump! and getting trophy for good obedience! these pretty ponies long for a firm hand on the reins and a gentle touching with the brushfor hair stroking! #2290 for ELLE, KYAH AND PINKDRAMA!
    216etc: thats ok. so flattered!!! and no, I'm not doing any milf porn, no nothing. thats why i didnt have links here; thinking 'would they really want the kind of traffic this might bring?' so yeah. not me.REALLY!

  29. i look a bit like a dirty isadora duncan.

    for some reason, that pleases me.

  30. Wow, now I know who to crank call
    Funneh stuff, lady!