Tuesday, October 23, 2007


unless you like lots of advertisements. if dat's you thang then yahoo mail is de place.
give them your money. nobody wants to see yahoo lose any money. good gracious me no. nope, not me. ever ever ever.


I have SO HAD IT UP TO THE TITS with Yahoo Mail. The list of indignities just keeps getting longer...dragooned into 'updates' that I don't choose, losing options every time, and the ADVERTISEMENTS ARE INSANE! That's all these supposed 'updates' are; is inserting more advertising space into the home page. JESUS H. CHRIST ON A RED BICYCLE. You're supposed to be able to go in and edit the advertising allowed your space; yeah, well, once you do that you get 'upgraded' to NEW mail where that option seems to be AWFULLY DIFFICULT TO FIND. I just changed my homepage to Google News; damned if I'm probably not going to switch to their mail too. Or somebody's mail.

Anyone just getting into this game? AVOID YAHOO MAIL LIKE THE VERY PLAGUE*. They have popups that WILL NOT STOP PLAYING and jump all over the page like some cheapass EBAY bullshit. The new advertisements come up in front of the drop-down menus in the toolbar so you can't access the options. The animated ads make you wait while they play until the very end until you can access your mail!

Yahoo used to be a great service. Now it's like an online 'People' magazine that follows you around like a two year old screaming VIAGRAVIAGRAVIAGRARAVIAGRAVIAGRAVIAGRA!!

...fuck it.

I am outta there.

So, my darlings, I am actively soliciting advice and assistance. Who has good, no-nonsense e-mail? How do I transfer my saved stuff?

*unless you like lots of advertisements. if that's vous thing then yahoo mail is the place.
give them your money. nobody wants to see yahoo lose any money. good gracious me no. nope, not me. ever ever ever.


  1. Sorry gorgeous, can't help ya. I've had my yahoo mail account for eons and don't have any of the problems you've mentioned.

    I also have a gmail account that is pretty much google related spam free (and does a pretty darn good job of sending any incoming e-mail spam to its very own spam folder).

    Then there's the hotmail account. I use it mostly for when I need to provide an email addy to a commercial site.

    Oh, and I've been trying like the dickens to not be a proof-reader nazi, but if you're gonna bold and enlarge your blog opening like that, you might want to check your 'you' and 'your'. I'm just sayin'. I know it's sometimes hard to see the grammar through the righteous indignation, but we must have standards.

  2. Oh your just nmaking a fuss.... I love being bombarded by pop ups and dumbass adverts....it makes me feel wanted :-)

  3. mmm, you see I only go to my yahoo mail if I want to read that stuff. Usually when I sign up for something I put in a bogus aol dot com acct. A certain party by rocknbabe is getting lots o' shit, has been for years. I am bad and going to hell on rollerskates as I type.

  4. 'shot: thanks! fixed it. which site bes the most ad-free?

    beast: fussy is what i DO. but it's still irritating. should I just use cornstarch and quit complaining?


    gale: all i wanna do is get e-mail! not look at some asshole doing the frug next to home loan statistics! waaaah!

  5. gmail, most definitely gmail if you want emails without the hoopla

  6. I have to agree with the gmail suggestion, the only downer is if you're trying to avoid the sinister google who are taking over everywhere including blogger.

  7. I have a gmail account that forwards to Yahoo because the interface is easier. I use the old yahoo, not the new yahoo. Also- set your browser security to not allow pop ups. It really helps.

    But gmail rules. If you still need an invitation let me know (send me an email) and I'll send you an invite. It might not be necessary anymore, though.

  8. i use gmail, yahoo and the email that comes with our ISP. i dropped hotmail years ago. now, which is the best? dunno, as they each have something going for them when i'm on the road. i'm no help today, sugar..just a drugged out fool who's probably gonna end up wearing this goddamn cast for another couple of weeks because i fucking tripped on the stairs today....shitshitshit

  9. FN,
    Saying you have it had it up to your tits with Yahoo is in no way a damning condemnation of the service. I mean, it doesn't take much fuckwittedness on the part of Yahoo to get your annoyance level up to six inches off the ground!!
    I'm sorry. That was rude. I just thought us wrinklies were allowed to tease each other. I'm sure they're a good 10 inches away from grass stains!!
    If it helps, I haven't seen my feet (let alone anything else) since 1976. XX

  10. FN complain away to your hearts content , for the following reasons

    1.Better out than in *

    2.Your complaining is so well written , it is almost art

    3.We love it :-)

    *Also applies to wind

  11. 'shot: one for gmail.

    billy: 2 for gmail. but, yeah, noticed that. have a pod! joooooiin uuuuuuuusssss......

    21MOM: 3 for gmail. and thank you; i will!

    savannah: 4 for gmail. di dyou spill your drink? :) XX to make it better!

    reg: bitch, you better duck becomes here comes a TITWHIPPIN! OH YEAH! I'VE GOT'EM WHUPPIN, BABY! *takes off like a helicopter*

    beast: yeah, hormones. gotta work it out. i've got the Rob Zombie up to 13..."WHO HAS AN INSATIABLE LOVE FOR THE DEAD?AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

  12. GMAIL! And it has a handy spam filter that catches most of the shit.

    RIMMER you cunt. Leave her alone with the spelling and grammar.

    I'll quote Old Knudsen on this one...

    "Correct punctuation and sentence structure is for the weak."

  13. "MJ said...
    GMAIL! And it has a handy spam filter that catches most of the shit."

    I already said that you thick twat

    "RIMMER you cunt. Leave her alone with the spelling and grammar.

    I'll quote Old Knudsen on this one...

    "Correct punctuation and sentence structure is for the weak.""

    I made no comment regarding spelling, grammar, punctuation or sentence structure. I merely pointed out her incorrect usage as relates to the possessive and nominative. So bite hard, you hairy legged, hairy arsed drunkard.

  14. I switched to google a few years ago.I sometimes get confused with their save-n-search method, but I like them otherwise. Yes, they have ads on the side bar, but the spam filter is good.I also now use their Picasa system for mailing photos.Nice and quick!
    Reason for confusion is most likely my own sloppiness!
    And get your name in that hat, woman!

  15. i love how i tell you almost TWO YEARS ago: GEEEE MAAAAAAIL.
    Get it!
    I will send you ANOTHER invite if you still need those stupid fockin things.

  16. i only use yahoo for people i don't really know but are dying to email me...i don't have popups as i block them...and use the email that came with my internet provider because it is free and spam clear...sorry that i can't help

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