Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My angel is married : UPDATED

...and for more celebrations, go here!!! the post, the video link...it's ALLLLL GOOOOOOD!!!!!



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.... LET THE MISERY BEGIN!!! ah shit, did i say that out loud??!?!?!
    crongrats, are you now the evil mother-in-law?
    or are you the good one?

  2. I call mine the out-laws! Congrats oh great one. xxx

  3. Congratulations...

  4. voices: watch it, sonny. one warning is all you get.
    so yes, i'm the evil in-law.

    rocky: boy,that wouldnt fly around here; this is Bandido country. thank you my darling X

    gale: hey, you bet. she's someone elses problem now!

  5. ??? - have I been censored?

  6. Why weren't we invited?

  7. Anonymous8:39 AM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! health wealth and happiness...

  8. You haven't lost a daughter, you've gained a son... to torture!!!

    Congrats to all!

  9. 'shot: ??? why did you delete your blog?

    mj: it wasn't a clothing optional affair. why, i don't know.

    hendrix: and the same back atcha! where oh where are you? i miss you!!!XOO!

    danator: oh, he's been jumped in REAL GOOD already. (your sis is adorable! being chosen by patti, thats not nothing there. what a great performance!)

  10. Delete my blog? Not to my knowledge.

    I was the first commenter for this particular post and it seems to have vaporized...how odd. Even the interweb hates me.

    Sigh, 'tis the plight of the White Middle Class Heterosexual Male in America I suppose.

    Well, anyhoo...congrats to the newly minted FN-in-law that you are.

  11. i can sense you are plotting already... funny jokes you might pull, loosen plumbing under toilet, put a rubber band on the sink faucet(the one with the hose on it.), change one of their door locks, dog poop in a slipper?, turn the fridge temp way down, put the remote batteries in backwards, change their log on passwords on the home computer, put a frizbee under the bed sheet, turn the ringers on their phones off, change the time on the alarm clocks, put some chewed gum in the begining of their tube of tooth paste, peel all the labels off their canned goods/or switch them with some tape...
    need any more welcome home ideas? hit me up!!! oh evil one....

  12. 'shot: i keep getting the 'information not available' screen. thanks, btw!
    is this happening to anyone else? im coming up 'info not available' on my people in the midwest and also in NZ lately.

    voices: oh, we gave this guy the BIZNEZ last easter. it was his first meal with the 'rents? so we had some of our more feral biker friends over. the festive easter meal turned into a festive loud drunken discussion of furries, autoerotic asphixiation and the 'Booty Matrix' site. then they took him out to the garage and sodomi
    and smoked him up.
    Is what i meant to say there.

  13. HURRAH .......
    Why cant you be my mother in law
    becuase your fun

  14. Okay, I'm thinking I did it wrong...the link thingy I mean....I get to Da Nators site, but see no posts nor pics nor anyfing else........sob......I don't want to be left out!!!

    Oh and congratulations woman!!!!!!


  15. Yay!
    Yay for love!
    Yay for trust, respect, joy, giggling, cuddling, shagging, tickling, sharing and cheering!
    Yay for marraige!
    Yay for love!

  16. ooo, if you turn your head sideways CB made an E.E. Cummings Christmas tree. :)

    What happened to a good old fashioned marriage of convenience or marrying for money like our forefathers? No values these days. I suppose arranged marriages are no longer de regueur either.

  17. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Thats great news for you all! Why did you publish my 'private shots' on your last post??

  18. beast: boy has THAT train ever sailed. timing MAY be an issue, beast!

    punkie: well there ya go. you're another person who's site kept going all 'info not available' on me. try again...copy, cut, paste and enter. if not, its the great midwestern-eastern-NZ internet no worky conspiracy at work!!!!!

    cb: Lenny said it-'Let Love Rule!'

    'shot: maybe it's an issue of practice. third time was the charm for me.

    muttley: people needed to see what a lovely weenie looked like for comparison, next to the sad, sad lumpy weenie. you see? it was done for the sake of education. meanwhile i feel....exposed. and, and....naked. with all boobies hanging out and, and stuff. *pulls paper bag over head*

  19. Tsk Tsk , I wander in here in the hope of intellectual stimulation , and Mutley is waving his lumpy knob about and Miss FN is standing proud and nekkid with a paper bag on her head.
    Is this some sort of art instellation????

  20. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Miss you too FN, I damaged my back about a month ago and have been banned from using the computer except for the times I absolutely have to - like for work.

    Believe it or not I damaged it by spending too long sitting at the computer - apparently 18 hours a day is excessive? Anyway I've managed to lock all the muscles from the base of my neck down to my ass, have been having three lots of treatment a week since then and have about another months worth of treatment to go before she (my osteopath) will be able to realign my spine. Luckily the osteopath is a friend of mine and so I'm getting the treatment gratis...but it has been a pain (In more ways than one)

    Promise I'll post something in time for Christmas.

  21. beast: we're re-enacting page 36 of 'Grapefruit', thank you. pass the lighted candle to the left and the large round rock to the right.

    hendrix: oh baby girl! and you do web design! is that what was going on all last winter? oh shit. *imagines hendrix in bed painting herself in a brace a la frida kahlo*

  22. Anonymous8:04 PM

    congrats to you all! i can only dread the day i get married. b/c i only have a short amount of time before they start in on me having children. you'd think 7 grandchildren would be enough. yes, i know we're not really sure how many are exactly ours by blood, but still, there is no need to continue on the family tradition of having a boy and a girl.

  23. Mom is the GOOD mother in law, I got stuck with the psychotic WASPy one. "out-laws" is a good term for Mama FN and YB.

    Yay that is me with thyroid issues in the pretty drawing! I mean really, nice goldfish eyes lady. Seriously. HRT ASAP KTHX.