Friday, January 11, 2008

deep breath.......

He's coming up tomorrow with his whole family.
I am tripping hard.

I know all the words of encouragement and I am thinking clearly here, but it's still an emotional maelstrom, kids.

Don't try this at home. Trained professionals on closed course.


  1. oh god it's today!
    I bet you have the most fantastic time - I can't wait to hear about it - and I just loved ssa's blue hair, gonna get me some of that!

  2. Wow
    and other exclamations.

    I am sooooo excited , and I am not even let us know how it goes at the soonest oppertunity or I may have an excitement related 'accident'.
    ***Gets mop and bucket ready ****

  3. You will be your wise fine self. It will go well and later you will blog about how wonderful the visit went. I can hardly wait, its like reading a chapter in my favorite book.

  4. just remember FN to be you...don't try to be something you are not to please him...he will admire you for the woman you are...i had a dream about it...

    all of the best wishes for you...i will send my protector bear for assistance...

  5. for the less informed, it sounds like there's a panda family coming?

  6. Good luck! If all else fails, pretend it's the (last) mid-century and everyone can have several cocktails. What ever happened to high balls, side cars and the tom collinses?

    Anyway, you know we are all sending support and hugs for you. It will be FINE. Just report when you are able.

  7. tis ok, my entire lower back muscles have seized and my chest feels all tight and funny. also i have to pee but i am pretty sure that is unrelated. not entirely sure, just pretty sure.
    *breathes into paper bag*

    the question is, will I be the good sibling, or the rotten one?! I am so excited to see. Either way, I have a costume planned. I will either dress like snydley wiplash (bad seed) or dudley do-right (crazy seed) or opie (smelly seed) depending on the outcome.


  8. Hide the contents of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom - we all know people like a good "sticky beak" to get a measure of folks, I do.

    Likewise with douches, bongs, crack pipes, porno mags, smelly dogs, Devil Disciples jackets, John Walters movies. Don't forget to serve "vodka tomatoes" (copywrite) and just ignore any requests for money, etc.

    no charge!

  9. Will you be appearing on the Rikki Lake Show???

  10. REMEMBER TO ANSWER THE DOOR ARMED, JUST IN CASE... i would have lots and lots of alcohol, thats just me though... GUNS AND ALCOHOL... what could be more american than that?!?!?!? have fun!!

  11. Be polite.

    He may be rich.

  12. And now tomorrow is today and I'm wondering how it went. I hope it was grand.

  13. When are you going to tell him about us?

  14. mj, are you my second mommy?!

  15. SSA: I thought we were all her children.

    It's just like the Brady Bunch.

    Why does Marcia get everything? Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

  16. Whoooohoooooo and yeeaahawwwwww!

    I thought I'd add a suitable American exclamation.

  17. I heard via ssa. I am really really happy for you and send you lots of gianormous enveloping big squashy hugs. Take care and have a great day. XXX

  18. Yikes. Something's always happening over here, isn't it? Hope everything went okay ...

  19. ooh!

    nothing more than that, really. doesn't seem appropriate.

    just, you know. ooh!!