Friday, January 27, 2006

Stop and get a grip

Worried about the state o' the nation?
Dear old First Nations will lay it all out for you.
No, you bad potty person, not that way. Dear old First Nations prefers to remain terra incognito.
American Politics explained.
1. Americans, almost to a person, proudly proclaim 'We are a democracy!' In private, in public, on NATIONAL TELEVISION.
America is not a democracy.
It is a republic.
You don't have to listen to anyones opinions about American politics after they have said 'We live in a Democracy.' Just walk on out; have a sandwich. No one who is that loud and that ignorant of the form of government they have deserves to have an opinion. For the love of Mike, they live here! But apparently it requires just too darned much grey matter to figure out that when you go and vote for a person to represent your interests in government, you are engaging in the process of republic, not democracy.
2. George Bush is not a very bright man. He is not an evil man or a man with bad intentions. He is just an instrument who was, in retrospect, quite poorly chosen for the task at hand.
By the people in #1.
3. Nobody in the Middle East likes us.
4. Follow the money. Forget political philophy; follow the money.
5. Apparently, British private schools (they call it 'public school'; those wacky British persons!) are no longer a sort of fast-foreward romp through the hallways with older, stronger boys buttraping younger weaker ones and everybody being whipped onwards by evil headmasters brandishing chalked canes. Well done, Britain! Good to know. Not germane to the above, but I thought I'd throw it in.

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  1. Nope, now there are girls and headmistresses too. I saw it on late night TV once. Oh, and members of the Royal family doing random drugs and getting pissed behind the bike sheds...