Sunday, January 22, 2006

You awaken to find yourself seated in a dentists' chair...

A sound behind you resolves itself into the form of a small, tidy looking man wearing a khaki apron. More than this you cannot see; your head is tightly restrained. As are your limbs, you find to your growing horror. The man approaches you and seats himself at your side. He reaches into his breast pocket and withdraws an instrument which glints in the light. You can only look from side to side in desparation as he bends towards you and asks you to answer this question......
1. You are having sex with a person who is wearing a funny animal suit. Are you fantasizing that the person is really that animal-say, Tweetie Bird (30 pts.) or a real animal, like a big, strong fluffy horsie?(3 pts.)
2. List one good reason you should pay to enter a man-on-plush toy sex site when everything you wanted to know about these liasons has just been revealed to you in the opening banner (50 pts)
3. You find a no-fee site where you can watch a five minute video of a man being fucked to death by an American Quarterhorse. Is the horse being cheated out of royalties he rightfully earned?(60 pts.)
4. Naughty Barely Legal college girls douche that smelly pussy. Do you call PETA?(34 pts.)
5. I'd like to fart on your stomach. (22 pts)
Is it safe yet?

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