Sunday, August 10, 2008

Please God at least let it be better than 'Beauty and the Beast'

Item: a new television series coming out about bikers called 'Sons of Anarchy'


Unless they approach the subject with tongue firmly in cheek, it WILL be lame. In fact I will venture to predict that it will be EXCRUCIATINGLY lame. I see a group of tough but loveable scalawags riding factory twins through a world they never made; nary a swastika in sight (let alone red wings.) Think '22 minutes of sanitized bear porn for the masses'.

'Nuff said.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    oh wait I see the first episode now, bikers collecting teddy bear toys for tots get ripped off by The MAN. Vengence? Nah, they're too nice man, they just park all of their bikes in front of The Man's house and look menacing...or sing a GERMAN Ya? Retro

  2. It will be The OC with a few bikes

  3. [say in Cary Elwes's voice]: Dear god what is that thing???

  4. His moobs could use a lift.

  5. They should make a program about scooterists instead.

    Scooterists are way meaner.

  6. i'm thinking lame on that one as well...they havent done a good biker show in so long...wait...did they do one?

  7. I've never seen that guy on a bike.

  8. Anonymous12:40 PM

    I hope it has tough but loveable characters...

  9. Retro: something tells me that you have more than a passing familiarity with bikers, madame.

    beast: ...was that meant to be reassuring...?

    cb: ...OH NO WAY. ron gets nekkid in Hellboy II?????

    mj: oh please thats an appliance. Ron Perlman classes up anything he appears in merely by walking into frame. some people are SO naive.

    garfy: and yet they ride....scooters. that seems like such a conflict in, i dunno, stereotypes or something. i guess id be irritable if I had to ride one too.

    daisy: some people point to And Then Came Bronson, but i found it really average. and he was always smacking his poor Sporty with a rock, too.

    joe: you never did any acid in the 70's then did you.

    muttley: like you. XX!

  10. Anonymous9:08 PM

    FN: My biker experience consists of vicarious living through my biker babe sister. However, I did actually RIDE on one once and I have seen PeeWee Hermans' Adventure several times. Tsk.

    Oh and I forgot, I have a rich inner fantasy life. Retro